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Johann Philipp Köhler 1813 - 1885

Johann Philipp Köhler was born 15 July 1813 and he died 24 November 1885

Johann's father is Johann Köhler, a citizen and farmer in Graben. The father was born 1 August 1786 and died 14 September 1845.  He married 3 January 1811 Maria Elisabetha Heinle, born 26 November 1787 and died 17 February 1827. Johann Philipp was the first of seven children.  (source Baden Vol 2 by Brigitte Burkett, CGRS, Picton Press)

Documents related to Johann Philipp Köhler:

Johann Philipp Köhler b 15 July 1813 film 4137289 page 980

The present situation of the third baptismal witness is very interesting.

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 22. On the 15th of July [1813], in the afternoon at 3:00 pm was born in the local parish of Graben, and on the 18th of the same month was baptized Johann Philipp. Father is Johann Martin Köhler, local citizen, the mother is Maria Elisabetha, née Heinlin. Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Martin Krauß, the local citizen and master weaver, (2) his wife Philippine, née Lindin; (3) Jacob Friedrich Heinle, the local citizen, as substitute for the grand-ducal soldier imprisoned in Russia and local citizen Conrad Haßler, (4) the latter's [i.e. Conrad Haßler's] wife Margaretha, née Lindin.

T. L. Sachs, pastor. 

Jacob Friedrich Heinle's FS number: KZNG-7MG
Conrad Haßler FS number: GHLX-MMK

Robert and Ulrich question,
Yes, this is very interesting because I have a woman in my direct line named: Maria Elisabetha Heinle 1787-1827 who is the 1st wife of Johann Martin Köhler. FS says Jacob Friedrich b 1786 - d 1857 and Maria Elisabetha are brother and sister.(3) Jacob Friedrich Heinle, the local citizen, as substitute for the grand-ducal (Of or pertaining to a grand duke.) soldier imprisoned in Russia and local citizen Conrad Haßler,

Conrad Haßler b 1785 FS id: GHLX-MMK

I have no idea why Jacob "Friedrich Heinle would be a substitute for a soldier imprisoned in Russia. We need help from the Community on this one. Thanks for the translation! Kent

Ulrich Neitzel answer:
It seems that Conrad Haßler took part in the the Napoleonic campaign against Russia 1812. The Grand Duchy of Baden was part of the Rheinbund (Confederation of the Rhine), the German client states of Napoleon of France. As an ally, Baden had to supply troups for the war against Russia, in total just under 8000 man. Only few returned ( Conrad Haßler seems to have been one of the lucky few as he fathered children in 1815 and 1818 according to FS.

In July 1813 he was obviously still a POW in Russia, so Friedrich Henle acted as his stand-in at the baptism of Johann Philipp Köhler.



Johann Martin Köhler born 1786 Familienbuch (Family Book)
film 102118620 page 962


                   Person                  Born             Married          Died
Köhler Johann Martin L ú L    Aug1786                     14 Sep 1845
  Maria Elisabetha Heinle   26 May 1787  3 Jun 1811   3 Jun 1827
1. Johann Philipp               15 July 1813                               1885
2. Martin                              28 Aug 1815                                1870
3. Maria Elisabetha              18 Jan 1818                     11 Dec 1819
4. Leopold Köhler                 2 Mar 1820                                 1896
5. Georg Friedrich Köhler   13 Mar 1822                    11 Nov 1898
6. Jakob Köhler                     3 Apr  1824                     19 Feb 1832
7. Philippine Köhler            15 Dec 1826                    13 Aug  1827
    II marriage
Christina Scholl                   22 Apr 1798 19Apr1827  11 Oct 1843
Philipp                                  12 Feb 1825 (Ammerika)
Children 2 marriage
8. Wilhelm Köhler                 23 Jul 1831                     27 Aug 1831
9.  Christine Köhler              13 Feb 1833                                  1900
10. Wilhelm Köhler              15 Sep 1838  (Ammerika)

Note: What could the letters "B. u. B." after Martin's means citizen and farmer

u. is probably und  = and

B. could stand for Bauer = Landwirt = farmer

The other B. could stand for Bürger  = Citizen 
(Peter Bertschinger)

Johann Philipp Köhler death 24 Nov 1885 film 102118620 page 596

Translation by Robert Seal:

Number: 46.

Burial date and time: 24 November [1885], 9:30 am.

Day of death: 22 November [1885].

Decedent: Johann Philipp Köhler, farmer here, widower of Elisabeth, née Becker.

Age: 72 years, 4 months, 9 days.

Remarks: II, 44.

[signed]: Zimmern, deacon.

Robert, I am trying to figure out why Zimmern was referred to as a deacon in 1885?

Deacon is a common title for a minor church functionary, usually a layperson, who does some kind of particular service. Deacons often take care of church buildings and grounds, count the collection money, meet people at the door and show them to their seats, and so forth.

1861-1897 Heinrich Konrad Johann Zimmern. Pastor Zimmern was born 8 July 1825 in Heidelberg and died 21 December 1896 in Graben. He studied in Jena, Berlin, Marburg and Heidelberg, exams in 1850, then pastor in Emmendingen, 1853 in Buchenberg, 1858 up to his death in 1896. He was the Pastor in Graben , dean of the church district of Karlsruhe-Land since 1881, co-founder of the Black Forest rescue center Hornberg which is today a retirement home. From Feb 1870

Thanks for getting me thinking today. Regards, Kent