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Johann Philipp Scholl Sr 1729 - 1758

Johann Philipp Scholl was born 1 July 1729  to Hans Matthaeus Scholl (1681-1741) and Anna Eve Roth 1690-1741. He married Maria Barbara Lind on 21 May 1754 in Graben.  They had one son Johann Philipp Scholl Jr on 4 May 1755- and he lived to the 27th of Aug 1761. Johann Sr. died 2 Sep 1758. Johann Philipp Sr lived 29 years 2 months 1 day. Maria Barbara Lind died 12 June 1791. She lived 57 years 7 mo 9 days. Maria Barbara lived on her own for 32 years 9 mo 10 days. That is a long time to be on your own as most married couples would agree.

Life expectancy
Average life expectancy at birth for English people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries was just under 40 – 39.7 years. However, this low figure was mostly due to the high rate of infant and child mortality; over 12% of all children born would die in their first year. With the hazards of infancy behind them, the death rate for children slowed but continued to occur. A cumulative total of 36% of children died before the age of six, and another 24% between the ages of seven and sixteen. In all, of 100 live births, 60 would die before the age of 16. A man or woman who reached the age of 30 could expect to live to 59. [Thomson Gale, 'Infant Mortality' (1998)]

Food shortages and insecurity were leading concerns in the 18th century, especially in Europe, and these were exacerbated by reduced harvests yields. Disease was another leading cause of death, with rats and fleas being the common carriers of disease, specifically plagues, during this era. (Wikipedia) Common diseases were dysentery, malaria, diphtheria, flu, typhoid, smallpox and leprosy. (Wikipedia)

Documents related to Johann Philipp Scholl:

Johann Philipp Scholl Sr birth 1 July 1729 film 4137289 page 355
Translation by Robert Seal:
266. On the 1st of July [1729], a little son of Mattheus Scholl, the tailor, from Eva his wife, was born, who thereupon was baptized and was named Johann Philipp. 
Baptismal sponsors: Hanß Georg Waibel, butcher and innkeeper at the sign of the swan here, and Maria his wife. Hans Georg Hörner, baker and innkeeper at the sign of the small horse here, and Maria Catharina his wife.
Translation by Gina Palmer:
266. Joh. Philipp The 1st July was born to Mattheus Scholl, the tailor, of Eva his wife a little son, who was afterwards baptized and named Joh. Philipp. 
Godparents: Hanß Georg Waibel, butcher and local innkeeper of the Swan and Maria his wife. Hanß G[e]org Hörner, baker, and local innkeeper of the [Rößlin*] and Maria Catharina his wife.
*could refer to Roß = horse

Maria Barbara Lind birth 3 Nov 1733 Graben film 4137289 page 367
Translation by Robert Seal:
385. On the 3rd of November [1733], a little daughter of Conrad Lind, the linen weaver, from Anna Catharina his wife, was born, thus baptized and was named Maria Barbara. 
Baptismal sponsors: Andreas Cammerer, shoemaker, and Maria Barbara his wife. Wendel Renninger and Maria Margareta his wife.

Johann Philipp Scholl Sr marriage 21 May 1754 film 4137289 page 568
Translation by Robert Seal:
Translation: On the 21st of May 1754, were married after the sermon was held: Johann P[h]illip Scholl, legitimate unmarried son, in the same trade [as his father], of the late Matth[ias] Scholl, citizen and tailor, with Maria Barbara Lindin, legitimate unmarried daughter of the late Conrad Lind, citizen and weaver.

Johann Philipp Scholl Jr birth 4 May 1755 film 4137289 page 486
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 4th of May 1755, a little son of Johann P[h]ilipp Scholl, local citizen and tailor, from his wife Barbara, née Lindin, was born into the world, so thereafter was baptized and was named Johann P[h]ilipp. 
Baptismal sponsors are Johann Zimmermann, citizen and farmer, Johann Roesch, citizen and tailor, and their wives.
Comment: Note + [died] in right margin under surname.

Johann Philipp Scholl Jr death 27 August 1761 film 4137289 page 614
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 27th of August [1761], in the morning early between 3:00 and 4:00 am died and on the 28th [of August 1761] was buried: Johann Philipp Scholl, little son of the late Johann Philipp Scholl, former citizen and master tailor here, and Barbara, née Lindin, at the age of 6 years, 3 months, and 23 days.
Translation by Gina Palmer:
27th August, died early in the morning between 3 and 4 o’clock and was buried 28th Johann Philipp Scholl, son of deceased Joh. Philipp Scholl [former] citizen and master tailor here and Barbara née Lind; age: 6 years 3 months and 23 days

Johann Philipp Scholl Sr. death 2 Sep 1758 film 4137289 page 611
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 2nd of September [1758], in the afternoon after 4:00 pm died and on the 3rd [of September 1758] was buried: Johann Philipp Scholl, former citizen and master tailor here, at the age of 29 years, 2 months, and 1 day.
Note: This death was sad because Johann Philipp Scholl Sr. was so young when he died.

Philipp Scholl Barbara Scholl spon Sep 1760  film 102078348 page 416
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 3rd of September [1760], in the afternoon after 1:00 pm born and on the 5th [of September 1760] baptized: Margaretha Barbara Schleglin. Joseph Schlegel, a day laborer, and his wife Eva, née Schollin.
Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Weick, unmarried citizen's son here; Margaretha Süßin, unmarried citizen's daughter here; Jacob Ihle?, an unmarried journeyman tailor from "Blunt Haußen"? in the Duchy of Württemberg; Barbara Schollin, née Lindin, surviving widow of the late Philipp Scholl, former citizen and master tailor here.
Note: was conceived and born from early [i.e., premarital] cohabitation.
Note: Eva Scholl L4TV-4GX was born to Johann Matthias Scholl who was b 1681.

Maria Barbara Lind death 12 June 1791 Graben
film 4137289 page 880
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 12th of June [1791] midday at __? o'clock [died] and on the 14th of the same month was buried: Maria Barbara Lindin, whose husband is Wendel Munck, the local citizen. Age: 57 years, 7 months, 9 days.
Maria Barbara (Lind) Scholl married Wendel Munck on 5 January 1762 in Graben