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Georg Friedrich Köhler 1822 -1898

Georg Friedrich Köhler b 13 Mar 1822; d 1898

The Pastor in Graben in 1822 was: Gottlob Beck (he served from 1814 - 1823)  (Notes: * 1784 zu Langensteinbach † 1852   (1808 vicar in the court and city church of Karlsruhe, from 1814 pastor in Graben , 1823 deacon in Durlach and pastor in Wolfartsweier, 1841 - 1850 dean of the Durlach church district , oo 21.01. 1868 Sophie Theodore Knapp * 18.97.1829)

Georg's birth record: 
Pig tails, in Germany are called Schweineschwanz or Ringelschwanz, in Switzerland Sauschwäntzli - some like it as Delkatesse ...

The pastor was likely called T. G. Beck, Pfarrer.  He starts the firt paragraph with: Den dreissigsten März ...which is the same as Im dreissigsten März  (30iest of March)

the Last line is the dating line and signature: Graben (villiage), den 4ten (fourth) of April 1822

The signature are often as today hardly readable and a lot of "art work" with many Sauschwänzli.  We call a hand writing in Swiss German which is hardly readable eine Sauschrift (a pig writing) (Peter Bertschinger)

Documents related to Georg Friedrich Köhler:

Georg Friedrich Köhler b 13 Mar 1822 birth
film 4137289 page 1038


Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 13. On the 13th of March [1822], early at 4:00 am was born and on the 15th of the same month was baptized Georg Friedrich. Parents are the local citizen Johann Martin Köhler and his wife Maria Elisabetha, née Heinle. Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Georg Klein, local non-citizen resident, (2) his wife Magdalena, née Braun; (3) Jakob Friedrich Heinle, local citizen, (4) his wife Margaretha, née Brecht.

Graben, on the 15th of March 1822. T. G. Beck, pastor.