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Augusta Raicher 1752-1786

Augusta Raicher was born to Johann Friderich Wilhelm Raicher and Margaretha Barbara Weidmann on 24 March 1752. She was the 11th of 12 children. Her grandfather was Georg Michael Raicher born 13 Jun 1669 in Eppelheim, Heidelberg, Baden-Württenberg, Germany and her grandmother was Maria Magdalena Severs born about 1678 in Graben. (Needs verification.)

Augusta Raicher married Wendel Scholl on 16 April 1771. How that date was calculated is a mystery because the Graben 1771 marriage records are missing. Their first child was born the next year. They had 10 children. Augusta Raicher died 23 January 1786. Interestingly enough Augusta's own mother, Margaretha Barbara Weidmann died about 3 years after Augusta. Augusta died 23 Jan 1786 which means she lived in total 33 years 9 months and 30 days.

Eight months and 11 days after Augusta's death her husband,  Johann Wendel married Maria Catharina Nüchter on the 3rd of October 1786 and they had 6 children. 

Johann Wendel Scholl died 18 December 1817.  In total Johann Wendel Scholl lived 69 years 6 months 4 days which was a long life for that time. Johann daughter Christina's marriage record identifies him as a Bürger (citizen) and Webermeister or foreman over weavers.

What happened to their children?
Augusta Raicher 1752-1786 1st Wife
   Maria Catharina Scholl 1772-1855
   Margaretha Magdalena Scholl 1773-1800
   Elisabetha Scholl 1775-1840
   Jacobina Scholl 1776-1822
   George Frederick Scholl 1777-1839
   Christoph Scholl 1779
   Wendel Scholl 1781-1841
   Jacob Scholl 1782
   Scholl infant 1784
   Philipp Scholl 1785-1858
Maria Catharina Nuchter 1757-1825 2nd Wife
   Wilhelm Scholl 1788 Dec
   Wilhelm Scholl 1789-1858
   Elisabetha Scholl 1792-1846
   Margaretha Scholl 1794-1856
   Christina Scholl 1798-1843
   Salome Scholl 1801-1829

Death of A Wife
If a woman died after the birth of a child (this was a dangerous process because of infections), her younger sister stepped in as new wife, or replacement. The husband (here farmer in the country) absolutely needed a wife to look after the children and farm house (cooking etc.). So he normally got remarried a second, or third time within a few months; later a one year period was recommended. Often these wives were widows themselves. So there was constant giving births and dying on the farms, similar to what happened in the stable with the animals. Death was seen as natural. Only medicine and hygienic measures lowered the infant and childhood mortality rate. However, there were very bad pestulenza waves in the 17th century in our regions. Many villages lost 30 to 40% of the population. (Peter Bertschinger)

1755 Streets
In 1755, the streets began to be paved.  The material for this came largely from the ruins of the (Graben) castle. The mayor's name was written above it. Some of them need to be paved: "It has come to pass that the most gracious lordship of the parish." (Graben by Konrad Dussel)

Documents related to Augusta Raicher:

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann birth 7 July 1711 film4137289 page 313, Augusta's mother's birth,
Augusta Raicher's mother was named Margaretha Barbara Weidmann. She was born 7 July 1711 in Graben. Father Johann Christoph Weidmann and wife Elizabetha Maria? Zimmerman witnesses, Johann Wendel Zimmerman
Pastor: The Graben Pastor at Barbara’s birth was Ernst Friedrich Wider. 
Fredrick Wilhelm Raicher birth 17 Nov 1711 film4137289 page 313, Augusta Raicher's father's birth,
Augusta Raicher's father was Frederick Wilhelm Raicher. He was born 17 Nov 1711 in Graben. Father Georg Michael Dechard? and mother Maria Magdalena Lewest ? This is the same year his wife was born. Witness Andreas Scholl and Johann Philipp   ___?
Pastor: The Graben Pastor at Barbara’s birth was Ernst Friedrich Wider.
Frederick Wilhelm Raicher marrriage to Margaretha Bar Weidmann marriage 20 Jan 1733 film 4137289 page 392, Augusta Raicher's parents wedding in Graben.
Augusta Raicher's parents wedding in Graben. Frederick Wilhelm Raicher marrriage to Margaretha Barbara Weidmann marriage 20 Jan 1733. Frederick Wilhelm Reichert living here his father was Georg Michael Raichert's (lower case r) wife Barbara Margaretha her father who is Christoph Weidmann legitimate daughter and witnesses
Pastor: The Graben Pastor who performed the wedding was Andreas Weber.
Augusta Raicher birth 24 Mar 1752 film 4137289 page 476
Augusta Raicher's birth 24 March 1752 in Graben. Her parents are 41 years old Frederick Wilhelm Raicher local citizen  and his wife Margaret Barbara Weidmann and child Augusta  witnesses: Georg Frederick Negel, Maria Jcobina, Simon Cammerer
Pastor: The Pastor at Augusta’s birth was F.C H. Beck.
Wendel Scholl sponsor 20 Jun 1773 upper left film 102078348 page 561
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 20th of June [1773], in the morning at 2:00 am born and on the 21st of the same month baptized: Maria Catharina [Cammerer].
Father: Johann Georg Cammerer, the local citizen and master blacksmith.
Mother: Catharina Barbara, née Süßin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Jeremias Raber, the local citizen and master cooper, and (2) his wife Maria Catharina, née Weickin. (3) young Jacob Meier, the local citizen and master carpenter. (4) Augusta, née Raicherin, wife of Wendel Scholl, the local citizen.
Right column: + [died].

Frederick Wilhelm Raicher death 19 Oct 1775film 4137289 page 852, Augusta Raicher's father's death
Augusta Raicher's father Frederick Wilhelm Raicher's death: 19 Oct 1775. He is 63 years old.
Pastor: The Graben Pastor at the time was J. J. Ritter.
Jacobina Zwecker father Christoph rt side  b 12 Feb 1785 film 102078348 page 625
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 12th of February [1785] in the morning at 1:00 am born and on the 13th of the same month baptized: Jacobina [Zwecker].
Father: Christoph Zwecker, the local citizen and master joiner.
Mother: Maria Sidonia, née Meierin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Joh[ann] Adam Wenz, the local citizen and master mason, and (2) his wife Anna Maria, née Schollin. (3) Augusta, née Raicherin, wife of Wendel Scholl, the local citizen. 

Augusta Raicher death 23 Jan 1786 film 4137289 page 870
Augusta's death 23 Jan 1786. Wendel is the husband from here died. She lived 33 years, 1- months 
Pastor: The Pastor at Augusta’s birth was J. J. Ritter.

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann death 4 Nov 1788 Graben film 4137289 page 874,
Augusta's mother, Margaretha Barbara Weidmann's death 4 Nov 1788. She lived 77 years 3 months 28 days the doc says 4 months 11 days. Frederick Wilhelm Raicher 
Pastor: The Graben Pastor at the time was J. J. Ritter.