Saturday, February 22, 2020

Veronica Gutt 1630 - 1688

Veronica Gutt was born in 12 December 1630. FamilySearch says she had 9 children. On 6 October 1650 Heinrich and Veronica got married. In 1682 Hans and Veronica are living in Ottenbach with their son Hans Heinrich and Han's wife Catharina Gut. They are all in the same household. Heinrich and Veronica died within 3 weeks 2 days of each other.

She died 21 September 1688, three weeks 2 days before her husband Henrich Häberling died. A search was made for the date but the records are spotty and it was not located. Håberling is a very famous and extensive family in Ottenbach and surrounding towns.

During their lives:
1600 - 1800 Switzerland is a loose confederacy of 13 cities and small valley communities dominating the rest of the country. A few families control state affairs. The country is proud of its tradition of democracy. (Ottenbach Municipality website)

Documents relating to Veronica Gutt:

Veronica Gutt birth 12 Dec 1630 film 8014328 page 121 upper left
See the names of her god parents. one is a Sidler. The family is
from Lunneren, Zürich, Switzerland. This is near a famous
tunnel bridging two valleys today.

Veronica Gutt death 21 September 1688 film 8014328 page 382
3 weeks 2 days apart