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Margaretha Stierli 1684-1740

Margaretha Stierli was born 27 July 1684 and died 4 February 1740. Caspar Schneebeli married Margaretha Stierli 12 January 1706. Margaretha's parents are Joyli Stierli and Verena Sidler according to her birth record.

Margaretha and Caspar had four children:
1. Verena Schneebeli 1707–1707 died at birth
2. Veronica Schneebeli  1709–1746  ​​married Hans Kaspar Sidler 16 November 1728 so she is not with Casper and Margaretha in the 1733 Church Census, had five children including the famous Hans Rudolf Sidler of Ottenbach.
3. Hans Schneebeli 1716–1716  died at birth
4. Anna Schneebeli 1720–1796  is found in the 1733 census below, Anna married a Rudolf Sidler who was a Feldschreiber or a Field Recorder from Ottenbach. They had four children. See record below:

Margaretha's death record says she died from Hyrope.

Endolymphatic hydrops may be either primary or secondary. Primary idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops (known as Ménière’s disease) occurs for no known reason. Secondary endolymphatic hydrops appears to occur in response to an event or underlying condition. For example, it can follow head trauma or ear surgery, and it can occur with other inner ear disorders, allergies, or systemic disorders (such as diabetes or autoimmune disorders).

Symptoms typical of hydrops include pressure or fullness in the ears (aural fullness), tinnitus (ringing or other noise in the ears), hearing loss, dizziness, and imbalance. (VEDA website)

How to pronounce Schneebeli

Documents related to Margaretha Stierli:

Margaretha Stierli born 27 July 1684 film 8014328 page 243
Parents are Joyli Stierli nd Verena Sidler with an in at the
end of the word meaning she was female.

Margaretha Stierli death 4 Februrary 1740 film 8014328 page 613