Friday, February 21, 2020

Caspar Schneebeli 1679-1743

When was Caspar born? According to FamilySearch he was born 7 February 1686. Armed with that information I searched for him in the 1733 census.  A Casper Schneebeli born 1686 was found. But was he our relative?

On my fourth time through the Census I found Caspar Schneebeli born 9 October 1679 and Margaretha Stierli born 1684. Bingo. They had a child named Anna Schneebeli born 17 March 1720. That made complete sense. I have discarded the 1686 birth date in favor of the information provided in the 1733 Census. The couple married 12 January 1706 in Ottenbach. Pastor Johann Heinrich Zwingli performed the marriage in the Ottenbach Kirche. Casper lived 68 years 3 months 14 days. The name Schneebeli is found in the  in Affoltern am Albis (not Affoltern proper) Zürich, Switzerland.

Caspar married Margaretha Stierli 12 January 1706.

Caspar and Margaretha Stierli's children:
1. Verena Schneebeli 1707–1707 died at birth
2. Veronica Schneebeli  1709–1746  ​​married Hans Kaspar Sidler 16 November 1728 so she is not with Casper and Margaretha in the 1733 Church Census, had five children including the famous Hans Rudolf Sidler of Ottenbach.
3. Hans Schneebeli 1716–1716  died at birth
4. Anna Schneebeli 1720–1796  is found in the 1733 census below, Anna married a Rudolf Sidler who was a Feldschreiber or a Field Recorder in Ottenbach. They had four children. Only one married. See record below:

How to pronounce Schneebeli (they use a long e)

Documents related to Caspar Schneebeli:

Caspar Schneebeli birth 9 October 1679 film 8014328 page 232 first
entry. His parents are Joyl Schneebeli and veronica Freiberg.

Caspar Schneebeli b 1679 and Margaretha Stierli b 1684 marriage
12 January 1706 film 8014328 page 361

Verena Schneebeli birth 18 January 1707 film 8014328 page 289 item 3

Veronica Schnebelli birth 22 Jan 1709 Ottenbach film 8014328 page 295

Anna Schneebeli birth 17 March 1720 film 8014328 page 314

Caspar Schneebeli and Margaretha Stierli in the 1733
Church Census film 8126955 page 464 entry 17

Hegetschweiler and Sidler Temple Record by Julius Billeter pages 40 and 41, Rudolf Sidler b 1719 and
Anna Schneebeli b 1720

Caspar Schneebelli death 23 January 1748 film 8014328 page 629
Cause of death was Hemiplegia or translated is Hemiplexia or
paralysis on one side of the body