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Latin Words in Parish Registers

ambo exboth out
amitaGrandfather's sister
amita magnaGrandmother
bapt. (Baptista)baptized
carbonariusCharcoal burner
coniugiumMarriage, marriage
or the natus et baptizatus estthe same day was born and baptized
erat tantum sex mensium rt medii a conceptioneit was only six and a half months after conception
exfrom, from (origin)
Faber LignariusWoodworkers
faber, faber ferrariusSchmid
filia (us) illegitimusIllegitimate daughter, son
gene (i) trixBearer, mother
genitorProducer, father
glossister in law
in periculo mortiin danger of death (in case of emergency baptism)
item, it.likewise, further
Levirhusband's brother (brother-in-law) Levirate marriage
liber baptizatorumTaufbuch
liber matrimoniorumthe marriage book
liber mortuorumthe death register
major (domus)Meier des Guts / Hausmeier (official title), head of the royal estates
materteraAunt (mother's sister)
matrimoniumMarriage, marriage ceremony
matrina (patrini)godmother
obiit (o./ob./obüt)died
parochiaParish / parish priest / parish church / parish
parochus, rector ecclesieminister
patrini / patrinusgodparents
priedie natusborn the day before
sponsaliaEngagement also marriage classes
spuriaillegitimate daughter
spuriusillegitimate son
uxor (coniux)wife
VirgoYoung man (single)

lineagestraight line of generations: son - father - grandfather - etc.
AhnenlisteIn the ancestry list, all known ancestors are listed in the order of their code number. Since the respective mother line is also integrated, it can give a far more meaningful impression of the family history than the main line:
1 subject, * ......, + ......
2 father, * ....., + .....
3 mother, * ....., + .....
4 grandfather (paternal side), * ....., + .....
5 grandmother (paternal side), *. ...., + .....
6 grandfather (maternal side), * ....., + .....
7 grandmother (maternal side), * ....., + .... .
pedigreeThe pedigree is the graphical representation of the ancestor list.
AscendantAhn, ancestor
ancestryAncestors, driving experience
baseCousin / daughter of uncle or aunt
cousinCousin / son of uncle or aunt
cousinBase / daughter of uncle or aunt
DescendantDescendant, descendant
descentDescendants, descent
genealogyTargeted research / gathering of information in connection with people and their families, ancestors and descendants.
filiationThe term is derived from filius or filia, the Latin names for son or daughter, and therefore means in general terms descent
GEDCOMData format that allows the exchange of genealogical research data between different programs. The abbreviation GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication.
genealogyThe word is derived from Latin genus = gender, tribe, origin, origin and from Greek logos = word, customer, teaching and means in the simple sense gender or family history
heraldryHeraldry, heraldry (developed by the heralds)
ImplexAncestry equality. The cause is the relative marriage
calendarOur calendar is based on calendars, some of which have been refined / adjusted over time. Different geographical locations or religious circumstances also led to different calendars.
    Ancient Roman and Julian calendars
    Gregorian calendar (introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII)
    Introduction of the Gregorian calendar alphabetically or chronologically (first day of the new count)
    French revolutionary
    calendar Jewish calendar
cartographyScience and type of graphic representation of geographic spaces. A distinction is made between topographic and thematic maps
KekuleBy Stephan Kekule v. Stradonitz (1863-1933) proposed ancestor numbering system named after him. The subject receives the number 1, his father the number 2, his mother the number 3, ...
With this system, the numbers of people can be quickly calculated.
Example: Person 64 -> father = 64 x 2 = 128 / mother = 64 x 2 + 1 = 129
reference numberNumber from a numbering system within the various ancestry / offspring representations. A known system is named after Kekule.
Latin termsDuring research, we come across Latin terms again and again. In the page available here, some of these words are summarized with their German meanings.
month namesThe common names of the month today come from the Romans. In addition, there are other names for the individual months in the sources, and in some cases in different areas.
numismaticsScience of Coins and their Sub-Areas Medals and Related Coins
uncleBrother of the father or mother
FamilyAncestor at the ancestor line, ancestor, test subject
family treeFamily list, mother family, family tree
Descendants of a family father. Is usually represented graphically - often in the form of a tree.
main lineIn the family line (family line) all ancestors belonging to the family line are listed (in reverse order to the family line): Family tree - Son - Grandchildren - Great grandchildren - etc.
genealogyGraphic representation of a gender with the (whole) male offspring.
auntSister of the father or mother
degrees of relationshipThe degree of kinship within the family structure represents the connection between two people. Special expressions such as father, cousin, cousin, etc. are used for this. You can find out more about the names and relationships from the page here.
cousinCousin / son of uncle or aunt
VexillologieTerm for knowledge and research in the field of flags and flags
weekdaysIn addition to the common names for days of the week, there are other names for the individual days of the week in the sources