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Hans Rudolf Hamberger

Rudolf was the Pastor in Ottenbach from 1757 to 1776 at his death. He married Anna Barbara Zeller in 1774.  They had 8 children.

1761 - 1774. The authorities of Zug, on the one hand, and the church of St. Wolfgang in relation to Pastor Hamberger in Ottenbach, quarreled over tithing to Wolsen and Bickwil. In this case there was a brand adjustment. Zurich paid the costs, Zug thanked for the friendly neighborly settlement.
1775 - 1777. The bailiff(Administrator) in Kappel has been commissioned by the authorities in Zurich to win a settlement in the tenth dispute between the Lucerne Abbey and the priest at Ottenbach, which leads to the clearing of the stamps, especially to the more precise delimitation of the pastures. From now on, the Lucerne Abbey will receive two thirds, the parish of Ottenbach a third of the tenth. (Obfelden, Gedenkschrift zum 50-jährigen Bestand der Gemeinde, Oktober 1897)

Rudolf Hamberger Pastor Death 1776 June 11,
Ottenbach film 8014328 page 694

Not Rudolf but same name married to a Hegetschweiler.

Schweizerische monats-chronik

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Werdenberger Chronik: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Kantone St. Gallen und

Donnstags-Nachrichten von Zürich: 1776/78

Rudolf Hamberger death 11 June 1776 film 8014328 page 694