Friday, January 31, 2020

Hans Sidler 1606-1682

Hans lived to be 75 years 11 months 16 days.  He and Adelheid had two children. Like almost all of the Sidler line they spent their lives in Ottenbach. Han's death record says "Witling" meaning widower. Apparently his wife Adelheid died before Hans.

It is generally accepted by researchers in Switzerland that the name Ottenbach came from an Allemanic man named "Otto" who lived in the area. The word Bach means a creek; brook; or a rivulet. Since the River Reuss is the distinguishing feature of the community: Otto's Bach, or Ottenbach.

During their lives:
1640 In Ottenbach there are 52 adults, 42 single, 319 inhabitants, 6.1 per household or 52 homes in the community. (Ottenbach Told by Bernard Schnider and Salomon Schneider and Erika Schmid)
1689 - 1694 Hunger crisis leads to large population losses
1661  Construction of the first Ottenbach schoolhouse
1645 - 1647 Construction of a mill wheel on the Reuss river
1638   Construction of the Ottenbach rectory. (Ottenbach Municipality Website)

Documents related to Hans Sidler:

Hans Sidler birth 8 July 1606
Hans' mother Katharina Kleiner's name is included

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter page 7

Sidler Hegetschweiler Temple Record by Julius  Billeter page 12

Ludwig b 1610, Hans b 1606,  Jakob b 1608 and Rudolf b 1635
in the 1678 Ottenbach Church Census film 8126303 page 467
Translation: the word Witwer after his name means widower. His
wife has already passed away. Also Sel = selig=deceased.

Hans Sidler death 24 June 1682 film 8014328 page 379 left
Notice the word Witling which means widower.