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Anna Sidler 1644-1699

Anna was Jakob and Vronegg's last child. She was born when Jakob was 36. Anna's mother Vronegg died when Anna was 13. Jakob didn't remarry which was unusual for the time. Anna Sidler married Jacob Haberling 6 Dec 1664. They had four children. Two of them died in infancy.

On 13 April Anna Sidler, Jacob Haberling, Ottenbach
passed after widower about 55 years old.

During their lives:
1639 Hans Muller was a powerful factor in the Mennonite Church and so zealous were the officers to find him, that like ravening wolves they ran through his neighbors' houses to find him. He had escaped from his house and when they came to it and broke it open and found he was gone, they broke open chests and drawers and took all the property they could get. They threatened his little children with bare swords that "they would kill them if they did not reveal his whereabouts." They took his wife and put her bound in the loathsome Ottenbach prison. Then a proclamation was announced in the Reformed churches of Zurich, that no one would be allowed to lodge or give food or drink to Hans Muller, from the Groeningen Bailiwick under severe penalty.  Then they deceived him and sent abroad a proclamation that he would  be allowed a three weeks' safe conduct to argue with him, if he came forth. He trusted this and went to the convent specified to discuss the matter but as he was about to leave he was arrested in breach of faith and taken to Ottenbach; imprisoned 60 weeks, of which he spent 16 weeks in chains. (Mirror, p. 1053)
1640 In Ottenbach there are 52 adults, 42 single, 319 inhabitants, 6.1 per household or 52 homes in the community. (Ottenbach Told by Bernard Schnider and Salomon Schneider and Erika Schmid)
1689 - 1694 Hunger crisis leads to large population losses
1661  Construction of the first Ottenbach schoolhouse
1645 - 1647 Construction of a mill wheel on the Reuss river
1638   Construction of the Ottenbach rectory. (Ottenbach Municipality Website)

Documents related to Anna Sidler:

Anna Sidler birth 12 May 1644 film 8014328 page 145

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter pages 11 and 12

Anna Sidler death 13 April 1699 film 8014328 page 389, second entry
Translation: In 13 April Anna Sidler, Jacob Haberling, Ottenbach
passed after widower about 55 years old.