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Hans Jakob Jenta 1808 - 1872

Jakob Jenta is the son of Johannes Jenta b 1773 (silkweaver) and Anna Hess. His grandfather is Kaspar Jenta (Schulmeister) b 1741. When Hans Jakob Jenta was born on 15 May 1808, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, his father, Johannes Jenta, was 35 and his mother, Anna Hess, was 35. He married Margaretha Graf on 16 February 1829. They were the parents of 2 sons and 3 daughters. Jakob died on 3 January 1872, at the age of 63.

Jakob and Margaretha's children:
1. Susanna 26 July 1829 died 18 Nov 1829
2. Hans Rudolf 19 Oct 1830 died 1 Jan 1838
3. Susanna 26 Oct 1832 m 14 Jan 1861 to Rudolf Meier of Hittnau
4. Margaretha 25 Jan 1834 died 17 Feb 1834
5. Rudolf 17 April 1835 died 13 May 1835

Documents related to Jakob Jenta:
1808 baptism Hans Jakob Jenta 22 May / birth: 15 May
film 008480741 page 102
Translation by Wolf:
1808 Hans Jakob den 22. Maj
Schulmeister Johann Jenta von Etenhausen / Anna Heß von Haldberg Pfarrei Wald
Sponsors: Hans Jakob Messikommer von Seegräben / Susann Senn
Note: There is only one date (22.05.1808) - likely the baptismal day. I cannot find a date "15 May": has the abbreviated "Hs" in "Hans Jakob" been misinterpreted? The date is also given in the Haushaltrodel,
however: is there another source (possibly now lost) for that information?
Note: Billeter has the date as the 15, however that date does not fit with the Pastor's notes above. 
1829 Jakob Jenta marriage 16 Feb to Margaretha Graf
film 008480741 page 519
Translation by Wolf:
8. Februar (1829) = Announcement
Hans Jakob Jenta von Ettenhausen
Margaretha Graf aus der Breitenmatt Pfarrei (parish) Bäretschwil
copuliert 16. Februar beÿm St.Peter in Wetzikon
Note: Was the marriage planned in Zürich St.Peter - or was it simply a spelling mistake?
1872 Jakob Jenta death 3 Jan 63 years old film 008480742 page 343
Translation by Wolf:
Jan 3 / Jan 7 (1872)
Hans Jakob Jenta-Graf von Ettenhausen / Adlikon
aged 63 / 7 / 18 (years / months / days)
Note: Under comments the date of birth (15 V 1808) is mentioned and "auswärts männlich 1" (first male dying in another parish this year, and most likely also buried there).
Note: Jenta-Graf is the common syntax also today for a male Jenta with a female Graf - does not say whether the wife is still alive or not.
Note: There are two Adlikon - the larger one (just "Adlikon") near Andelfingen, the other one "Adlikon bei Regensdorf".
1808 Jakob Jenta Haushaltungsrodel film 008191940 page 355

1808 Hna Jakob Jenta Haushaltungsrodel film 008191940 page 355 or 
page 534 in the Pastors book.
Top of document: Regula
Translation by Wolf:
bapt: 03.07.1781 / died: no specified date (after an entry 09.08.1811 - so we assumed same day) - but that doesn't fit the age at death (29y 10 m 0 d). After some "photoshopping" I read in the Haushaltungsrodel "starb in der Stadt Bern 3. Maj 1811" - she died in the city of Bern on 03.05.1811 - which fits with her date of birth 03.07.1781 exactly.

Zürch Archives: Wetzikon E lll 139.21 p 1735.jpg

Hans Jakob Jenta from Jenta Family of Wetzikon by Julius Billeter page 4