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Heinrich Jenta 1808 - 1863

Susanna's brother named Heinrich born 1808 was a silk weaver. Before the Industrial Revolution, the creation of a patterned silk textile required a skilled weaver and a considerable investment in equipment and raw materials. The warp was threaded on the loom according to the design of the textile, after which two people were required to weave the textile—a weaver who inserted the wefts and a “drawboy” who controlled the pattern mechanism. (MET Museum Website)

The silk weaver is a weaver specialized in the processing of silk and semi-silk. Weaving silk and especially silk brocade requires the weaver to have the highest degree of perfection, consistency and feel for the material. Silk threads tear very easily during weaving. Knots of torn threads are very difficult or impossible to hide in the smooth and very fine silk fabric and reduce their value considerably. (Patrick A. Wild) 

In the 19th century silk factories sprang up in rural areas, particularly on the left bank of the Lake of Zurich. From 1840 to 1900 the trade was the most important processing industry in the Canton of Zurich. In the 1850s and 1860s Zurich grew into the second largest silk producer in the world, famous all over the globe for black taffeta and bolting cloths for sifting flour. (lebendige website)

Maschwanden is 3.7 miles south of Ottenbach. Dr Hegetschweiler was the  district doctor and as such could have delivered her out of Ottenbach. Susanna’s mother’s maiden name was Frei and she was born in Birr, Aargau, AG. The founding families of Maschwanden include the Frei family. There must be a connection between the Frei’s of Burr and the Frei’s of Maschwanden.

Note: Susanna's silk weaving brother Heinrich's wife Margaretha Salzman was from Maschwanden. Could Susanna have stayed with her sister-in-law's parents or relatives? Unfortunately we don't have any information on her parents other than their names.

Family information:
Heinrich 1808 son of Rudolf was a silk weaver.
Heinrich Jenta 16 October 1808 married 2 Feb 1829
Marg. Salzmann 27 September 1804 Maschwanden
names of parents of married couples (left side)
Roudolf Jenta 19 May 1771
Lisabeth 13 June 1774
Heinrich Salzmann
Anna Katharina Barman

Heinrich Salzmann and Anna Katharina Barman 

Elisabeth born 21 March 1829 married 20 May 1850 m L Konrad ? Gassman from   (Hochfelden?, Zurich, Switz. place from FS)

Anna 4 April 1833 (ancestry married Kaspar Spinner from Zurich.  23 November 1860)

Documents relating to Heinrich Jenta:

1846 Sep 12 Joh Heinrich Jenta birth

1829 Jan 25 Heinrich Jenta marriage

1863 April 26 Heinrich Jenta burial Konstanz,
Konstanz, Konstanz, Baden, Deutschland

Heinrich Wetzikon E lll 139.21 p 1737

Film 008191940 page 354 Familienbuch page 533 upper rt corner
Translation by Wolf:
This is a complicated one - the following is more a summary rather than a full transcription.

First line (including the note #): Am 9. Febr. 1751 ward Meister Conrad Jenta, der Gerwer von Schmiedmüllen [Schmidmühlen] aus der Oberpfalz zum Bürger angenommen, weil er zu Medikon die Gerwerei gekauft.

Conrad Jenta from Schmidmühlen (Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany) had bought the tannery in Medikon and was consequently given the citizenship on 9 Feb 1751. In the note it also states der Großvater (the grandfather of Rudolf) war Conrad Jenta, b(aptizatus) 2. V. 1698.

Second line: Starb den 5 November 1822 im Spithal in Zürich.

This will relate to Rudolf Jenta: died 5 Nov 1822 in the "Spital" in Zürich. A "Spital" (hospital) then cannot be compared with a hospital of today: is was at least partly more like an old people's home. You find his death entry in the Totenbuch Spitalkirche: Rudolf is actually noted as Patient - and died from Wassersucht (dropsy).

Next lines: Rudolf Jenta Gemeindrath, g(eboren) den 19. Maj 1771.

Lisabeth Freÿ von Birr, Aargäu, g(eboren) den 23. November 1774, starb den 18. April 1816 abends um 5 Uhr.

cop(uliert) 7. Oktober 1792

In the left hand column Rudolf's parents are listed (already discussed previously). Below the children (born 1793 through 1816) are listed. A widower he married a second time: Marget (Margreth) Huber, g(eboren) den 2. September 1792 (or 1793? - very faint) on 6. Januar 1817; (Marget) starb 19.II.1849 in Husen. The couple had one child, Anna Lisabeth, born 19. Jul. 1821.

On the same page follows the son Heinrich Jenta (born 1808) and his family

Heinrich Jenta from Jenta Family of Wetzikon by Julius Billeter page 3

FamilySearch microfilm 008191940 page 355 

Das Waisenhaus der Stadt Zürich: Geschichtlicher Rückblick bei der Feier .

The orphanage of the city of Zurich: Historical review at the ceremony .