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Heinrich Jenta 1798-1849

Document relating to Orphanage in Zürich:


Book: The orphanage of the city of Zurich: Historical review at the celebration …

Chapter heading: Teaching and pastoral care, The orphanage doors

Here is the complete list of schoolmasters at the orphanage, all of whom have been members of the Laubschaft:

1823 Heinrich Jenta von Ettenhausen. (The last three resigned due to poor health.)

Kaspar taught from 1767 to 1790 or 23 years. When Kaspar died in 1790 his son Johannes took over and taught from 1790 to 1828 or 38 years. That means that Susanna's uncle taught Susanna from the time she entered school until she completed her education. The school was held in Johannes's parlor from 1790 until 1809, at which time the first school building was built. School was held in that structure until 1954.  When Johannes died in 1828 Susanna's uncle, Johannes' son, Heinrich took over and taught from 1828 until 1849 or 21 years.  (Jenta history researched by Peter Bertschinger, Full history, & photos of Ettenhausen by Peter Bertschinger, History of the municipality of Wetzikon)

Kaspar is a teacher from 1767 to 1790 6 years
Johannes Jenta is a teacher from 1790 - 1828  38 years
Heinrich Jenta is a teacher from 1828  1849  21 years
Kaspar's start date of teaching from another source.

Documents relating to Heinrich Jenta:
FamilySearch microfilm 008191940 page 355
Heinrich Jenta from Jenta Family of Wetzikon by Julius Billeter page 4