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Engel aka Angel Restaurant, Ottenbach

Angel from Wikipedia Commons
At the same time as the bridge was being built, the largest private house in Reussdorf Ottenbach was preparing for an external rebirth, the "Engel" inn in the center of the village. Even the external appearance suggests an important past. Data from the archives indicate that it was created at least around 1600. In 1802, a happy enlargement of the house was recorded on the top by an inscription. This happened under the owner Melchior Hegetschweiler, Untervogt. From 167l to 1868 his family was in the possession of the farm without an interruption. The last joint possessions of the farm, the brothers Hauptmann Jakob and Gustav Hegetschweiler called their own:
1. the living and guest house, 2. a trot house with 2 trot plants and a pear mill, 3. a washing and butcher building, 4. a double barn and stables 5. a wagon head
The owner family provided a sub-bailiff to the municipality in Melchior, the creator of the extension, as early as 1720 a lieutenant, in 1737 the first bailiff in his son; in Jakob a field clerk. With Captain Jakob Hegetschweiler the last of this name sat on the "angel". Many land sales followed, and fifteen changes of hand from 1862 to 1949, including foreclosure on August 5, l927.
The writer would like to wish the far-sighted current owner (1) Werner Roschi the great outdoor renovation GIück and a happy future for him and his home after the house has survived three village fires in the course of its existence. F.
Source: Zürcher Chronik, Verlag Ernst Jäggli & Co. Seen- Winterthur Born 1956, page 101. Affoltern Regional Library (From Wikipedia)

Scanned Photo-5 July 12, 1917 Ottenbach junction Post Engel Sennhütte.jpg

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