Sunday, March 17, 2019

Europe To Do List

1. Buy a set of Micheline Maps

2. Phone
A. call Verizon and ask how they help European travelers.
B.  they may offer something called Travel Pass
C. bring a cigarette lighter charger
D. send texts to family showing what you see
E. See if your phone is a GMS Phone, and buy a SIM card for Europe

3. B&B's
A. Air B&B
B. Lonely Planet, awesome B&Bs
D. don't share a bathroom or have a shower with a glass door

4. Credit Cards
A. Call and let them know you are traveling
B. Check with bank on using debit card

5. Cash
A. Bring a money belt
B. Figure out exchange rate.

6. Flights. Europe should be around 400 round trip
A. Airfarewatchdog
B. Scotts cheap flights
C. Expedia
D. Flight explorer
E. Get flight insurance from AIG (Pack and Go) or the Airlines

7. Rental cars
A. Check with your insurance to see what they recommend
B. Kyak, should be around $500 for 17 days
C. Learn the rules of the road and road signs

8. Family History
A. Talk to everyone in the city
B. Say "My papa or mama Bachman?"
C. Visit cemeteries
D. Knock doors
E. Ask at church

9. Photography
A. Phone, so you can send photos off and Google can backup
B. Flip video with extra card

10. Places to see
Rotenburg, midevil city, Christmas decorations, night watchman tour
Disneyland Castle
Heidleburg Castle

11. Packing list
Go with a carry on for simplicity