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Christina Scholl 1798 - 1843

Christina like her Scholl ancestors going back hundreds of years lived in a little town east of the Rhine River in what would eventually become Germany. Her family had allegiance to the Margraviate of Baden who resided in Karlsruhe. It was to him that her father Wendel Scholl paid taxes. Charles Frederick was the law of the land. Into the nobility area called Baden Christina was born on the 22nd April 1798, Her parents were Wendel Scholl and Maria Katharina Nütcher. She grew up in this community and no doubt learned the catechism from the Lutheran Pastor Friedrich Maag. This involved learning how to pray, the ten commandments and in learning the answers to religious questions which could be answered from the Bible.  

When Christina was 27 years old she had a child out of wedlock and named him Philipp Scholl. Some German pastors at the time wrote illegitimate children's birth records upside down. Illegitimate children also had a difficult time getting work. Neither of these happened to Philipp. It was the custom at the time that an illegitimate child take the name of the mother so Christina gave her son Philipp her own surname Scholl. 
2 years 2 months and 7 days after the birth of Philipp, Christina married Graben farmer and widower  Johann Martin Köhler

12 Feb 1825 Philipp Scholl born to Christina out of wedlock
15 Dec 1826 Philippine Köhler born to Maria and Martin Köhler
17 Feb 1827 Maria Elisabetha Heinle dies leaving a husband and 5 children
19 Apr 1827 Johann Martin Köhler marries Christina Scholl 2 months 2 days after the death of his wife

Christina's stepchildren at the time of her marriage:
Martin Jr. 11.5 years old
Maria Elisabetha 9 yr 3 mo
Leopold 7 yr 1 mo
Jakob 3 yr
Philippine 1 yr 4 days old.

Did Christina see grandchildren?
Christina died in 1843. Ten years later her daughter Christina Köhler began having children. Philipp emigrated to America, married Elisabeth Kelsch and began having children in 1849. No, Christina didn't see any grandchildren.

What happened to Christina's children.
   Philipp Scholl, married Elisabeth Kelsch about 1848, 8 children
   Wilhelm Köhler 1831-1831, lived 1 month 4 days
   Christine Köhler 1833-1900, married Friedrich Zimmermann 20 March 1851, 8 children, emigrated to America, lived next to her step-brother Philipp
   Wilhelm Köhler Farmer, 1838, emigrated to America

During Christina's lifetime:
Before the campaigns of Napoleon, Germany was divided into hundreds of independent states and cities. Although the people were Germanic, they had little sense of national identity. Much of Christina's childhood involved Napoleon:

The Napoleonic Wars
In the last decade of the 18th century, war broke out between France and the rest of Europe. French Emperor Napoleon’s forces were strong enough to conquer and control the whole of mainland Europe, including the numerous German states. Napoleon re-organised Germany into 39 larger states. He also established the Confederation of the Rhine, a league of 16 German states. This brought further unification to Germany. Napoleon was defeated firstly at Leipzig in 1813 and then at Waterloo in 1815, bringing an end to the Confederation of Rhine. (BBC)

1805        Sep 30, Napoleon's army entered the Rhine valley.
By August 1805, Napoleon had realized that the strategic situation had changed fundamentally. Facing a potential invasion from his continental enemies, he decided to strike first and turned his army's sights from the English Channel to the Rhine. His basic objective was to destroy the isolated Austrian armies in Southern Germany before their Russian allies could arrive. On 25 September, after great secrecy and feverish marching, 200,000 French troops began to cross the Rhine on a front of 260 km (160 mi)
Napoleon assumed command in Germany and inflicted a series of defeats on the Coalition culminating in the Battle of Dresden in August 1813.
1809        Napoleon defeated Austria at Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria.
1813        Oct 18, The Allies defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at Leipzig.
1813        Dec 31, Some 83,000 Prussian and Russian soldiers pursued Napoleon across the Rhine at Pfalzgrafenstein Castle
1813        Aug 26-27, The Battle of Dresden was Napoleon’s last major victory against the allied forces of Austria, Russia and Prussia.

Christina's teachers in Graben:
1788 Friedrich Maag
1825 Schullehrer Fren

Graben Pastors during Christina's lifetime
1757-1798 J. J. Ritter  
1798-1808 Gottlieb Bernhard Fecht
1808-1814 L. Chr. Sachs von Karlsruhe  and died in 1850 in Karlsruhe 
1814-1823 G. Beck. Pastor Beck von Langensteinbach
1823-1827 Aloys Henhöfer von Vøolkerback which is near Karlsruhe on July 11 1789. He died at Spöck Dec 5, 1862. 
1827-1840 Christoph Käss von Mannheim and died 1843 in Diedelsheim. 
1840-1845 A. Köchlin

Documents related to Christina Scholl:

Christina Scholl baptism 22 April 1798 film 102078348 page 691 Graben
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 22nd of April [1798], in the evening at 6:00 pm born and on the 24th of the same month baptized
Father: Wendel Scholl, the local citizen.
Mother: Maria Catharina, née Nüchterin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Johann Georg Kammerer, the local citizen and master smith, and (2) his wife Catharina, née Süßin.
In the right column: Married 19 April 1827. Died 1 October 1843.
Pastor J. J. Ritter entered Christina's birth information.
Notes: Sponsor Johann Georg Cammerer was born to Georg Adam Cammerer 28 May 1741. He married Catharina Barbara Suss 27 Nov 1763 when he was 22 years old and she was 18. They had seven children. Catharina Barbara Suess died Georg Adam died 13 Feb 1814 Margaretha Schmidt died 20 Feb 1811 at age 56.  and Georg died three years later on 13 Feb 1814 at the age of 72. Georg's FH ID is L44F-YG5. Catharina Barbara's FH Id is K4YG-PQD.
Second Translation of baptism/birth record:
Father Wendel Citizen living here, mother Maria Catharina Nutcher
born on 22 April baptized 24the April, geboren (born) on the right it gives the date of 19th April 1827 which is her wedding date as seen in the next document. Also her death date is given with the cross.

Johann Martin Köhler marriage to Christina Scholl19 Apr 1827 film 102078348 page 1094.
Translation of marriage record:
19 April in the morning at 11 o'clock are married the as the citizens from here Johann Martin Koehler first wife Maria Elisabetha geborne (birth name) Heinla, died the 17th Feb 1827, born 1 August 1786, and with him Christina Scholl born the 22 April 1798 Wendel Scholl and Maria Catharina geborn (birth name) Nuetcher, legitimate daughter. witness Christoph Scholl, Wendel Scholl, Bürger (citizen) and Webermeister. (master weaver) Graben 19th April 1827
Graben Pastor
Aloys Henhöfer performed the marriage. 

Johann Martin Köhler b 1786 Familienbuch (Family Book) film 102118620 page 962
                   Person                  Born             Married          Died
Köhler Johann Martin L ú L    Aug1786                     14 Sep 1845
  Maria Elisabetha Heinle   26 May 1787  3 Jun 1811   3 Jun 1827
1. Johann Philipp                 15 July 1813                                1885
2. Martin                              28 Aug 1815                                1870
3. Maria Elisabetha              18 Jan 1818                     11 Dec 1819
4. Leopold Köhler                 2 Mar 1820                                 1896
5. Georg Friedrich Köhler   13 Mar 1822                    11 Nov 1898
6. Jakob Köhler                     3 Apr  1824                     19 Feb 1832
7. Philippine Köhler            15 Dec 1826                    13 Aug  1827
    II marriage
Christina Scholl                   22 Apr 1798 19Apr1827  11 Oct 1843
Philipp                                  12 Feb 1825 (Ammerika)
Children 2 marriage
8. Wilhelm Köhler                 23 Jul 1831                     27 Aug 1831
9.  Christine Köhler              13 Feb 1833                                  1900
10. Wilhelm Köhler              15 Sep 1838  (Ammerika)

Christina Köhler Scholl burial 3 Oct 1843 Graben age 45 birth 1798 film 102550955 page 94

Christina Köhler Scholl October 1 she died at 3:00 am died and was burial 3 Oct 1843, at 8:00 am Christina Scholl wife of the local citizen Martin Kohler (went by, leaving out Johann) she was age 45 years 5 months and 10 days witnesses Frederich Pfeil and Johann Herbster both local citizens.
Graben Pastor A Köchlin entered Christina's death informationand administered the funeral and burial of Christ