Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Extreme Weathering of a Marklin loads and cars

Over the last couple of weeks I have been playing with Sophisticated Finishes - Rust Antiquing Set. You coat the load or car with metal in a liquid form, wait an hour or two and then re-coat with Patina Blue Antiquing Solution. I like the results. 

After doing a few loads I decided to try my luck with a couple of old tinplate Marklin passenger cars. I didn't want just weathered I wanted extreme weathering. On one car I drilled holes and bent the roof in a few places. To begin with I wanted to keep some of the original Marklin green color but found that you get a better, lighter, more natural rust color if you use an undercoat first. After rusting I added some green color, and touched up with a dab or two of "rust" paint then finished with weathering chalk which brought everything together. Here are the results. Has anyone else tried to do extreme weathering on a Marklin car or load? Photos?

It did seems strange going to this level on cars that are pretty expensive to begin with but I only did a couple of cars. I hope this isn't disrespecting Marklin. The cars run fine, they just look trashed.