Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hulet Coat of Arms

         The Hulet surname is a double diminutive form of the personal name ‘hugh’ derived from ‘hugh-e-ot’, the last two elements being typical medieval diminutive endings.  Hulet is derived from a French word which is ‘Mount’ in English but translated into the Walloon language.  In Walloon Belgium there is a little mount between Genappe and Nivelles, which in the past was called a “Huwelencourt”, but now it is called ‘Hulencourt’.  The ancestors of the Hulet family came to England following the Norman Conquest of 1066 and is based on the Norman personal name of Hugh.  When a son Hugh was baptised their baptismal name became Howlett.  The Hulet surname developed into the current spellings around 1570-1600.   The first recorded spelling of this surname is that of Agnes Hughelot, which is found in the Records of Bec Abbey, Norfolk in 1248, during the reign of King Henry III (1216-1272). 

         As of 2014 there were only about 1,996 people that carry the surname of Hulet worldwide and the surname ranks highest in the United States.   In researching the origins and beginnings of the surname Hulet you must also research the many spellings of the name which include Hewlett, Hulet, Hewlett, Hulett, Howlet, Howlett, Hulit, Huwelet, Hewlot, Hughlett, Hughelot, Hughlot, Huwelot.

         Some of the early bearers of the Hulet name were Agnes Hughelot, which was dated circa 1248, in the Records of Bec Abbey, Norfolk, Richard Hulot (1275, Suffolk), Walter Howlot (1310, Devonshire), and Johannes Hughlot, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire. 
         One of the identified Coat of Arms with the blazon is (Dublin; assisted by Carney, Ulster, 1662, to George Hewlett, Lieut, of the City of Dublin Militia, and High Sheriff of the same city). Sa. on a fess betw. three owls’ heads erased and affrontee ar. as many roses gu. Crest—An owl’s head erased and affrontee ar. ducally gorged or. Source: Burke's

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