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Elmer Hofer 1889 - 1958

Elmer F. Hofer was born June 9 1889 to Jennie Weinert and Christoph Hofer. When he was eleven his father died in the Kansas Hospital of TB. Elmer married Ellen Frost and was an Evangelical Pastor for 40 years.

What happened to their children?
Donald Delbert Hofer 17 Feb 1917-1986, Donald married Dorothy Eleen Nelson 8 August 1939.  Died Feb 1986 Hardy, Sharp, Arkansas, USA. Donald was buried at sea.

Margaret E. Hofer 26 October 1920- 4 Dec 1997 in Quinlan, Hunt, Texas, USA. She married Myron "Mike" Holloway. Margaret lived to be 77. They had 2 children

Documents related to Elmer Hofer:

1900 US Census, Osborne

Elmer Hofer Graduates Green Ridge School

1910 US Census, KS

Elmer Hofer and Ellen Frost No school

Elmer Hofer and Ellen Frost Wedding Sept 10, 1913 

1917 Donald and Ellen Frost Hofer

Donald Hofer's Place of Birth and Church Elmer Hofer preached in

1918 Donald is one

1920 US Census,  Rice KS

Donald Hofer Toddler picture

1925 Kansas Census
Elmer Hofer and Ellen Frost

New Tabernacle under Construction Rev. Elmer Hofer 
Page 1 of Downs News And The Downs
Times, published in Downs, Kansas on Thurs

1930 US Census

1938 Margaret E. Hofer

1940 US Census KS
1940 Naperville

Elmer Hofer Retires from Ministry_The Downs News March 18, 1954


Osborne County
Kansas, USA
Plot: 3-101