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Edwin Daniel Hofer 1883 - 1911

Fannie’s Weinert Scholl's next younger sister was Jennie/Jane Weinert. She married Christian Hofer and had 7 children.

Christian was committed to the Topeka Insane Asylum in 1896 and released a month before his death from consumption in 1900.

On July 1, 1883 Edwin was born to Christian and Jennie Hofer. 

When Edwin was 17 his father, Christ Hofer died in an insane asylum in the State Hospital in Topeka, Kansas.  During the previous 4 years Christ was in an out of the institution and went before a judge who determined Christ was insane.

When Edwin was two his parents moved to a farm 5 miles NW of Downs, Bethany Township, Kansas. This is where the family stayed for many years. In his youth Edwin worked on his parents farm. 

Edwin united with the Rose Valley Evangelical church of which he was a faithful member.

While in Kansas Edwin found himself seriously ill and decided to visit relatives in Portland in hopes of regaining his health. He left in October 1910.  Unfortunately Edwin died in Portland of acute Bright’s or kidney disease in Selwood Hospital, Portland on Tuesday, November 21, 1911.  George Scholl accompanied the body of his cousin Edwin from Oregon back to Downs, Kansas; a trip of 1600 miles. Edwin was a man of exemplary habits, well known to a large number of people who held him in high esteem.

Edwin was interred in the Rose Valley Cemetery, Downs, Kansas.  The cemetery is 200 miles west and slightly south of the Falls City, NE area where he was born. The inscription on his grave marker is "He that beliveth in me hath life everlasting."

Edwin was born in Stella NE, near Falls City.

1895 Kansas Census Osborne, Kansas

1900 Census Osborne, KS

1910 Census, Osborne, KS


Rose Valley Cemetery, Down's Kansas