Tuesday, July 5, 2016

William Glendon LeCheminant 1913 - 2004

He went by Glen. My Dad was born in Magna, UT on Dec. 31st 1913.  His father, William Wallace LeCheminant and his mother Alice Woodhouse LeCheminant moved to Glendale when my Dad was young.  My Dad had 3 brothers, Wayne, Ken and Keith.  You probably recall my Uncle Ken and Keith.  They were in our Glendale West ward when we were growing up.  I never met my Uncle Wayne.  He died of a sickness when he was about 17.

My Dad was a Commercial Artist and  worked for himself in L.A. all the time we were growing up.  I remember my Dad being an Asst. Stake Clerk and in the Branch Presidency in Cambria, CA. at age 80.  I remember him coming on many scout outings and all my basketball and other games but not holding any other official church callings. I wonder if it was because my mother was not real active. 
Anyway, he was a great Father and involved in all of our lives.  I have an older Sister Carol and my 2 younger brothers, Bill and Gary.  Bill died at age 43 of cancer.  Gary lives in Saratoga Springs, UT and is the Finance Director for Highland City.  My Sister Carol had a stroke about 4+ years ago and is in a home in Morro Bay, CA.  My Dad died at age 90 on Jan 15, 2004 in Morro Bay, CA. and is buried in the Cambria Pines, CA. cemetery.

My Mother, Frances Madlyn Bridge was born Sept. 13, 1919 in Brookville, PA. Her mom, Stella Frances Bridge was her mother and George Afton Bridge her father.  George died when my mother was a teenager.  My mother joined the Church at 13 years old in PA along with her mother.  Not sure if her 3 brothers and 3 sisters were members. I wasn't around them much growing up.  She was one smart lady.  She married my Dad in 1937.  She was very artistic and loved her kids and was always involved in our lives.  She wasn't very active growing up and don't think she ever had a church calling that I can recall until she and my Dad moved to the little Branch in Cambria, CA.  She worked in the Relief Society.  She died January 20 2009 at age 89 in Cambria Pines, CA.

Jim LeCheminant

Son Gary: