Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Keith George LeCheminant 1924 - 2005

My parents were married in 1946.  They eloped to Las Vegas with his best friend and his wife.  I was born in March of 1947.  From here I remember much from the age of 2yrs up.  My first memories of the Glendale West Ward was when I would go with my dad to the ward building site.  At that time, ward buildings were built by the members under supervision of a contractor.  I remember my dad working on the rough flooring and others were working on the stick structure.  I kept myself busy by playing with bent nails and pieces of discarded wood.  At the time, my dad was busy attending USC dental school and my mom was busy working, part time, at a variety of jobs including a car hop at Bob's Big Boy on Colorado.

The old ward building became a focal point for my parents and all children my age while we grew up and our parents worked hard to achieve their goals.  My dad was the ward clerk for about 30yrs while in the old building and into the new building.  My mom would play the piano in Primary from time to time.  My dad was heavily involved in Boy Scouts in our ward, mainly after I transitioned from Troop 4 to the Church troop and received Eagle Scout at 16.  I also filled the position of assistant scout master when I was 16, for about a year.  My dad then became active in Church scouting a couple years later.

These were the times when there were three Sunday meetings during the course of the day with Priesthood, Sunday School, and Sacrament meeting in the evening.  I enjoyed MIA on Wednesday nights, along with scouting activities and planning.  The West Ward was a tightly knit group consisting of a large range of occupations including one member who was Knighted by the Queen of England.  I have to say, I will never forget the warm memories of the friends I gained and the loving nature of the adult members and the participation of all.  Oh yes, we had family home movie nights,  Christmas party with Santa, great missionary farewells, dances, etc.  After my mission in 1969, I lost track of the Ward due to military commitment, and situation with a failed marriage and the fall out from it.  I can say that I have been happily married more than 43yrs, five children, twelve grandchildren, and two great grand children.  As with life, my parents passed away in March and July of 2005.

I believe your father is Jim/June Gardner.  He and my dad were very good friends and enjoyed scouting.  Your dad helped me in my hobby of electronics in making a transistor 5 watt amplifier that worked flawlessly.  At that time, transistors were cutting edge and I made the jump from vacuum tubes to transistors.  Your dad did some fantastic stuff with electronics. Steve LeCheminant

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