Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Michael Ragsdale

Ragsdale's Art is Life as we see it !

Michael Ragsdale makes his home high in the blue sky community of Big Bear Lake, California.  Ragsdale has been a landscape and wildlife photographer shooting advertising stock images most of his life.  Ragsdale's love for panoramic photography and a desire to create better ways to capture images is a unique marriage in an artist, and capturing the emotion in what "we actually see" has long been his focus.
Creating digital images that rival film is now possible.  In fact, digital photography allows us to see things in ways never before possible. Ragsdale has been among the pioneers in the development and use of these new multi-image and panorama editing technologie.
Ragsdale creates fine art, which represents life and light as close to the way we actually experience it as possible.  He has invented specialized tools to help him produce these stunning panoramic images and create his unique photo realistic water color or dry brush works of art that have become his icon.
Michael Ragsdale runs his own photography, publishing and design company, Westlake Technical Products in Big Bear Lake, California and hosts traveling photographic workshops which teach digital techniques to his students. Current projects include Reflections of  the Land, an all digital view of this country, wildlife and our national parks, his Vantage Point Series, a stylized look at  the people, and the different ways we spend our lives on the land today.  In this series he captures the essence of ourselves in our every day activities in a totally new way. He also continues a retrospective project which involves the restoration of glass-plate negatives and photographic collections from early photographic history.  He says "there is a clear link between the way we looked at ourselves then and how we live on the land today".
Ragsdale's work has been widely published as stock photography, seen extensively on the Web, and is now collected in public and private collections.  Each  photograph or work of art created by Ragsdale is an original.  There is no duplication process which will produce the details in the shadows and highlights which are  found in the archival prints, which can take a long time to complete.  Each named piece of art is signed by Michael personally then numbered and logged in a history register. Production of each named piece is limited to the number shown with his signature on each individual piece. All works are mounted with acid free art boards and matting materials to keep your art looking the way it did when you purchased it.  The inks used in these artworks are archival inks and prints stored under the right conditions should resist fading for over 200 years. Your prints will look best when illuminated by a D50 (daylight) light source.

Call him now: (818) 481-2590