Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kent Gardiner's (future) Obituary

Eagle Mt Cemetery location of Kent's future
Kent Hulet Gardiner was born on March 18, 1946 to Elaine Scholl and James Hulet Gardiner in the back bedroom of his grandparents home at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue, LA, CA.

He was fortunate to have 7 brothers and sisters including Sandra Ann Gardiner (Ron Blunck), Mark Robert Gardiner (Karen), Janice Elaine Gardiner (Sean Davis deceased), Gayle Louise Gardiner (John Reese), Jeffrey Lynn Gardiner (Andrea, deceased), Julie Jean Gardiner (Cliff Langlois) and Jamie Thomsen Gardiner (Kris).

Kent served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the British South mission from 1965 to 1967.  He loved working with the British people and had some success baptizing.  Over the years he served as Elders Quorum President twice, High Councilor, Primary Teacher, Teacher Development Instructor and Gospel Doctrine Instructor for over 6 years in Valencia.  Kent was a "card carrying," devoted member of the church who considers membership as the best decision he ever made. In 2019 he began service as a Temple Worker in the Timpanogos Temple, American Fork, UT

After his mission he graduated from BYU majoring in Phychology and a year later got his teaching credential. He taught elementary school on year at the Salt Lake Model School,  two years in Glendora, CA.  and then moved to the University Elementary School at UCLA, becoming a demonstration teacher.  Kent taught for 39 years specializing in writing, math and physical education.

It was in Glendora Kent met and married Suzanne Brown in 1974 and they had six children including Chad Aaron Gardiner, Rachel Ann Gardiner, Eric James Gardiner (Hayley), Ryan Philip Gardiner (Stephanie), Ashley Rebecca Gardiner (Andrew DaBell) and Brett David Gardiner (Kaile).  They raised their children in  Santa Clarita, CA.  Suzanne died of breast cancer in 1994.

Kent's father-in-law James C. Brown, and Brother Nelson from Pasadena, another sealer in the Los Angeles Temple became matchmakers and lined Kent and Deborah up. They married in 1995.  Deborah brought her son Ryan Snowden into the family.

When Kent moved to Saugus in 1980 he met Kevin and Nancy Large.  They became fast friends and Kevin taught Kent how to do family history. Ever since Kent has been an active family historian. He has posted over 600 videos and has a website called with a half a million views. 

Kent retired from UCLA after teaching there for 39 years and lived with his wife Deborah in Eagle Mountain, UT.  Kent enjoyed being a Temple worker, reading the Book of Mormon daily, travel, teaching, gardening, Marklin trains, hiking, old cars, camping, classical music, photography, 12 grandchildren and family history.

Kent will be buried in Utah next to his second wife Deborah.

On April 28, 2020 Deborah and I purchased our gravesites. This is the location
in the Eagle Mountain Cemetery. Kent will be buried in Section A43-B-3 and
Deborah in A 43-B-4. Internment and the checking of the headstone
have been paid for in advance. We will be near these two beautiful pine
trees next to a grassy area. To the left or north of us there is a children's section.