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Clay Lewis Blackmer 1966 - 2016

Hi I'm Clay Blackmer
I'm one of ten children raised in southern California. I have one child and two step-children. I'm a Mormon. 

(Funeral photos and two talks)

About Me
I was born in Whittier, California to two great parents. (Gayle and Don)  Eventually there would be ten children-five girls and five boys. Our three bedroom, two bathroom home was full of a lot of chaotic fun! We had great neighbors and friends. I attended great public schools with great teachers and friends. Our parents instilled within us a great love and deep respect for our country.

Why I am a Mormon

I learned as a young child that I was happiest when I was doing something for someone else. My Church and neighborhood were filled with elderly people and I loved helping them. It made me feel closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I noticed at a very early age that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided many opportunities for service. It helped me think less of myself and more of others. I also learned public speaking at around five years old and it helped me connect with others. My parents had deep convictions of Jesus Christ and His divine mission and church. I wanted to feel the same way and knew I would if I continued faithful to the Church that gave me so much joy. Eventually I knew for myself that He was the Son of God and Savior of the world. At age nineteen, I was called by the Church to serve a two year mission in Rome, Italy. I love the Italian people with all my heart. In that great land, I saw the gospel of Jesus Christ change and enrich their lives. It was further evidence to me how Jesus Christ needs to be the center of our lives.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them? 

My daughter returned from her mission in Guatemala less than a month ago. While there she developed a greater love for Jesus Christ as she went about serving the people there. She saw their lives fill with meaning and understanding for God's plan for us on the earth. Likewise, I had the same wonderful feelings and experiences in Italy two decades earlier. Similarly, members of my family served in Uruguay, Florida, and Texas. Extended members of our family are serving in Washington state, Colorado, and the Marshall Islands. Serving missions grounds you and causes you to think of others first and not yourself. Seeing peoples lives change for good is a blessing like no other. Missionaries teach people to pray, to reconcile their lives to God, and help them overcome the habits in their lives that keep them from experiencing true joy. I hope to go on another mission with my wife in the future.


Funeral information: 

News from a post on Clay's wall: A memorial service with be held to honor and celebrate the life of Clay Lewis Blackmer, beloved father, husband, brother, uncle and cherished friend on May 3rd 2016 at 5pm at the LDS meetinghouse located 731 E Center St Lindon, UT 84042.

There will also be a full funeral with graveside services on May 19th in California. The location and time of the funeral services is forthcoming. Clay will be laid to rest at Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, CA. Further details will be announced in the coming week.
 Clay Blackmer Lewis
Professional Loan Planner
Academy Mortgage Corporation
HQ Phone: (801) 810-6503 

El Rancho High School Class of 84
pico rivera, CA

Former Professional Mortgage Loan Planner at Academy Mortgage Corporation

Notable Today recognizes Clay Blackmer:  Lindon individual named as among most notable persons


Notable Today™ is recognizing Clay Blackmer with inclusion in the prestigious Notables List™.
Blackmer of Lindon, Utah is among a number of individuals to have demonstrated or achieved notability, as determined by the editors of Notable Today™.

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Utah Insurance department:
Blackmer, Clay Lewis 
78 NORTH 640 EAST Lindon, UT 84042 
Business Phone:
(801) 502-8759 
Issue Date:
Feb 10, 2015

Clay Lewis Blackmer, Lindon, UT
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Clay is just above Mr Starnes
1979 Rivera Jr. High.
Jackie Navarrete Valenzuela:
I cannot believe that you are gone, Clay Lewis Blackmer. You were a part of my childhood, from 1st grade in Mrs. Thomason's class at Valencia to Rivera Jr. High and through high school at The Ranch. I will always remember you as the Most Likely to Succeed. Although I do not understand, I can guess that God needed you to be with Him. My prayers for your family. Rest in peace Clay.


Sal Garcia to Clay Lewis Blackmer
 Downey, CA ·
Okay so I just woke up and started my usual morning Facebooking and I can't believe what I'm reading about my good friend Clay Lewis Blackmer. I'm hoping I'm still asleep and this is just a bad dream. But I don't think it is... I am devastated.
We met at Rivera middle school and hit it off immediately. We were on the newspaper staff of the Mighty Eagle school newspaper. Such fun times with our other friends Gary Lopez and Andres Tamayo.

Graduated together in 84 from ERHS and saw eachother again at the 10 year reunion. We always kept in touch first through and he was one of my first FB friends.  I don't know what else to say. I'm speechless.
RIP my good buddy.

  • Cerritos Institute Christmas dance 1988
Mission photograph
My baptism day and then years later reconnecting. Clay Lewis Blackmer you have been part of the change in my life. You thought me the gospel how could I ever thank you?

Mission to Italy

Clay with his sister Della:



Clay, wGina Georgianna, Jessica and Clay's Parents, Gayle and Don.


Right:  Clay's sister Delia center. Della's daughter on right. This was a Winter Formal her freshman year in high school.





Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015
Chrsitmas 2015

Clay and Janet

Clay at Conference

Clay doing a little church history tour.

2015 Clay during a visit to his uncle Blaine Thomsen

March 7, 2016: Janice Bowman Peterson: We get to see this in person in May.  Clay Lewis Blackmer: Lucky girl!
We'll be there the year after. 

Rome Temple:

Clay's last Facebook post:

  We are stunned, shocked and saddened. We loved Clay. He was warm, friendly, and kind. His caring for his aunt Carol knew no bounds. Clay took her places, visited her many times a week and was always upbeat and encouraging. On her 90th birthday he said he wanted her to live to be 100. Recently she asked him to speak at her funeral and now she will be going to his. He and I planned on hiking Timp this summer and now instead we are saying goodbye. See you on the other side brother. Kent Gardiner
It's 1:30 a.m. and I have been thinking about you everyday since your tragic passing. A few days before you passed away I had such a STRONG urge and inclination to give you a call. A voice kept telling me to call you. I thought you might be too busy so I shrugged it off. If only I called you, maybe you would have opened up to me and express your sadness and troubles to me. I would have told you to hang on buddy don't give up. Bad times will pass. Unfortunately I did not call you. For that I am deeply saddened and sorry. I feel selfish about not taking the time to call you.

I always felt that you and I connected in school and even though we had not seen each other in over 20 years I still felt that connection that is rare among friends. Clay you were an incredible person I only wish I was able to be your friend more often rather than sparse gaps of not talking. I'm sorry I did not call you more often rather than email and text. Reading all the posts about your life you touched so many people's lives with your warmth, humor and sincerity. God has a special place for you he will not condemn you. Your life of love and generosity and good deeds surpasses your one moment of temptation. The Lord knows your heart, he will not leave you.

I pray for your soul that you may now be with our Lord in paradise and in peace. I pray that your family will heal and gain understanding from this very dark moment. Only you know why you did what you did and no one has the authority to judge you, Only God. Who knows what hidden pain you suffered. I wish you would have called me and reached out. We will meet again someday and catch up on everything like we planned. It saddens me that you were planning to one day come out to California and meet up for lunch to talk.

My heart breaks knowing that I will never be able to sit down with you over a meal and laugh about our times in school. I am so angry at the demons that took advantage of your weak moment. We are all not immuned to his evil work. I take comfort in knowing that you will be ok and in Heaven with your loved ones. Too many people cared and prayed for you...God will not ignore them.
Rest in Peace my friend...............your buddy.......Gary Lopez
Clay Lewis Blackmer, was a great friend. I just cannot even begin to imagine that he is gone. He would come to my Simi Valley office every Friday detailing me on the latest in the pharmaceutical drugs that he was marketing. He was a thoroughly decent and kind-hearted gentleman. He would spend a good two hours with me and my office staff over catered lunch. And then he decided to move to Utah. A few weeks later we became Facebook friends.We stayed in touch. He was a great fan of Mitt Romney during the previous elections and I began to like the Presidential candidate. Clay was always kind with his comments. He made me feel great and important. Until very recently he was noted to be smiling and engaged in all group pictures. And then came the bombshell. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The perfectly, well dressed professional gentleman who spent almost every Friday with me for years was no more. He had a great deal to offer the world. He was a happy camper and conducted himself very well. I just cannot imagine that he is no longer with us. He is being missed and my heart goes out to his close family members and his close acquaintainces. RIP Brother Clay!
You broke my heart today Clay Lewis Blackmer, you took your own life and I want to strangle you and at the same time I want to hold you close. I'm mad at you because you had everything. A beautiful family, a better belief in God then I have and still you left us. If you fell in the dark place then what chances do the rest of us have.. I hate the fact your gone and I miss you so much.. I only wish you confided in me.. Yes I want to strangle you but once again I'm envious of you because your with God and I'm still here missing you.. I will see you soon. Then I'll back hand you for breaking my heart then I'll hold you close. I miss you my dear friend..

Gary Lopez

I remember being 7 yrs. old (1973) and riding my bike in Pico Rivera on Passons across from Clay's house. Clay was selling lemonade with some of his buddies. I bought a glass and went on my way, unknown to me we were to meet 6 years later at Rivera Jr. High and became good friends all through High School. I always remember his great sense of humor and intelligence. He strived for the best. That's the Clay that will always be embedded in my memory. RIP.
I know some people don't believe in this kind of things. But a beautiful bird just entered my boys bedroom window crying in fear I pick it up told it "it's ok don't be afraid" kissed it and let it out the window...I was just wondering maybe just maybe Clay Lewis Blackmer was trying to send me some comfort? I chose to believe its so...thank you clayissimo, lezza appreciated that so much

Casey Hansen
 Lehi, UT ·
Clay Lewis Blackmer, I know you are gone buddy, but I want you to know how much I love you. Sounds like you were battling some demons. I wish more than anything that I could have been the one guy you could have laid it all down with and I could have given you a HUGE hug and let you know I loved you anyways. I am a bit mad at you right now, but that is because I cared so much for you. You were a GREAT friend and I am going to miss you a lot. I can’t really put it all in words right now but want you to know how much you impacted me with your cockeyed optimism. You truly were one of a kind. You broke my heart buddy! But I love you in spite of that. Maybe even more! And I want you to know that I would have always had your back. I will still have your back even though you are gone. So say hello to the Reagan’s and the Bush’s for me. And I look forward to seeing you again to give you the hug I wish I could give you right now!
Dana Bambo feeling heartbroken.

You were the first one to greet me, Clay Lewis Blackmer, when I got to Rome as I started my journey of service to the Lord in that wonderful country. You taught the gospel to my future wife, Carla Lombardo Bambo, and gave her a precious gift. Who would have known that our lives would be so intertwined after the mission with our families growing together. Mario Dante Bambo, Alessandra Bambo and Elder Michael Bambo all called you Uncle Clay. They loved Jessica Gayle Blackmer like a sister for so long. You and I had many deep conversations about the struggles of life and always ended with a big hug. My life has been touched by your love for the Lord and I feel a piece of my heart missing since learning of your passing late last night. God's speed my dear friend Anziano Blackmer
Uncle Clay;
There are no words to describe the depth of love I had for you, or how much I respected you. Every time I needed advice I came to you; in times of deep sorrow you were there for me. I will never forget you being there for me when Uncle Jon passed; I will never forget you asking me to stand with you and share memories during his eulogy. You literally held me up, and gave me the strength I needed to stand at that moment.

I will miss your love for the Three Stooges, and hearing your booming voice yell one of my many nicknames, or you making fun of my very bossy childhood antics. Most of all, I will miss your presence in my son's life, and the fact that he will never have the honor and the privilege of knowing the warm, loving man that I was able to call my Uncle for a short 29 years. 

I love you Uncle, maybe more than you or I could ever fully comprehend. Until we meet again!
Cory Stephen Grillone to Clay Lewis Blackmer
Saddened to hear about the passing of this sweet man. I'm not going to say "rest in peace" but "active in peace" because I'm sure the Lord has many great assignments for you on the other side. And maybe, just maybe, a few of those assignments will be side by side with my dear husband.
Rebecca Llewelyn to Clay Lewis Blackme
I'm so sad to hear about Clay. I remember him fondly from my time in the Downey 3rd ward. He was so friendly and cheerful. Clay was always so genuine. My dad had been the Sunday School President and I remember Clay calling him President Goff. Even years after he was released. Too funny. The last time I saw Clay was at my dad's funeral a few years ago and I remember him telling that story at the graveside. I was hoping to see him again at some point since I'm in Pleasant Grove and he was in Lindon. Until we meet again, Clay. I pray for his family. I'm so sorry that they have to go through this.
Brad Sugar
Clay Lewis Blackmer. I'm sorry we never kept in touch. You were always a kind hearted man and a wonderful person to be around. I'm sorry I ruined that lunch we had years ago by being an angry angst pre-teen. I hope you can forgive me for that. I never thought that seeing you with Jessica on South Temple St last year would have been the last time I talked to you. I hope I gave you a hug. You were always good to Chris and I and I am so sorry for whatever demons you had inside you that you just couldn't conquer. I love you my friend. God Speed.
That moment when you find out you'll never see a loved one on this Earth again. And the sadness you feel that they didn't reach out for help. I've been that depressed but managed to pick up the phone and call for help. I'm so sad. I love you, Uncle Clay Lewis Blackmer!
It's news like these that totally destroy me just got home and I am devastated.You thought me the gospel you were at my baptism day you confirmed upon me the gift of the holy ghost. You were so funny always telling everyone on your mission that you will be the president of the United States one day. You eat at my mom's house with my brothers you were an amazing example. I moved to the states and you were at my wedding you saw my children grow up and they adore you. Every 1 of May you wished me happy anniversary of my baptism you never forget that nor my birthday. I m utterly devastated destroyed speechless this isn't true tell me this is not true I will not believe this. We were going to get old and see our children have children and we were going to be grandparents. Clay Lewis Blackmer this is not true right? Oh dear Lord I will miss you till I see you again my dearest brother. What could I have done what could I have said. I LOVE YOU with all my heart.
Gary Lopez I cannot believe it. He was a good kid always laughing and joking we got along great at Rivera and El Rancho. I had not seen him since 1994 and just recently last year hooked up on Facebook. We talked on the phone and sent emails once in a while. He seemed so happy. I was shocked beyond words when I read the news. I pray that he now finds peace. God Bless you Clay. I'll remember you always.

Republicans select their local leaders

The Ventura County Republican Central Committee has selected their new leaders. Click on continue reading for the list.
I don’t recognize all of the names but it looks like Tony Strickland and his allies have the most members on the board. Tony Strickland is clearly the leader of the local Republican Party.
Click here for the VCRCC website. Looks like in the largest city in the district they could only find one Republican to serve. Maybe they should ask a high school student to help out.

Ventura County Republican Party Officers:
Mike Osborn
1st Vice Chair
Mark Lunn
2nd Vice Chair
Dean Kunicki
Peggy Sadler
John Andersen
1st District – Ventura, Ojai
Mary Osborn – Caucus Chair, Neil Andrews, John McBride, Mike Osborn, Paul Thompson
2nd District- Conejo Valley – Thousand Oaks
Sandy Patrizio – Caucus Chair, Mark Lunn, Darin Henry, Rebecca Henry, Don Yates (bio), John Andersen
3rd District- Camarillo – Santa Paula Fillmore – Port Hueneme
Chris Valenzano – Caucus Chair, Toni Strickland, Deyla Valenzano,
4th District – Simi Valley, Moorpark
John Absmeier – Caucus Chair, Peggy Sadler, Reg Richardson,
Dean Kunicki , Ray Cruz
5th District – Oxnard
Patricia Scordy – Caucus Chair
Ex Officio Alternates
Samantha Harrison, Shawna Foy,
Jennifer Mastersen, Kimble Ouerbacker, Jason Spadaro
Committee Alternates
Clay Blackmer ,
Daryl Reynolds, Kay Deal, Dianne Alexander, Jarrod DeGonia, Arkady Milgram
Ex Officio Members
Congressman Elton Gallegly, State Senator Tony Strickland, State Senator George Runner, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, 2008 Republican Nominee for Congress: Matt Kokkonen , 2006 Republican Nominee for State Controller: Tony Strickland, 2008 Republican Nominee for the State Senate, 23rd District: Rick Montaine, 2008 Republican Nominees for the State Assembly: Greg Gandrud, 35th District and Mark Bernsley, 41st District