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The Personal History of EriGardiner His Birth Grandpa Brown's Birthday Kent's Journal March 26, 1980 After work I came back to the Saugus house be­ cause I needed to water down the cement so that it would cure properly. Suzanne was expecting me out at her parents house. I tried to call her for a number of hours but found it busy. At 6:00 she called and said she was upset because she had made a birthday cake for her father and me and I didn't show up. I said I was sorry and then she told me that, oh by the way, she was having some con­ tractions. I said that I would come right out. I did. I made a mad dash in my MG and when I got to the corner I realized that I had forgotten the camera, so I raced back. When I got out to the house I found that she had already gone to the hospital and when I got to the hospital the lady at the desk said go right in, I did and as the nurse helped me on with my smock I asked what sex the baby was but no answer came. I went in to find the baby just born - a boy. Lots of hair and to me he sorta looks like Jeffrey. He is healthy and whole and as I walked out I said that this was the easiest delivery I have ever gone through. Lost Mother The day after we took the children down to the hospital to see their "lost" mother and a nurse got very upset with Suzanne because she was out near other children and germs - risking the health of all the babies in the nursery, two of which had jaun­ dice! On Friday we took Eric home to our new house. We waited for the longest time behind the hospi­ tal and saw a chauffeured limo bring in a Dr. to the hospital, only to find out that now they exit the children from the side of the hospital. We are in our new home as a family now! Ryan The Blessing On the first Sunday in May Eric was blessed. It was a very big day with grandma great getting up at 5:00 to get here in Saugus at 8:00 in the morn­ ing for our Fast meeting. All arrived at the church in Valencia. I blessed Eric and recorded it for him. He seems to be a very special spirit. Before the meeting I was called to be the 70's president. After all of the meetings Brother Stewart of the High Council set me apart, then the Bishop set Suzanne apart as the visiting teaching supervisor. The Early Months Inthe Summer of 1980 we as a family had a lot of fun. We went to San Diego two times. Once we went to see Sandywho is clean, fun, and organized, and the other time we went to see Richard Wat­ son. There were spiders in his medicine cabinet. Suzanne and I went to SLC to the World Con­ ference on Records. We left the children and took Eric. We went to many of the workshops, me with a notebook, and Sweet Suzanne with Eric and a blanket so she could nurse him. Crawling Oct 12, 1980 Kent's Journal Eric crawled at 6 months - September 1980. At 5 and a half months he has two teeth. He reminds me so much of Chad with his smiles - good nature and his aggressiveness. He is a wonderful boy. 1 Year Old June 29-30 1981 Kent's Journal Suzanne's parents invited us to go to Big Bear with them. We drove up and Eric threw up on Suzanne two times. There were curds of milk everywhere. What a scene! He threw up on me on the way back from Green Valley where we took the kids swimming. Itwas a smelly yet fun trip. August 30, 1981 Suzanne's Journal Eric knows 5 words now "uh - oh!" is his favorite - when he makes a mess. His mouth makes a round "O." His eyes get real big, he stands on tip toe and points or wags his pointer finger in the air, look­ ing around. "No" or "Wo" are common too, "Daddy and Me'me"' when he wants something - usually tired and wanting a bottle, - and "dogie" for any little animals - he points, squats down, and squeals with sheer delight. He has gorgeous long white blond hair that's "bouncy." When he runs his bot­ tom waggles and his feet churn in the air above the ground. He has the most engaging ear-splitting grin and giggle - and he does both a lot. Friends tell me he is too beautiful to be a boy and many mothers of bald headed infants are jealous of his gleaming tousled head. he is very affectionate - coming up for affectionate "nips" on your shoulder or knee - but never staying around long enough for prolonged cuddling - he's always on the move. He brings his own diapers now for a change and gets rags out of the drawer for spills and messes (usual­ ly his) and gleams with pleasure while he does them. He likes to sit on the couch with the other children and watch TV, play in the sand bed, go swimming, and go for stroller rides (to take Chad to the bus usually,) and drag his blankets all over the house to lie on or bite the ends of. He even likes Rachel's and Chad's blankets, too - I think because they're the other children's and they get mad. The Boy Knows No Fear When we swim I say "Ready, set, go" then dunk him. His body really churns to get up to the top and when I raise him up his eyes and mouth are open wide and he looks so startled. He likes to be passed back and forth between daddy and mommy - giggling the whole time, and he tries to make it to the steps when I take him around the pool. He doesn't seem to be afraid of the water and has fallen in (and then rescued quickly) twice. 2 Eric When he gets upset or crossed he clenches his teeth and hits or pinches, or pulls hair, then leans his head against you and gives you love pats to make up. His diapers never stay on him. He is very good natured and adored by everyone - espe­ cially his family. We call him"little monster","spe­ cial buddy", "cutie boy," or "big guy." He likes to climb up on the kitchen table, empty the drawers out, and carry my blow dryer and curling iron around by their plug ends. He dumps all the kids toys out of their containers and wants to sit up at the table and eat with a fork like everyone else. When he wants a drink he points and squeals, pounds his chest and "uh-uh-uh-uh-'s' He loves to help Kent out in the garage in fact we can never get himto come in once he gets out there - He gets into the tools and screws and likes to carry around the timing light which looks like a gun with a cord on it. A Darling Toddler He's a real clown - showing off and laughing with an audience. He tries to imitate the children - roll­ ing ont he ground when Chad showed us some gymnastic somersaults - and folding his arms and muttering for prayers - which delight Chad and Rachel. September 6, 1981 Eric dumped a bottle of creme rinse on the car­ pet Thursday, the morning before we cleaned our carpet (good thing it wasn't the morning after!) He really likes the book "Apples of Gold" the gold­ colored book of poetry and pithy sayings that I got when Rachel was born - for being the mother with the youngest baby at church on Mother's Day. He always picks that book out of the book shelf and carries it around. Is this a portend of a future in­ terest of his? A Narrow Escape From Death Last Monday a police car came with 5 feet of where we were sitting at a school table and benches while we were eating some Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was going 30 - 40 mph chasing a youth. We felt blessed that Eric was up at the table - not wandering around like he usually does when we all eat. I got him a little handled training cup at DI Friday - like he had a few months ago that broke (he loves to carry it around and sip from it). September 17, 1981, Suzanne's Journal All day long it seems, I'm pulling Eric's diapers up, or he's pulling on my finger and saying "unhs, unsh, unk" and leading me around -especially out the front door to look for doggies and kittens. All animals he calls "doggies" and squeals, points, squats to look at them and beams from ear to ear - saying "wah, wah." He's hard to resist. Some­ times he brings books to me with pictures of animals and we look at the pictures, identify the animal, and then make sounds like them - or rather I do and Eric giggles delightedly. Sunday September 20, 1981, Suzanne's Journal This morning I woke Kent up for Stake Pries­ thood Meeting and heard Eric stirring at 6:40 a.m. Iwent back to sleep and woke up again at 7:10with Eric screeching and rattling his crib vigorously. I came in and he pointed at his dripping, sagging diapers "unh, sudnhk!" I changed him and got him up with his blanket, shut the children's bedrooms (so he wouldn't bug them)- and went back to bed myself to read Links of Forever, inspirational stories of genealogy work. Pretty soon he came in to me by the bed, holding his shoes, pleading, and trying to take hold of my hand. I didn't budge and so he began hitting me and pinching my arm - I finally relented and put his shoes on. Then a few minutes later he came in with one of his shirts (perhaps he found it in the pile of clean clothes at the foot of my bed.) When I was slow to act again he began to fuss and pinch me. So I put his shirt on. He grinned, laughed and toddled off. For breakfast he stood on one of the kitchen chairs and ate a few Cheerios with a spoon from a bowl with milk. 3 Ryan Mommy or Milk? When Kent went on an errand he tried to get me to go with him out the front door after him. Towards mid - morning when he was tired he threw himself down, rolled around in the clean clothes and fussed, waved his arms and alternates between laughing and whining. Usually he walks around the house pulling and biting on his blanket and saying "me me, me me" and whimpering some when he's tired and wants his bottle. I think it's a combinations of "mommy" and "milk" Todaywhen Iput him down he cried angrily and kicked the bed with his shoes. I came back in and he held his foot up - he wanted his shoes off. He giggled sleepily when I pulled his sandals off and tickled his feet. He went to sleep somewhat peacefully after that. September, 1981Kent's Journal At 18 months Eric likes little cars he can hold in his hand. He makes sound for them. He has a drool of spit on his stomach constantly. For months he has worn nothing but diapers and is un­ accustomed to shirts, pants and shoes. He only has sandals because his feet are too big for normal infant shoes. He has strawberry blonde hair, and I think he is as cute as can be! Suzanne seems to particularly dote on this little boy. The Happy Adorable Clown Monday, October 14, 1981 We have been trying to get Eric off the bottle all night long. Sometimes he wants 4-5 bottles be­ tween then and morning. So we've been through some sleepless nights trying to get Eric to cut down - just take a bottle at his bed time (about 7p.m.) and ours 10p.m. He's stood up in bed and screamed 'til he was hoarse. He'd be mad and try to hit all cups out of our hand - this would go on for an hour or more in the early morning hours. One night I got up, stroked his cheek, talked soothingly to him, got him to lie down, and patted him to sleep about 15 minutes. I thought my arm and back would break but it was worth it to me to have him calm down and sleeping peacefully. The last few nights he's been sleeping through or else hanging on to his last bottle and sipping it slowly all night. He certainly is a happy, adorable, clown. I can hardly resist laughing at him and grabbing, tick­ ling or kissing him. Everyone says what a pretty, beautiful child he is. He always says "unh,unh," and turns away whenever you ask him something - and whenever he sees anything he always says "uh­ hhhhhhhhhhh oh!" or "doo!" (the first if something isn't right; the second I think in regard to his "dirty" pants and diapers or something else wrong. He sits in the sand box for hours by him­ self digging with a spoon, cockin · head and lis­ tening and looking around. Th omes in with sand tucked in his diapers and a: nd his mouth. He loves all little trucks and cars and carries them around and says "Brrrrrrr" with his lips - He also loves to wear Rachel's shoes - and is never so proud as when he's gotten her Sunday Shoes or "flip flops" on by himself and shuffles about the house in them. He likes to "read" animal or dog­ gie books (especially Benji and Lassie and carries or pushes chairs everywhere to climb on them and switch on/off lights, water faucets, grab objects on counters or sneak chunks of sugar from the Tup­ perware Salad Bowl on the counter. He hums and sings to himself sometimes when he plays and loves most to be where the others are and is most hurt when Chad and Rachel shut their bedroom doors to him and keeps him away from them and their things. He likes to suck tooth brushes and carry toothpaste around, pull on dental floss. Last Wednesday his Grandpa Brown came out and we drove up to the Falls and dam up Bouquet Canyon. Eric became fussy - I think his old car sickness on the curves, etc - So we stopped at the falls Cafe and my dad bought him some cheese and crackers. He was content as long as he had something to hold in his hand. My dad carried him as we hiked around. A Mother's Love I love his chubby firm smooth body, and his im­ pish, affectionate, clownish ways. He is irresis­ tible. 4 Eric He says "Aaaar." when he picks up a dinosaur and likes me to ask when I change him - what does a kitty say?.....and he looks as if he might say meow....!ask him where his belly button is and he points at his chest and says "da da" -meaning ding dong like a door bell. I ask where his nose is and point to mine and he puts his fmger to his lips and says "shhhh!" When he's through eating or doesn't want something he throws it off his high chair tray and stands up and waves his fmger, purses his lips - "na-na-na-na.) He beams happily and excitedly ifhe can get up on the bed beside the kids or gig­ gles contagiously if you pretend to charge at him. He grabs my fmger and squeals imploringly when he wants something (like into Chad's room when he's shut the door) and often walks around the house saying "ma me, ma me, ma me", grinning at me. He calls me too, if he's scared, unhappy, or wants something. My heart swells so tenderly toward him, that I cannot hear or look upon him without whispering a prayer "Oh my Father, please bless and protect that dear child." Just now he came out walking slowly in Chad's boots and grunting (singing) uh, ah, uh, oh. He clenched his teeth and dived at Chad. Sometimes Chad tickles and teases Eric so that he can't breathe hardly for giggling so. "Donel" Sunday, October 18, 1981, Suzanne's Journal Eric goes through eating stages. He used to love to chew on carrots, then it was Cheerios, tomatoes, now it's meat - He loves and eats mainly meat - - all kinds, just so long as it is small bite sized pieces. When he's all through eating, he dumps or throws the food on the floor, stands up and says "done." He's playing outside in the sand now - he scoops it up with dishes, spoons or his hands and watches it trickle down to the ground again. He likes it best if he can get someone else to play outside with him and will sometimes cry or shout angrily from the sandbox for Chad or Rachel to come out with him. Friday night was the ward talent night. Eric saw Debbie Blair, who was wearing a yellow sweater (she starred in a '50's sockhop with her husband and the Beehives) and was holding her daughter Heather - Rachel's age. Eric went up to her, patted her, lay his head against her, and wanted to be held by her on her lap. At first I thought it was her yellow sweater - but today in Sacrament Meet­ ing he did the same thing. I confess to feeling several stabs of jealousy. Debbie Blair and I trade off watching each other's children - and we went camping together with our families at El Capitian. Eric seems real fond of Aaron Blair who is just a few months younger. I gave a baby shower for Debbie and Aaron a year ago. Maybe Eric recog­ nized her - maybe he was attracted to her since she was holding Heather. Anyway tonight in church he patted her and said "Mommy." When I tried to cuddle him he didn't want me - I felt really bad, but he let me hold him on the way home and just a few minutes ago took my finger and led me out to the sand box with him. Sunday November 8, 1981, Suzanne's Journal Eric is cutting his eye teeth. He's more cross and ornery then normal some days -won't eat, just wants milk and candy! Since Halloween, he's dis­ covered the delights of sugar, and if he sees the orange jack-o-lantern he won't eat anything. All he'll do is point to it and "unh! unh!" This morning he came in to greet me in bed with a handful of popcorn he put in my mouth (Kent was up with the children, watching cartoons and eating popcorn with them.) Eric does love to do anything "helpful" - like take silverware and dishes out of the dishwasher and throw them in the drawer or put any stray clothes on the floor (in­ cluding clean laundry) into the dirty clothes bin. I am making a burgundy velvet jacket and have kept it by the sewing machine. For two whole days it was missing and I looked everywhere for it - final­ ly I uttered a prayer in desperation, then tried to think what I'd dowith it if I were a helpful, curious, adorable, impish one and a half year old like Eric. Then I walked straight to the dirty clothes bin, picked up a few clothes - and there it was at the bottom of the pile. 5 Ryan Into Everything He is also very curious. Whenever it is very quiet around the house, I can be pretty sure he's into my sewing (he always gets all tangled up in the thread) the toothpaste and brushes and floss (he also gets tangled up in the floss) the bottles, trash, brushes and potatoes under the kitchen sink, or my hair supplies - blow dryer, curling iron or steam roller set (which he drags around the house by the plug and tries to plug into the electrical outlets - most of which are covered over with childproof plugs). Since he's had a cold these last couple of weeks he's taken to shredding toilet paper all over the house and cleaning things with bits of it or wiping his face, etc. He pulls my arm or hands implores with large soulful eyes when.he wants something. Yesterday evening when I was trying to pin my jacket sleeves in he kept pulling my arm away and holding one shoe and sock (which had come off) and saying "shhhhhoesz" over and over again. I didn't want to stop so I threw his shoe and sock out of the bedroom into the hall. He threw himself down and began to cry so forlornly that I was quite con­ science stricken. Whenever he gets out of bed he throws his sheet, pillow, bottle, all his blankets, and any clothes he can take off out onto the floor, then shakes and rattles the crib head boar d and screams. Whenever I get him up he has to gather up all his blankets with him too, and gets so frustrated when he can's carry them all, or trips on them and stag­ gers under them all (he has three he likes) He drags his blankets everywhere in the house and outside too. Even wants them up in the high chair with him when he eats. They are always all over the floor, and when I pick them up and throw them back in his crib he is quite distraught. He runs in and pulls them out through the bars, and screams if they are too bulky to go through. His favorite blanket is a turquoise blue one with animals on it, yellow yarn and yellow on the reverse side. When I was a Laurel advisor in Panorama City Ward - the Laurels and I made it at Big Bear as a service project for Kristen Kampenout - their former ad- viser, whom I replaced, who was having a baby. I ended up doing most of it, including the hem - and never gave it to her before she moved. All the hem has come out (where he's pulled it with his teeth and bitten the ends.) He never goes anywhere without his blanket or a truck. A Blanket and a Truck Right now he's sitting and lying in front of me on the living room floor with two blankets and a blue truck. Now he's walking in to see Kent and Chad, taking his favorite blanket and the blue truck with him. A few minutes ago he and Rachel were danc­ ing and singing on the fireplace hearth, and he was holding his blanket and a different truck. (He hums and sings, and babbles a lot when he's happy--which is often) He stands in front of the TV, or sits on the couch watching it with a blanket and a truck. He goes out to the car with us- drag­ ging his blanket and a truck. When I'm sewing he comes up to me, shoving his blanket on my lap and trying to crawl up onto it himself - clutching atruck or car. When you watch him and he knows it, he'll run around showing off, doing perverse things, like throwing things (the truck he's been holding) or sometimes alternating between hitting you (with a truck) or patting you (which he loves to do when he makes up to you). Earlier this morning he threw his truck at Kent and chipped his front tooth a little more. Animal Books Now he has just come in to me carrying a book - excitedly pointing and babbling about the pictures of children and stuffed toy animals - leaving his blanket and a truck on the couch. Books are his third love - next to his blanket and trucks. He always waves good-bye (opening and shut­ ting his fingers) whenever we leave somewhere. Last night at Highlands school after Family Pic­ tures he stopped, turned, and waved at Cheryl 6 Eric Lyons (the PFO member in charge) five or six times. He always steals hearts when he does that and some have said I could leave him if I wanted to (which I don't!) First Illness Sunday November 29, 1981 Suzanne's Journal Thanksgiving morning Eric woke up vomiting and with diarrhea, so Iwent out and got him some Gatoraid, apple juice, soda crackers and Cheerios....and he stayed home with Daddy (who had a viral infection of the eyes while mommy Chad and Rachel went to Grandpa Brown's for Thanksgiving Dinner and to Grandpa Gardiners for a visit. Friday morning he seemed better, had Cheerios and milk for breakfast and a bottle of milk for nap time - but when I went in to check on him I smelled the familiar odor of diarrhea. He slept quite late during his nap. Today he seemed better but just now had another bout of diarrhea. We're going to try him on double-diluted Isomil tonight anyway instead of just juice, Gatoraid and jello water. Last year he had a bout of diarrhea about every week or so for two months - and he didn't get much to eat or drink then either. He's devoured a lot of Cheerios today. I think it was the first yogurt he had this morning - or else all the apple juice that set him off today. A 21 Month Old and Christmas December 25, 1982 Kent's Journal Eric got a train and a car and a talking telephone - when you pull the string it talks, and he giggles with excitement. January 24, 1982, Sunday, Suzanne's Journal Christmas morning Eric had the most delightful look of sheer joy and surprise when I opened the stocking gift that I put in bed with him the night before and he saw the little white friction police car. Under the Christmas tree he got a friction ac­ tion choo-choo, a talking phone, a Farmer in the Dell book, a Fisher Price helicopter, and jeep (from Grandma Great) some puzzles (Grandma Brown) a warm size 2-3 light blue sleeper (Grandma Gardiner) and two Tonka trucks - one from great Aunt Audrey, and another from his Blunk cousins. But after all the euphoria of Christmas had worn off- the only thing he really liked and wants are the brrrr's (trilled "r") cars... and not just any car - but whatever car has been lately a favorite of Chad's. Kent and I joke that Eric learns his entire value system from Chad. Eric really missed Kent when he went back to work after Christmas Holidays. Every morning the first thing he said was "Where's Da-hy? He really enjoyed following him around, cuddling up with him on the couch, working out in the garage with him (he especially likes the file drawer with long screws, nuts and bolts in it) and going places with him in the car. He's been gallivanting around with me lately in the car while Chad and Rachel are in school. He lost Chad's Fast lll's Bronco car at K-Mart during "dollar days" shopping spree. He' becoming quite the traveler. He gets really crushed when the other children shut him out and won't include him in play - he comes running to me screaming, pulling my fingers and saying "ma-no" which means - come open the bedroom door for him andlet him inwith the others. The older kids frequently play "Monster" with Eric being the monster - and run all over the house screaming and trying to get away from him. Eric screams, laughs and guns right alongwith them -just happy to be along with them. Sometimes he comes in to Kent and I "ahahn, ahahn..." fake whimpering for reassurance - but usually he screams when he wants something. I've been trying to teach him please and lately he's been saying "pweets" for crackers and milk and smiling so sweetly it is impossible to put him off. He also stamps his foot or does a little dance when he's anxious and excited with anticipation for something. He's been hanging onto his bottle more than ever and that is usually the source of his pleading and anxiety. He's not quite ready to give it up - but we have been filling it with water after his 2nd or 3rd bottle at night. His diapers are al­ ways soaking and his poor little bottom is chroni­ cally chaffed and red. 7 Ryan Full of the Raspberry He sure is full of the raspberry, lately he's been running around the living room, pulling the speaker covers off - the cushions off the couch, tip­ ping over the piano bench and dancing on it, writ­ ing onthe wall and record cabinet with crayon, etc. He's gotten his hand slapped too, and he always heads for his "nanny" after that. One day he threw oranges all over the family room. I ordered him to help pick them up and he ran giggling into my room and hid completely under his "nanny." Itwas hard not to laugh, but I still made him pick them up. Another thing he's started doing is putting his tongue between his lips and spitting defiantly when I make him do something he doesn't like (like get dressed when he's rather play, etc.) He loves to munch on carrot sticks these days. Sunday January 30, 1982 I've learned that the secret to Eric's good dis­ position is to keep feeding him all day long. His learning to ask nicely "me, me" (please) and most often times wants some nuts to snack on (he likes macadamia nuts and cashews) Today he stayed home from church with me (taking a nap) since I wasn't feeling well - and when he got up he asked "where's da-hy?" About 20 times - when I kept telling him he was at church, he fmally went to the couch and folded his arms and wanted to say prayers. I said a little prayer, and he shouted "Amen!" then tried to get my purse, grab my fmger and go out the front door - he wanted to go down to the church, too. When Daddy got home he took him with him on a walk back down to the church to get the car they left there. 2 Years 01d Sunday, March 14, 1982, Suzanne's Journal A few times lately I've heard the bedroom clock radio playing loudly and have come in to find Eric playing with it and dancing all over bed. Last Sunday Kent stayed home from church be­ cause he wasn't feeling well, so Ibrought the three children to church by myself. I had a lot to do get­ ting Chad and Rachel to class, finding out when Rachel's Primary talk was, etc. On my way back to the Nursery where I was going to help out I wondered where Ericwas. Iran out to the car and there he was, still sitting in the car seat, crying at the indignation of being left behind. Yesterday he went with me on a neighborhood Arthritis drive. Ibrought the stroller but he never stayed in it - running up to ring the door bells "na­ no" or up to the park to see the swings while I tried to call him back, unsuccessfully of course. Best Haircut Ever I gave him a haircut last night and he sat the best he's ever done (usually he screams bloody mur­ der), because I gave him the squirt bottle. He passed the time away fiendishly squirting Kent and I during the whole ordeal (Kent held his head still on some crucial cuts. I remember the first time I had to cut those gorgeous, bouncy, platinum locks - it was painful for me as well as him. He certainly is a dear. Sometimes we call him "Ericthe Monster", or "Ericthe Big Beric" because he's such an adorable pest. I told a neighbor of mine recently that about the only thing he was good for at this age was hugging and kissing. He is irresistible to kiss. I love to right between his cheek and ear. I wrote a creative writing piece about him for my COC Technical Writing Class. It's called "Little Big Guy," and hopefully is on file for him. May 8, 1983 Kent's Journal Eric went to the bathroom (B.M.) in the blue bathroom today for the first time in his life. He was very proud - he smiled and pointed at the toilet. Such a small thing in the life of a parent can be such a big thing. 8 Eric Without Mom and Dad June 1982, Suzanne's Journal Kent and I went on an overnighter to Santa Bar­ bara while Grandma Gardiner watched the children. Eric fussed just a little when we left- but was sure elated when we returned the next day. That night after all the kids and we were asleep we woke up to find all the lights in the house on (in­ cluding the outside lights) and Eric asleep in the hall across our doorway. Kent carried him back to bed with a bottle and turned out all the lights. Early the next morning we woke up to fmd the kid's bathroom light on and Eric again asleep across our doorway. I guess he was making sure he knew exactly where we were. When I told this to a friend (Bob Garcia) he said "Well, you know you have to watch out for these parents!" It was very touching to Kent and I. Euphoria or Rage? January 17, 1983, to February 10, 1983, Suzanne's Journal Eric is really growing up - he's a little bundle of raw emotions with great euphoria or tremendous rage. But he loves to follow Chad, Rachel and their friends around, just like one of the gang. And he always wants to play at "Chum's House" (Craig Mc Guire's house) or Bobby's house or Izzy's house (Craig's sister) and is heartbroken when he can't and the others can. I remember this Fall--the first time he began to recognize the dif­ ference between his baby talk and the correct way to say things. He always said "wee" (or French "oui") for yes, and we teased him, called him our "wee-wee boy", and repeat it after him. He'd gig­ gle and shrug his shoulders. One time he tried to say yes this summer and came out with "yease." I think he couldn't get the "s" at the end of the word. But big day this Fall when I asked him a question he took a big breath and said "yyess!" and was so proud of himself. I tried to get him to say "wee" but he wouldn"t - he kept saying "yess!" I confess to feeling wistful at his outgrowing that cute response. Then referring to "chum" (our nick­ name for the neighbor friend Craig M.) he said "not chum....Ccrraig!" He seems determined to grow up all at once. Itwas about this time that he began to pronounce Rachel's name. Rachel taught him, I think partly because she was upset because it seemed he never called her by name. Some of the others in the family thought he called her "Dee." I wondered ifhe called her "Cha-" just like Chad since both names have "ch" in - but whenever I would try to get him to say her name specifically he would just shrug his shoulders and look puzzled - as if the ability to articulate or pronounce her full name was inconceivable to him. But now he calls her "Ra-cho", and for awhile - "Ra-cho my bu-ddy." Most Affectionate Child He is the most affectionate of all the children. Still attached to his nanny, he frequently comes up and shares it with me or Kent when we are lying on the couch or floor watching T.V., then he curls up beside us and kisses us. Pregnant with Ryan Being pregnant, woozy, and frequently lying on the couch just to rest, he'll come up to me and ask me if I'm sick. Then he says, "That's too bad! I sick, too." Then he'll squirm around beside me on the couch with his nanny so much (trying to get comfortable) that I fmd it quite impossible to rest at all. He calls us "my buddy", but when his nose is out of joint or his being teased he says "You not my buddy, daddy my buddy" (or "mommy my buddy if it's with Kent) And when he's smothered with kisses, which is often, he wipes them off and says "I HATE kisses." Raw Enthusiasm When he prays - it's always the same prayer - "Daddy get home, mommy get home, I get home, Cha-get home, Racho get home...(repeated in various orders)...AMEN! He prays that we'll all 9 Ryan get home safely - which I guess is the most impor­ tant thing to pray for. He "HATES KWIET TIME " (quiet time) which I impose upon him occasionally when he is espe­ cially cranky (or I am) and he gets up very early with Kent. He pleads through tears, not very con­ vincingly, "I not tired, I HAPPY!" and sometimes falls asleep on the floor in his room curled in aball on top of his nannys, whimpering to himself "Ihate kwiet time,....Ihate kwiet time..." He loves his Rainbow Primary Class - the older nursery class. As soon as we walk into church he starts talking about it - wanting to go in right away, and after Sacrament Meeting (which is first) he grabs my hand and literally drags me out of the chapel to his class. He has 2 wonderful teachers - Alice Barnard and Pam Cresap and thoroughly enjoys the interaction with the other children, the toys, the crafts, the snack, everything! He's become quite fond of his "gran-mas" He calls both his grandpa and grandma "gran-ma" much to the delight of his Grandma Brown, who's been called a "grandpa" more than once. He's dis­ covered their picture, likes to point to them and carry the small one of Grandma and Grandpa Brown around with him, kiss it, and take it and his small picture of himself (on my dresser) to bed with him, or set them up while he's playing. He says "grandma my buddy" and talks about going to their house and all the things he's imagined that they've given to him. He does remember that they gave him a truck at Christmas. Cowboy Boots He found and wore some old cowboy boots at the Gardiners one day - so Kent dug up some old cowboy boots of Chad for Eric. He was ecstatic! He is always trying to get me to wear my boots to be like him, and is excited whenever he sees anyone wearing boots. At Christmas time he was real excited whenever he saw "canna claus." He wears them constantly - even to bed sometimes and insists on putting them on "by myself! -" All he wanted for Christmas was a gun - sowe got him 2 cowboy guns and a holster. Kent fixed the holster tighter to fit him - and the guns were rare­ ly out of his hands for weeks - he even wanted to take them to church with him (we wouldn't let him but they did end up in the diaper bag more then once. I told him he could only shoot monsters (rarrrr") and bad guys with them - but not people. He frequently reassures me that he won't shoot me, and has started referring to himself as a "pe po" rather than a cowboy (which he was for awhile). Now when his daddy asks him affec­ tionately "Are you my boy?" He says "no, I a pe­ po." And once when I was making something for some"other people" he insisted "but I ape-po too!" Not a Baby Any More He insists he's not a baby anymore - partly be­ cause he wants so badly to be one of the gang with the older kids and partly because he's seen me baby sit babies and knows he can do a lot more than they do. He says "Baby go goo-goo-ga-ga" and pretends to cry. He calls one of Rachel's dolls his "baby" (her $17 Xmas present in 1981) and drags it around with him out in the sandbox oc­ casionally or plays "house" with Rachel and her friends or takes it to bed with him. But he's not quite ready to give up his baby ways yet, either. Getting him off the bottle was a traumatic step - he was so attached to it and occasionally still asks for it although it'sbeen four to six months since we quit giving it to him He likes to eat all the time with a "babee 'poon" (baby spoon) and has resisted all efforts to potty train him. He says he'll fall in the toilet - and one time after a bath with Rachel became quite upset and worried as the water drained out. He yelled at her to get out of the bathtub and rushed over to push down the plug. Rachel laughed, hugged him and thanked him for "saving her."....But Eric's baby ways are about to end. Kent brought him a new potty chair this week (to Eric's delight), toilet Training is next week. With this pregnancy - it makes me nauseated to change him - especially when he's been eating ap­ ples -skin and all - it increases the number, runni­ ness and smell of his movements. So I've been hiding all the apples and confiscating the ones he finds and pealing them for him as fast as I can. He 10 Eric loves apples, sometimes eating 2 or three in a sit­ ting. For the last month or so, whenever we ask him to do something he says "I can't,...!sick" or " tummy hurts" or "my back hurts" ever since the time I had the flu and Kent's back muscles locked up over Christmas vacation plus my morning sick­ ness. Sometimes he'll come up to me and say sym­ pathetically "Mommy, you sick? I sick too " then run off to play with the others. Unfortunately, he's learned that sickness is a way to get out of work, although we don't let him get away with it. Freezing Toes At Big Bear We went up to Big Bear with our Blunk cousins in January.. He loved playing in the snow - until he got cold. He was always bringing his mittens to me to put over his fingers (no easy task) Saturday we took the kids to a hill to go down inner tubes and sleds. Itwas drizzling rain and a big wet hill. Eric didn't want towear shoes and galoshes - he wanted to wear his cowboy boots and called to everyone to let them know he had his boots on. I pushed and pulled him up the steep hill and when we got to the top he began to cry for his shoes - he took off his boots and his soaking socks and tramped barefoot in the snowy slush and screamed because his feet were cold. His toes were red and raw with chunks of snow sticking to them and I could not convince him to put my gloves over them or his boats back on until we got back to the car. I ex­ perienced momentary empathetic panic with my pioneer sisters trekking across the snow with their little ones. I called to nt for help (I knew it would be hard to carry hi months pregnant that long ways down) but he d n't hear me - he was busy with Chad and an inn r tube. So I cradled him, still screaming in my arms, and picked, scooched, slid (sometimes on my rear) and fell down the hill. Eric yelled frantically "don't fall, mommy." At the bottom I was met by Kent who carried him the rest of the way to the car, took off his clothes, and dried and warmed him up. Sun­ day we made a snowman before leaving and he kissed and punched it and sang "Frosty the Snow­ man." He delights in being one of the gang with Chad and Rachel and is crushed when Rachel shuts him out of her bedroom and or he can't go off with Chad to a friend's house. Chad's teacher at school saw him and exclaimed that he looked just like a miniature version of chad. I tell everyone he's full of the raspberry - he has such a zest and en­ thusiasm for life. He is part puppy and all adorable. Since Rachel's birthday he has been talking quite excitedly about "my birthday" and we put 1candle on a cupcake at her party for him to blow out. He chose some Juicy Fruit candy to give her as a present - then had a hard time relinquishing it. He keeps saying "my birthday tomorrow" or "my birthday Sunday" (I think he's confusing Sunday with someday) We've been giving the children an allowance each week. Eric keeps asking me to tell daddy to give him some money. He doesn't like to keep it in his "bank" - he likes to carry it around in his pocket to "ride the train" (at K-Mart) for $.25. He loves to find loose change on the floor and pock­ et it too. Aaron - My Best Friend He has a little buddy - Aaron Blair. His mother and I trade off babysitting . At Christmas time I had each of the children give their friends little framed pictures of themselves - including Eric who gave one to Aaron. He clutched that picture of himself around for days, kept fiddling with the wrapper and taking it out - had a hard time giving it to Aaron. But Aaron was ecstatic and hugged the picture and ran around with it. At Valentine's I let Eric make some Valentines and put some candy in it. He made one for me, one for Aaron, and two for himself. I tried to talk him into giving up one of his to another little friend but he didn't want to. I gave him a "peek a boo" Panda bear valentine from Daddy and I. He always wants to go to "Heaber's" house (Heather is Aaron's sister - Rachel's age) but lately he and Aaron have been going at each other tooth and nail - At our house 11 Ryan it's Eric pouncing on Aaron - and Debbie Blair confessed that at her house it was her son Aaron beating on Eric. Last Sunday's R.S. Mother Education lesson was on stages of growth, and under Toddler (2-3 year old) it said "very en­ thusiastic, angry when frustrated, temper tantrums, uncooperative in play..." etc. And I thought "Boy, Eric, are you ever a text book case." The last time Aaron was here I separated them every 2-5minutes. I tried spanking, time outs, gentle reasoning - time outs worked best but were tough on me since Ihad to carry a struggling, kick­ ing, arching, screaming, unwilling participant all the way to his room. He and Aaron both were black and blue before the day was over. But yesterday he was t alking about playing at "Heaber's house again and he said "I be nice to Aaron...Iwon't hit Aaron any more." We'll see about that. Working Guys He can't pass a big truck or dirt machine (cater­ pillar, etc) without screaming wildly "I want that! I want that for my birthday!" I think he'd honestly be ecstatic if he could have a real one all to him­ self Eric Gets Trained March 15, 1983 Suzanne's Journal On Feb 18, 1983 I officially potty-trained Eric. I was tired of changing him and it made me sick to do so being pregnant. So I checked the book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day out of the library. The night before I planned to train him I had a nightmare about Eric. It scared me so I woke up, checked on the kids and said a little prayer - it came to me quite clearly that it was based on my psychological fears of letting him grow up - I was mourning the "death" (figurative­ ly speaking) of his babyhood - and I remember doing the same thing with Rachel when I was preg­ nant with Eric. Eric has been such an adorable baby - it is hard for me to give up his babyhood. I went ahead with the training a day later....farmed Rachel out to Angela's, went shopping with Eric for goodies- (which he clutched eagerly in his hands at the store), got all the things out. He wanted the candy so bad he went right into the potty even before the training began! Then the problems began when I wanted him to wear the training underpants. He didn't want to - he wanted to wear regular pants. We had a big scene - Eric screaming and kicking -me smiling through gritted teeth, silently praying, and firmly trying to move him in the way I wanted him to go (all the while resisting a strong urge to spank him and end the training) We finally compromised with regular shorts, no underpants, and left his cowboy boots on. We successfully potty trained a little dolly 3 times in the potty (Eric doing the actions, me tell­ ing him what to do), and he had one more near - success himself. I say "near", because he started to miss while playing, caught himself, and ran to the potty. I plied him with juice, crackers, cookies and candy (which I enjoyed myself too), then we called Grandma Gardiner and Grandpa Brown so that they could both congratulate him on his being a big boy. Eric giggled happily on the phone to them. Then he saw 2 neighbor children, Aaron and Lizzy out front, and ran out to brag to them and wet his pants while talking to them. I think he did it on purpose to seewhat would happen. I had him "practice running to the potty 10 times, and change himself, then we went to pick up Rachel from dance lessons. When we got back and he was outside playing with Chad, Craig and Chris, I put his potty chair outside and had him point to where he would go peewee so he could keep his pants dry. He pointed, but wouldn't go. It had been over and hour since he'd gone, and sure enough - a few minutes later he came in sopping wet from his waist down, legs astraddle, whimpering about having to go practice. But when I tried to have him practice he cried, went limp, and arched his back - he just wanted to change his pants. Again I was ready to give up - but then he did fine the rest of the evening until dinner - was even able to show his daddy what abig boy he was. He had one more accident during dinner - but kept his pants dry all night. The next morning he was so pleased with himself he hugged his nanny and rolled around on the floor like a pill bug - grinning and giggling ecstatically. We brought his potty to church with us and told his Primary Class what a big boy he 12 Eric was. He ducked his head but beamed with pride. 3 Years 01d Now he does real well - we take his potty everywhere and have been able to convince him to wear underpants. He has a few relapses - but proudly tells everyone "I go peewee in the potty", shrugs, grins his million-dollar heart-breaking smile, and giggles. Feb. 23, 1983, Kent's Journal Last Friday Suzanne trained Eric. He has only had three mistakes over the weekend. The first day he did poo poo all over the side walk. He is really proud of being so grown up. He loves being one of the group. Saturday, March 12, 1983 We took the kids shopping for shoes. Eric just wanted some cowboy boots. We finally found some a size bigger than he needed at K Mart and got them for him (his old hand-me-down pair from Chad had worn away and the plastic tops were chipping off) we also got him some blue tennis shoes like Chad. He loves both of them ....wore his new cowboy boots to bed the first night, and his new blue tennis shoes to church the next day. "When is the baby coming?" He keeps asking me how my baby is, where is it, etc. He says he has a baby, too. He asks me if I want to feel his baby in his tummy, then asks if he can feel my baby too. He asks ifmy baby is sleep­ ing and I say "uh, huhn." Then I pretend like I'm the baby talking saying I love Eric and I want to play with him. He giggles -happily. One time when he wanted me to play trucks with him I put the truck on my tummy and said that the baby wanted to play with him. He really laughed - he thought that was real funny. He also keeps saying that he wants the baby to come out of my tummy now. One time he gave my tummy a kiss for the baby. Sunday March 27, 1983 Friday I took Eric shopping and we bought some jelly beans for his birthday cakes. He was really excited about it - Saturday morning he opened up some presents - A red rubber ball (daddy) a Sesame Street exercise cassette (Reese cousins) and some money from Aunt Karen and Uncle Mark and Grandma and Grandpa Gardiner. In the afternoon he helped me make a white birthday cake with blue frosting. We put green coconut, lit­ tle decorator candies and jelly beans on top. And 3candles. Then we got in the car to go to Grandpa Browns but stopped at K Mart first so Eric could spend his birthday money. He bought a red Buddy tow truck and some caps. He wanted 2. And told me he wanted lots of giant trucks from Grandpa Brown. Then we went out to the Browns of ajoint birthday party with Grandpa Brown. He couldn't wait to open his presents. He got $1from Aunt Judy, Uncle Mike, an identical red Buddy tow truck (like he chose from K Mart earlier from Aunt Barbara, Uncle Charlie, and some stackable atom-like stars from Grandma and Grandpa. He enjoyed eating the candy off the cake and blew out the candles on it before we even finished the song. He was real cute and had a lot of fun....Sunday morning he helped decorate some cupcakes (with more jelly beans) for his rainbow class. We sat in front of his teacher (Sister Cresap) whom he said was "pretty" in her dress. He passed out the cup­ cakes to his classmates and raced around the class with enthusiasm and delight. Playing Sunday April 10, 1983, Suzanne's Journal Last weekend, Eric went shopping with Mommy to buy some Easter goodies for the family. He picked out a cowboy had filled with candy for him­ self. He was so excited about that cowboy hat he told everyone about it and couldn't wait for Easter. He wanted it to be NOW, and fell asleep on the floor in Mommy's room before lunch - wait­ ing to get it. 13 Ryan He really likes Lizzy's shovel, so he went with daddy to the store yesterday to buy himself a big plastic shovel with his own money, but there weren't any at the store. So he bought a green "truck" (dirt scooper) that he almost bought for himself on his birthday. He really likes his "tucks." A couple of days after Easter, Eric's straw cow­ boy hat shredded a little in a fracas with Rachel over where to sit while watching T.V in the morn­ ing. He cried but finished it off and threw it away, saying he had to get a new hat now. Overcoming The Urge to Hit Sunday April 17, 1983 Eric was banished from Lizzy's house Thursday morning for awhile for hitting Lizzy with his fist. He came home, sulked, ate some food, curled up in his nanny on the floor, and went to sleep. When he woke up he wanted to have Rachel come home with his "tuck" that he left at Mc Guire's and bring Lizzy too so he could hug and kiss her. He said he liked a lot of hugs and kisses. So that's what hap­ pened, and he was a model friend the rest of the afternoon. Just now Daddy gave me a loving, and Eric ran between us, wrapped himself around my leg and said (shouted) "Not your mommy, my mommy! and began kissing my hand. He sure is an adorable little pest. June 1983, Kent's Journal Eric went to Disneyland with the Browns and us. Itwas crowded. Inthe summer they have as many at 65,000 and on a small day they may have asmany as 6 or 7 thousand. Eric the Angel January 27, 1985 Suzanne's Journal Last December 18, 1984 Eric's Joy School group visited Newhall Nursing Home and presented a Nativity play. Eric had come with me a few days earlier to "preview" the place, so he was quite ex­ cited about it. He was an "angel" and a wise man - and a very enthusiastic wise man/angel he was! He put real zest into his part. Afterwards he zipped in and out of the wheel chairs and passed out his homemade Christmas cards to all the old folk while the other kids just timidly hung onto our hands, overwhelmed by the "circumstances" of the decrepit old people. Some of the old folk were grouchy and withdrawn and didn't want a card, but did that stop Eric? No way! They got a card whether they wanted one or not. Thursday eve­ ning the 20th of December we put on the same production for our dads and older brothers and sisters and charged them food for a needy family. Mom was the stage manager and director, and Eric the angel and wise man again. He was the most confident and sure of himself. Afterwards we caravaned down Bouquet Canyon to a needy Mexican family that we found out about from the County Community Services. The kids carried some of the goodies and shouted "Ho, Ho, HO!" and we Christmas caroled and left over 3 apple boxes full of food to the amazed couple who rented one room of a shack. The woman, named Marcie and who had a 7 month old baby boy, said "Marcie?....Total?!?" circling her finger to indi­ cate all of the goodies. She couldn't believe that it was all for her. The Real Eric Gardiner On Jan 6, 1985 Mom interviewed Eric: Favorite food - hamburger and french fries gift - knight rider, Gobot, notepad Improved in: not spitting when talking Friends: Aaron Blair Go -Do: Circus Dislike: school--not enough play time at Fun for 4's Me help: Spank Rachel when she hurts him, un­ fair for him to get spanked for hurting and not her On March 3, 1985 Mom again interviewed Eric Food: pure white rice, applesauce, milk Gift: #1Knight Rider Gobot car, pop-up Gobot, Big foot truck, water Deamon (4x4 stomper) sound wave, shock wave, etc. 14 Eric Party this Month: Games- Hide and go Seek Open presents Play with Presents Cake and Ice cream Play until all go home Improved goal: Snapping better with left hand Friend: Robert Hilton Go: Circus and Beach School: wishes there was no school- everyday Saturday and that Iwould teach funfor 4'sand Joy school and no one else Unhappy: Kelly doesn't play with him Girlfriend: Uncle Jeff Gardiners friend that he brought t o Mark and Kar en's Gardiner Christmas party 5 Years 01d Sunday March 24, 1985 Suzanne's Journal We are in the van on our way to Grandma and Grandpa Brown's t o celebrate Eric and Grandpa's joint birthday. Eric has brought his backpack full of treasures. At night he got to bed with it, his knight rider hot wheels, and a Book of Mormon, all in the same bed, there is barely enough room for him. He says the Book of Mor­ mon is the most valuable book in the whole world. He found this old copy of mine and asked if he could have it. Then he sat down and announced he was going to "read" it. After a few minutes, he disapointedly said he couldn't read it so he was just going to look at the pictures. (Eric and friends Adam and Robert Hilton, holding Gobots and thinking about something (Dinobots) robot dinosaurs). Now he carries the Book of Mormon in his backpack that he confiscated from Chad and carries it with him everywhere. He always says that he'll grow up to be a missionary and a teacher like his dad. Lately Eric's been asking me all kinds of ques­ tions about nature - like "how do we get thunder?" "What makes lightening?" etc I told him he should grow up and be a scientist. he said no, he was going to be a teacher, so I suggested he be a science teacher. "Can you do that? he asked, his eyes real big. Lately he's been enjoying "Mr. Rogers" and "Matinee at the Bijou" (a show of 40's movie house re-runs) He says he wants to go to Los Angeles to see Mr. Rogers and all the things on Matinee at the Bijou. Los Angeles and New York are these vague nebulous places that contain wonderful things that can not be found where we live. Eric is a neat kid. I know that he will grow up "right." 5 Years 01d Many Friends Kent's Journal In March of 1985 Eric turned five years old. We had a birthday party at our house. Chad and Rachel helped run it. Among the guests were Natalie Bolinger, Brandon Bolinger Jeff Pfahler, Kelly White, Lizzy McGuire, Aaron Cox from next door, Richard Rees, Danae R odella, Jeff Shirlman,and Adam Hilton and Aaron Blair. Eric wanted to play duck-duck-goose, we had aballoon popping relay, and opened presents and had des­ sert. Eric's Journal: Favorites (as of April 20, 1985) Color: blue and white Toy: Knight rider hot wheels "kit" Friend: Robert Hilton Food: Pizza Activity: Play with Robert Hilton and Adam Hil­ ton Wish: All the dentists, t oothpaste and toothbrushes Hates: when Adam acts dumb, when friends can't play Need: love, food, faith, that's it. proud of: that he's a kid, that "I'm me" Would like to do: go to the beach Bothering Him: Adam Hilton pushes him around 15 Ryan Special about Eric: "Good ideas about where to go, what to do - likes go to the harbor and the beach, friendly Good worker, likes to do things Kent Journal, November 1985 Our family took a trip to the Harbor. I have been teaching about the Harbor at school and thought that the family would enjoy seeing the sights. Eric did. He saw the light house, fishing boats, and the fire boat. He was able to sit in the fire engine which he enjoyed. 6 Years 01d Kent's Journal March, 1986 When Ashley was five weeks old Eric got the chicken pox. We were concerned that Ashley might get them too. But she didn't as newborns are somewhat protected by their mothers milk. Strange as it may seem the Hiltons got the chick­ en pox at the same time. At Eric's birthday party all showed the results of the dreaded spots. Eric is now six years old. He continues with the same group of friends and we had another party for him. Eric is interested in G.I Joe, muscles and GoBots. 7 Years Old Eric's Journal June 28, 1987 Eric says that he doesn't like interviews. And he has told me a hundred times. A week ago his tooth was not that loose. My dad said we'll have to take you to the dentist. A few nights after that, I pulled my tooth. I got some of the greatest ice creams in the world. That's what his parents told him. There is nothing that exciting this week. Next week out to dinner and to a movie. It is actually this Monday. Our cousins Adam and Lachelle came over on Wednesday. My dad and my brother went over to Catalina. We had a bad time cleaning the house. Bye. Catching His First Fish Eric's Journal Entry, August 2, 1987 We went camping and the best thing was when we went fishing, cause I like to fish, and I caught two fish and almost caught a humongous fish. Grandma died when we were camping. We went to her funeralwhen we got back. My great grandpa died too. I started second grade. I love school on Fridays because that's the time we get a break from so much work. All the rest of the days we have tons and tons of work. Too much for me to finish, and I never get any free time for games. My teacher's name is Mrs. Bigelow, and I think she is really mean. Eric's Journal Entry, August 16, 1987 Miss Bigelow is the name of my teacher at school. We have been having a lot of tests at school. I am doing very good on the tests. We haven't started P.E. yet. We have a lot of books in the classroom. The thing I am best at is math. My teachers thing that she likes most is Science. Robert slept over last night. He couldn't get any sleep. I told him to take off his clothes and sleep in his underwear but he didn't want to. Then a lit­ tle bit later I told him to sleep in his shorts but he didn't want to. Later I asked him the same ques­ tions, then he said yes. We built a fort out of clothes, wood and milk crates that were ready to go to Mexico. Itwas fun. Cool Dudes Eric's Journal Entry, August 23, 1987 School has been good this year. I got a cold this week. My nose was clogged. Here are my friends, Scott - he has a flat top, he wears high tops, he wears high tops almost all the time. Adam-he has a flat top, he is a cool dude. He is my best friend. Robert-he has a flat top, he is a cool dude, he is my second best friend, and my third best friend is 16 Eric Aaron who is a cool dude. This year I would like to make friends with Scott. Fishing, Hiking and Swimming Kent's Journal Summer 1987 This was a great summer for our family. We did a lot of fishing hiking, swimming and just general­ ly had a great time. We went camping in Mam­ moth again and Eric had a great time. When we would go fishing he would come right along and want to do everything that Chad and Rachel wanted to do. We found a place where there were a lot of fish but they just wouldn't bite. We tried for a long time and finally I caught one with a stick because the other kids were using the poles. Then Chad caught one and Rachel. I really wanted Eric to be a part of all of this but he finally gave up. As we were leaving a friendly family with a man who knew how to fish asked us how it went and we told him. He said, well Eric come over here and give it a go. Eric did and in a few minutes he had one but it slipped off just as he got it out of the water. Then he caught two. Boy was he excited about that. We took his picture and were all thrilled at the great fishing experience we had. Eric Journal,September 6, 1987 We went boogie boarding. It was very neat. I really like Santa Monica Beach, because it has the neatest waves and I liked the sand. I came home from soccer practice and I was riding my brothers scooter and I was doing bunny hops. I fell and I chipped my tooth and I hit my chin and I scraped up my chest. The Great Goalie Kent's Journal, September, 1987 Eric's soccer team didn't get a coach, and I would like to coach in it except, I am coaching Chad's team which will be fun. Eric played goalie a lot which he was very good at. He would run out, fearlessly and grab the ball from the opposing team and then give it a really good kick down the sidelines. He wasn't as aggressive in shooting goals and because he was one of the oldest players on the team he is a lot larger than the other players. One night he went to practice and we were in­ volved in real estate problems and picking up other children and we completely forgot to pick him up. Finally when it was becoming dark, up pulls a large truck with Eric in it. He gets out. Chad's scooter is nearby and he begins to ride it in the street as we are explaining to the coach why we forgot to pick him up. As we are talking sud­ denly Eric takes a real fall from the scooter flat on his face. He comes up, upset, bleeding and with a chipped tooth. This is very upsetting to me, and to Eric. Earlier in the year we discovered that he has holes in his enamel and that brushing and caring for his teeth are very important, and now this. As we take him in and clean him up I try to think of how this can be avoided. In December this year Erichas his two front teeth bonded to help protect them and to make them look uniform. They turned out very nice, indeed. Eric's Thanksgiving Journal, 1987: Tuesday we didn't need to bring a lunch to school because we had one in my classroom. We had Pilgrim stew, popcorn, pumpkin cupcakes, and friendship salad. We cooked all morning. Thursday we had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Wooten Cousins new house. My Grandpa gave me $10.00 for an early birthday present. He wears high tops almost all the time. Adam-he has a flat top, he is a cool dude. He is my best friend. Robert-he has a flat top, he is a cool dude, he is my second best friend, and my third best friend is. Aaron-is a cool dude. This year I would like to make friends with Scott. Thanksgiving and Cousins Eric's Journal, the day after Thanksgiving Eric Gardiner, Grade 2, Room 21, Mrs. Bigelow On Friday, I got up very early and went fishing with my dad and Chad and this other boy. We caught some fish but they were not large enough. On Saturday we went to my Grandpa Brown's house and saw all 17 of my Brown cousins and 9 aunts and uncles. My favorite cousin is Nate Goodman. We made a rad fort out of logs with a 17 Ryan roof and a hidden door. We ate dinner there. And that's all I can say. The End. Excerpt from Family Christmas Card, Decem­ ber 1987 Eric, far right, is seven. He is the dapper dresser in the family. He is partial to black and white cloth, suspenders, rolled up pants and T & C shirts. He plays soccer, is learning to read and en­ joys taking apart anything. We now have a rule that he has to ask first. He is a good drawer a good friend and a good tickler. Eric's Journal Entry, December 1987: To Mrs. Callowhill, P. E. Teacher: On Christmas Eve I am going to my Grandpa Brown's for dinner and a program. We will open presents and I will play with my cousins and my uncle David. On Christmas Day I will get lots of presents and have lots of candy and I will play with my presents and my friends. The day after Christmas, I will go to my Uncle Mark Gardiner and see my Gardiner cousins for a Christmas party. During the Vacation time my dad is going to take me fishing very early in the morning off the Pier at Marina Del Rey. I am also going to have my chipped tooth fixed by Dr. Schweitzer, who will also fill in some holes in the enamel. I might go on a five mile hike with my brother's scout patrol up the Pacific Coast. Hit In The Head With a Bat Kent's Journal, December 1987 Before Christmas the Hiltons gave a party and of course Eric was invited. I had a feeling about the Pinata, however I couldn't put my finger on it. The kids went down by themselves because we were busy. Later in the evening I heard the whole story. They had the pinata. Robert had been the one swinging the bat and blindfolded he swung and hit it. One or two pieces of candy fell to the floor, Eric dove for them, and at the same instant Robert took his other swing, hitting Eric square in the head. We had a long talk and decided that a family rule would be wait till the person takes off the blind fold before you get candy or your candy will be taken away from you. It is very upsetting as a parent when these things happen. Physically Eric is a handsome young man, with good skills and a lot of energy for life. I'd hate to see him hurt in any way because he wasn't thinking. Christmas 1987 and Balls For Christmas Eric said he wanted a red rubber ball and a soccer ball and a tether ball. Then one night before Christmas he confided to me that he really wanted a basketball hoop up at our house, possibly in the back yard so he could shoot bas­ kets. When I heard that, suddenly it really made sense. He could shoot baskets, get his extra ener­ gy out and increase his sports abilities and the other children would enjoy shooting baskets too. A few days before, Suzanne's dad had called and said that he would give us $50 to buy a family present for the children. I talked to Suzanne and we decided that it would be abasketball hoop, and a ball, thanks to Eric's good thinking. That very night we went out looking at Target, Big Five and the Sports Challe. It looked a little more expen­ sive, so we thought we would wait till after Christmas. A few days after Christmas we went to a friend of mine's house and he gave us a board. I put it up and Eric has really enjoyed shooting at the 9 foot basket, dribbling and having a good time. I have to remind him to slow down on the court as he runs pell mell and I'm afraid that he might hurt himself. The other children enjoy it too. He also got his tether ball, however it has rained to much this year that it has had to be put out of bounds for a long time now because they are kill­ ing the grass under the pole. These are good out­ lets for Eric. Learning to Relax and Enjoy Life Kent's Journal, Jan 12, 1988 Another year has passed for Eric. He has changed in many ways. He no longer likes to do work, and help out. When asked to help he has ex­ cuses or says "it isn't my job." or "it is too hard, I 18 Eric can't" and then begins yelling. We are trying to get himback to his good work habits. He seems to be under pressure and needs to relax and not be such a perfectionist. When he does read, draw, write or help he does a nice job. He really enjoys his friends, Robert and Adam Hilton, Luke Miller and Aaron Blair. Recently the boys went up in the hills and after about an hour they fame back early. " Dad, there was a wolf up there. )We thought we saw it. We heard it and then we saw it's hole. We got right out of there. They later took Rachel up to see their find. Suzanne has been reading the Sea Egg, The Treasure of Green Knoll, and The Castle of Yew, all by Lucy M Boston. He has really enjoyed lis­ tening to the stories. She has also listened to Eric read which has increased his confidence and ability to read. He now can read the Book of Mor­ mon in our morning scripture study quite comfor­ tably with just a few helps. Eric has always tried to keep up with the other children because he is such a competitor. We are trying to help him to do his best and yet relax a little and enjoy life. He is constantly on the go. 19 Ryan [)ra\Af toys on these s . elves in the toy.dtOf '*- ;rhe; · (tea --- 7 - -- -- - . r l c@f (h EJun28 Eric says that he doesn't like interviews. And he has told me a hundred times. A week ago his tooth was not that loose . to take you to the dentist. A few nights tooth. I got some of the greatest ice My dad said we 'll have after that, I pulled my creams in the world. That's what his parents told him. There is this week. Next week out to dinner and to a movie. Monday. nothing that exciting It is actually this Our cousins Adam and Lachelle came over on Wednesday. My dad and my brother went over to Catalina. We had a bad time cleaning the house. Bye. E2aug87 We went camping and the best thing was when we went fishing, cause I like to fish, and I caught two fish and almost caught a humongous fish. Grandma died when we were camping. We went to her funeral when we got back. My great grandpa died too. I started second grade . I love school on Fridays because that's the time we get a break from so much work. All the rest of the days we have tons and tons of work. Too much for me to finish, and I never get any free time for games. My teacher's name is Mrs. Bigelow, and I think she is really mean. Er ic Gard iner July 13, 1987 Er ic is playing a game of Bupk is. It is a game using six d ie. You try to score points and get up to 5,000 points. It is a lot of fun. G =100 points •,,.•, =50 points roll (one roll) 1st roll a total of 500 or more to get on the scoreboard each turn thereafter you must get at least 350 if do not get socre on any one roll= BUPKIS, YOU LOSE SCORE I couldn't get any sleep because all the lights were on last night. I had to turn all the lights off. They were on because they were on. Dave got a sheet and put it over him and went outside and pretended he was a burglar. And um, he tapped on the window and at f irst we thought it was a burglar, then dad, then Dave when we saw his pants. And good bye folks. We went swimming at my cousins house, the Gard iner's, we came down do my Grandfather' s and Grandmother' s house because my Grandma is very i ll. She has bone cancer. We came to visit her. that's all. During a prayer this week Eric said" bless Grandma, that she wi ll have a fun time in the spir it wor ld." Er ic Gardiner Er ic Gard iner July 13, 1987 Er ic is playing a game of Bupk is. It is a game using six d ie. You try to score points and get up to 5,000 points. It is a lot of fun. =100 points =50 points = 1.000 points = 100 times face value (three of a k ind on one roll =any three pair equals 750 points (one roll) =a straight equals 1500 points (one roll) = any six of a k ind makes you the grand winner. (one roll) 1st roll a total of 500 or more to get on the scoreboard each turn thereafter you must get at least 350 if do noit get socre on any one roll= BUPKIS, YOU LOSE SCORE I couldn't get any sleep because all the lights were on last night. I had to turn all the lights off. They were on because they were on. Dave got a sheet and put it over him and went outside and pretended he was a burglar. And um, he tapped on the window and at first we thought it was a burglar, then dad, then Dave when we saw his pants. And good bye folks. We went swimming at my cousins house, the Gard iner's, we came down do my Grandfather' s and Grandmother' s house becau5e my Grandma is very i ll. She has bone cancer. We came to visit her. that's all. Dur ing a prayer this week Er ic said" bless Grandma, that she will have a fun time in the spir it world." Er ic Gardiner Er ic Gardiner July 13, 1987 Eric ls playing a game of bupk is. It is a game using six d ie. You try to score points and .get up to 5,000 points. It is a lot of fun. =100 points =50 poi nts = 1.000 points roll = 100 times face value (three of a k ind on one points (one roll ) =any three pair equals 750 points (one roll =a straight equals 1500 the grand winner. (one roll ) = any six of a kind makes you 1st roll a total of 500 or more to get on the scoreboard each turn thereafter you must get at least 350 if do noit get socre on any one roll= BUPKIS, YOU LOSE SCORE I couldn't get any Bleep becauoe all the 11ght5 were on last night. I had to turn all the lights off. They were on because they were on. Dave got a sheet and put it over him and went outside and pretended he was a burglar. And um, he tapped on the window and at first we thought it was a burglar, then dad, then Dave when we saw his pants. And good bye folks. We went swimming at my cousins house, the Gard iner's, we came down do my Grandfather' s and Grandmother' s house because my Grandma is very 111. She has bone cancer. We came to visit her. that's all. Dur ing a pra,yer this week Eric said" bless Grandma, that she will have a fun time in the spirit world. " Eric Gardinedr E16Aug87 Mi ss Bi gel ow i s the name of my teacher at school. We have been havi ng a l ot of tests at school . I am doing very good on the tests. We haven 't started P.E. yet. We have a l ot of books i n the cl assroom. The thi ng I am best at i s math. My teachers thi ng that she l i kes most i s Sci ence. Robert slept over l ast ni ght. He coul dn't get any sleep. I tol d hi m to take off hi s cl othes and sleep i n hi s underwear but he d i dn't want to" Then a l i ttl e bi t l ater I tol d hi m to sl eep i n hi s shorts but he di dn't want to. Later I asked hi m the same questi ons, then he sai d yes. We bui l t a fort out of cl othes, wood and mi l k crates that were ready to go to Mex i co. It was fun. Eri c 8 23 87 School has been good thi s year. was cl ogged. I got a col d thi s week. My nose Here are my fri ends, Scott-he has a f l at top , he wears hi gh tops, he wears hi gh tops al most al l the ti me . Adam-he has a f l at top , he i s a cool dude. He i s my best fri end. Robert-he has a f l at top , he i s a cool dude, he i s my second best fri end , and my thi rd best friend i s Aaron-i s a cool dude. Thi s year I woul d l i ke to make fi ends wi th Scott. ' t.