Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hi, Kinclaven is pronounced with a long a.

 1.  27 Jul 1849       Margaret, daughter to Robert Stewart and Elizabeth Stewart, his spouse, Kirkton of Kinclaven, was born on the twenty seventh day of July and baptized the ...of Aug Eighteen hundred & forty nine (Kinclaven Parish Register, FHL102742).
2.  James Crichton who married Jean Stewart (daughter of William Stewart and Margaret Stewart’s aunt) lived in Kinclaven for 42 years.
3.  Margaret Stewart Gardiner reported that William Stewart died about 1851 in Kinclaven

It may be that Margaret Stewart’s father William Stewart's death date in 1851 in Kinclaven is correct.  James Crichton and family lived in Kinclaven until at least 1881.  William could have died on a visit to the Crichton family or maybe the family took care of him when he declined.  Kinclaven must have been much different than it is today.  Now it’s just a few houses, no village at all.  The church does meet but they share a vicar or priest with other communities.  That is very common in Scotland with the decline in religion in the country.  The LDS church doesn’t have any microfilm for deaths in Kinclaven although it does have births and marriages.  In 1841 there were 878 people in Kinclaven. There were no local landowners.  All land was owned by people outside the parish. From 1834-45 there were five shoemakers living in Kinclaven. There was one wood forester. (James Crichton).  The people in Kinclaven used Perth as their market city and mail came into Perth. There was a ferry from Kinclaven to Perth, a distance of 12 miles.


Crichton marker taken by Finches in 2015.