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William Stewart 1780 - 1851

1780 William Stewart was born in Perthshire, Scotland (age 60 on 1841 census of New Mill, Scone, Perth; adult ages were rounded down, FHL101911). 

Where is William Stewart buried?  The possibilities are:
1.  The Clochfoldich estate near the Strathtay has a small graveyard which sits below the main house on the estate.  William lived from at least 1780 to 1822 on the estate and may have chosen to be buried there.  There could be a number of family members on the estate.
2.  Logerait or somewhere in that vicinity.  William’s first wife Elizabeth Erskine died in 1813 and because William lived on the Clochfoldich estate at the time, she is probably buried in either Clochfoldich or Logierait. William’s daughter Mary Stewart born 1813 could also be buried in  a family plot in the area.
3.  Scone.  William’s last known address in the 1841 census was Scone.  He may be buried there.
4.  Kinclaven, 1851 Margaret Stewart, his daughter, thought he was buried in Kinclaven.  We assume that would be in the Kinclaven churchyard.
5.  William married Margaret Livingston from Redgorton.  Because Margaret is not in the 1841 census we believe she died first and they both could be buried in Redgorton.  Scone is 6 miles from Redgorton.

6.  Another possibility is Blair Atholl as why did James and Margaret Ferguson get married there. It could be because she lived in the are and was buried there first.  Naturally William would want to be buried next to her. 
7.  The last idea is Stanley,  I noticed also a graveyard on opposite side of river to Stanley

William Stewart's (shoemaker)
father James Stewart
mother Margaret Walker
wife Elizabeth aka Isabel Erskine 
daughter Jean Stewart
daughter  Elizabeth (Betty) Stewart
son in law Robert Stewart
daughter Mary Stewart
second wife Margaret Livingston 

We have two choices on the birth of William Stewart.

1. William legitimate son to James Steuart and Margaret Fergusson in Wester Clochfoldich baptized July 22, 1777 Logierait 
2.  William Stewart legitimate son to James Stewart and Margaret Walker in Balendune, Clockfoldich July 25th

Choice 1:

Choice 2
William Stewart was born 23/7/ 1780 to James Steuart and Margaret Walker in Balenoune Clochfoldich.  This is Little Clochfoldich.  James Steuart of Clochfoldich and Margaret Walker of Kindaldie in Dull Parish married on 23/2/1777.

Will'm Stewart, Logierait, and Isabel Erskine in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed, in order to marriage.  (Dull Parish Register, FHL102713).

13 Feb 1808       
1st Marriage:   I believe Elizabeth Erskine was born in 1792 circa to Alexander Erskine and Ispol McGregor in Bailntium.   Need map to verify how close this is to Clochfoldich.   None of the Stewart/Erskine daughters are listed in the records unless they were Catholics.   I did know about cousin Jean Crichton and Carmichaels  from relatives in Australia.  It did not surprise me that there were more from this marriage of William and Elizabeth.  I could not find though if youngest sister Mary Stewart  1813 married or died before marriage. Do you know if she lived and married?   Elizabeth Erskine died about 1813.  S.R.

13 Feb 1808       

William Stewart, shoemaker, in Little Clochfoldich, and Elizabeth Erskine in Derculich, Dull Parish gave up their names for proclamation of Banns in order to 28 Feb 1808 marriage.  Granted marriage lines the 28th current (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).

Will'm Stewart, Logierait, and Isabel Erskine in this parish gave up their names to be proclamation
 in order to marriage.  (Dull Parish Register, FHL102713).

Notes on shoemakers: 
Gild Merchant.
A Gild
Merchant or Gildry was established in Perth in 1165. King William granted in 1210, to the Burgesses of Perth, the privileges of a Merchant Guild. This was the second incorporation in the town. The privileges of the Guild were enjoyed by craftsmen who were burgesses as well as by merchants. In the Guild“Lockit Book”, which dates from 1452, the names of workers in gold, brass, iron, as well as bakers and tailors and other tradesmen, are entered as Guild brethren. Only weavers and waulkers were excluded, by the Charter,from the Perth Guild.

In addition to the Civic Guild, there were the Incorporations of Craftsmen.  Convenery.There was also a Convenery in Perth.  Guilds.There were eight Incorporations in Perth. These were: the Hammermen (including Goldsmiths, Sword Slippers, Saddlers, Blacksmiths, workers in different metals, and Watchmakers), the Glovers (1165), the Bakers, the Shoemakers, the Tailors, the Fleshers, the Wrights (including Masons, Glaziers, Bookbinders, and Barbers), and the Weavers. 

(My mother (Hope Hulet) paid researcher tried to fit Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart into the Robert Stewart/Amelia Robertson family as their daughter, Isabel saying that the two name were sometimes used interchangeably. I found that hard to believe, until I found Isabel/Elizabeth Erskine.)

Jean Stewart was born, daughter of William Stewart [and Elizabeth Erskine] at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish (1851 census; and death record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Jean was born about 1809; Salt Lake Temple record, FHL183462, p458, #15133).

3 Jan 1811 

Elizabeth [Betty] Stewart was born at [Clochfoldich], Logierait Parish, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, [and Elizabeth Erskine] (1851 census of Kirkton, Kinclaven, Perth, and family record.  Margaret S. Gardiner said Elizabeth was born "abt 1812,"  Salt Lake Temple record, p177, #6247, FHL184090).

Mary Stewart was born "abt 1814."  (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple record, p458, #15134, FHL183462).  Margaret S. Gardiner [at age 66] did the temple work for her aunts, Jane and Mary. She was proxy for their baptisms 15 Jun 1915 (p458, #15133, FHL183462 Jane; and #15534, Mary), for Jane's endowment 12 Nov 1915 (FHL184114, #20155) and for Mary's endowment 19 Nov 1815 (FHL184114, p735, #20854).


 "Mrs. William Stewart", grandmother of Margaret S. Gardiner, died "abt 1814" (Margaret S. Gardiner, Salt Lake Temple Record, FHL183416, p265, #9515).  (The following marriage entry convinced me that the "Abt" dates given by Margaret needed to be rolled back one year.  William's first wife, Elizabeth Erskine, obviously died before 1814.  Mary was born the same year her mother died and Jean and Betty gave their own census ages that indicate 1808 and 1811 birth years.)

Dec 1813         

William Stewart, shoemaker, Clochfoldich, and Margaret Livingstone, Stanley, Redgorton Parish, gave up their names for proclamation of marriage.
 2 Jan 1814        

Granted marriage lines 2 January 1814 (Logierait Parish Register, FHL102757).
2nd Marriage:  Margaret Livingstone was born  8/8/1779 to John Livingstone and Margaret McDonald  (possibly McDougall)   in Brea of Tulliporrie.  I believe McDonald may be a mistaken entry as there were a John Livingstone and Margaret McDougall married nearby at about the same time. The person who recorded the Margaret Livingstone birth wrote Donald down directly under another Donald so may have been confused?  It was an extremely messy handwritten entry.   Margaret was about the same age as William Stewart whereas in the previous marriage he was 12 years senior to Elizabeth.

23 Dec 1814      

 Janet, Lawful Daughter to William Stewart, shoemaker; Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born Dec'r 23rd & bap 26th 1814 (Logierait Parish Register, p105, FHL102756).
 8 Feb 1819        

Margaret, Lawful Daughter to William Stewart, shoemaker; Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born February 8th & baptized 9th 1819 (Logierait Parish Register, p153, FHL102756).

1 Feb 1822       

John, Lawful Son to William Stewart, Shoemaker; Margaret Livingstone in Little Clochfoldich, was born February 1st and baptized 6th 1822 (Logierait Parish Register, p181, FHL102757).
11 Jan 1834        

Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, and Elizabeth Erskine, married Robert Stewart, son of Robert and Amelia R. Stewart. (see page 8).

11 Nov 1836     

 Jean Stewart, daughter of William Stewart, shoemaker, married James Crichton in Scone Parish (see page 5).
 7 Jun 1841       Census of New Mill, Scone, Perth (FHL101911, adult ages are rounded down).
                   William Stewart            60        Shoemaker                                           born in county                     Margaret Stewart           20         born in county
                   Elizabeth Stewart           1                                                                     born in county

Abt 1851         William Stewart, shoemaker, died at Kinclaven (Margaret S. Gardiner).
Possible burial site:

Note: We found a William Stewart in the valuation rolls of 1855:

Morning Kent

If your ancestor was a shoemaker (in Scots a "cordiner") then he may have been a member of the ancient Cordiner Craft of Perth. Up to the early nineteenth century membership of the craft would have involved an apprenticeship followed by admission as a master, after craft examination and payment of dues, being recorded in the craft's "Lockit" (locked) book. Dues would also have been payable on hire of the craft's mortcloth (temporary coffin covering, usually velvet with the craft's cordiner arms embroidered in silk or silver thread) and pensions would be paid by the craft to widows and incapacitated craftsmen.

You might like to enquire of Perth Archives if they have the craft's lockit book

but if it survives it may still be kept with the craft's clerk (usually a lawyer).


Iain Flett

If my memory serves me right, all the records of the  Perth Trades went to Edinburgh.

Innes A. Duffus
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Note: I have read ages ago that the spelling of Steuart particularly I earlier generations was very important.  I think two separate branches. Steuarts of Ballechin related to John of Bonkyll who was kings brother rather than son. They lived in same vicinity. 

William Stewart says he is old Atholl family.  Both the Clochfoldich Stewart's spell their name Steuart. Both married in 1777 one Feb and little Clochfoldich, one in August which means William is first child. SR

It may be  a differentiation again between Stewart and Steuart by dropping e.  I think that Steuart may be Jacobite supporters as when Bonnie Prince Charlie went to France the Stewart surname was, how. do I say this'.   francosized ???? To Stuart. 

The Ballechin Steuarts were from Sir John of Bonkyll's lineage who was an Appin Stewart and brother of King Robert and I assume supporter of Prince Charlie or his predecessor trying to
Reclaim the throne from  the Hannovarian  royal family?  

The other Stewart's in Perthshire  are related to King Roberts son Alexander Stewart who was Wolf of Badenoch  (I think).  Rev James Stewart mentions that The Stewart's were fragrant of Appin Stewart's which were Jacobite supporters.  Somewhere along the line there was the Black Lord of Lorn. S.R.

I am a descendant of John Stewart of Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia.    John is the youngest child of William Stewart, shoemaker of Clochfoldich. I certainly had heard about the Crichtons from my aunt Ellie who is the youngest g granddaughter of John Stewart, son on William Stewart of Clochfoldich. No-one seems to have heard of the Elizabeth and Robert Stewart family though nor Mary Stewart.    Ellie Williams (nee Latham), my aunt,   is very with it and her husband is now 90 and still on the internet.  I have told her about finding relatives in USA and she was unaware.

Anyway, aside from the early research, William and Margaret Stewart's three adult children migrated to Australian in 1841 on the barque -  Ann Milne departing from Dundee.  They settled firstly in Sydney and Hunter Valley, north of Sydney  and then eventually migrated to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  All stated that their religion was Catholic on the boat but none seemed to practice Catholic religion here. 

Janet married Thomas Gray a year of so after settling here.  I think he was on boat as well.   He started a shoe emporium in Queen/George Street of now City of Brisbane.  They lived in George Street.  She was a founding member of the Presbyterian church.   They had a large family - I have their details.

Margaret married John Connolly before departure so it must have been quick as she was in the 1841 census with William Stewart in Scone and the boat departed in September I think.  Could never find their marriage but they hosted Janet as a single woman to Australia.   John had a mail run by horseback from Brisbane to Ipswich.  He was mysteriously drowned in the Brisbane River one night.   They never had children.

John Stewart, carpenter  married Jane Duncan whom he met on the boat.    The Duncan brothers  Charles and  David and their wives as well as John and Jane Stewart travelled as first settlers to Bald Hills, (now part of Brisbane) to adjoining farmland.   John and Janet had about 10 children.  John started the first church/school at Bald Hills to educate I guess mainly family members.     I am descended from their daughter Jane Stewart (known as Jessie).   They had about 10 children..   I am also in touch on facebook with John Mellor who is related to another John Stewart daughter - Margaret.  One of John Stewart's sons  - Rev James Stewart started the Brisbane City Mission for homeless people in Brisbane.  S.R.

Scone deaths: 1838-1854 1040138


Country Code  GB
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Repository  Perth and Kinross Council Archive
Reference  NRAS2307
Title  Stewart-Meiklejohn Family, of Edradynate, Perthshire
Dates  1460-1905
Access Status  Open
Access Conditions  Enquiries to Perth and Kinross Council Archive
Description  Titles in Perthshire, 1460-1883; tenements in Dumfermline, Queensferry, 1484-1824; lands in Kildare, Roscommon, Tipperary and Wicklow, Ireland, and Middlesex, England, 1726-86. Legal papers, including marriage contracts, 1695-1852; testament of Stewarts of Derculich and of Clochfoldich, 1717-1883. estate papers, including building work at Cluny mill and distillery, 1781-1838; accounts of estate and personal expenditure of James Stewart of Derculich and family, 1794-1806. Military papers, including orderly book of 1st Strathearn (Light Infantry) Volunteer Regiment, 1903-5; papers about StrathtayRifle Volunteers, 1860; correspondence of Captain R. C. Cunninghame, 42nd Highlanders, with his family, mainly describing experiences in the Crimea, including Balaklava, Sevastopol, 1843-55; diary of naval surgeon at Greenwich and aboard ships Asia and Defiance, 1852-74. Plans of Forth and Clyde Canal, Grangemouth and Bo'ness docks, and Port Dundas, 1761-1837, n.d. Miscellanea, including genealogical papers of Stewart and Robertson families, 1708-93; commissions and burgess tickets, 1755-1878; papers relating to Daniel Stewart's Free School, Strathtay, 1819-89; distribution of copies of Athole Collection of Dance Music of Scotland, 1888-9.

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Remember that although the Stewarts were predominately Roman Catholic, many changed after the disaster at  Culloden in 1746.

Hi Kent

That list was a hand written index to the holdings regarding Clochfoldich.  As I mentioned yesterday, The Catholic Archives were closed and moved to Aberdeen University.

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I can contribute to research. Just let me know the cost. I am feeling confident that he will find something. Also I was told years ago that anybody with a trade was quite wealthy compared to average ag labourer as it was beyond a large families means to pay for apprenticeships. This means that the Stewart's may have been connected in some way to the Royal line. The absolute largest and most elaborate headstone in the Brechin cemetery was a shoemaker. Also I am very sure that Steuart is a big hint to background of Stewart's. It means that they maybe connected to Ballechin Steuarts or John Stewart of Bonkyll, early Stewart king's brother through his son? Duke of Athole ? Rev James Stewart also said he suspected our family had Appin roots. He was of course very close to family as he was eldest child of John Stewart. He also married as a minister a number of unrelated Stewart's in Queensland and probably questioned them. Also sometimes old Atholl family is old Athole family. If I had access to good records I would try to link all those Stewart's with old Athol roots in the 1817 census. SR