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James Stewart and Margaret Fergusson

I am looking for James Steuart's birth and have four possibilities.   They seem to be particular about the spelling of their name as there are other Stewarts about.    It is sort of half way to Stuart. 
In order of my pick of the three possible parents of James Steuart  of Clochfoldich going by placenames of birth.    Killichasie, Derculich, Blackhill and Clochfoldich are  all  linked estates as they were owned by the sons of Rev.  Robert Stewart, Minister of Killin who is one of the 6th  grandsons of  Alexander Stewart,  the Wolf of Badenock.   The father,  Minister of Killin, Robert Stewart also lived at Killichasie.

1.  James b. 4/3/1758  to John Steuart and Jannett Anderson of Tomehely of Killichasie.  This son would be 19 at the time of marriage to Margaret Walker (again possible).   I have seen 19 year olds marry in the extended family.   John and Janet featured in later family names so could be this one on that basis as they were very great followers of family names in those days.    It would be interesting to know the age of Margaret Walker at marriage.  I have not looked for her at Kindaldie, Dull Parish. 

2. James 18/5/1759 to George Steuart and Elspeth Stewart of Blackhill .  This son  would be 17 nearly 18 at marriage to Margaret Walker (unlikely).     George and Elspeth does not particularly feature in later names.  
3.  James born 15/1/1755 to John Steuart and Ann McLagan at Easter Auchnagie.  This one would be 21 at marriage to Margaret Walker (probably most likely age-wise but not in other respects).  There are no Ann's in family of William Stewart who had 5 daughters and 1 son.

4.  James born 30/1/1761  to Laird of Clochfoldich -  Robert Stewat 2nd of Clochfoldich and Susan Fleming .  This James would only be 16.   He was the third son of this couple.     There is a chance that a younger son would be living on the estate with his wife  but timing may not be right for the ages at marriage .    

So going on this maybe it is the John and Jannett of  Kilichasie parents as they would more likely move to one of the other son's estates e.g. Clochfoldich. George and Elspeth of Blackhill are once again living on an estate owned by a brother of the Clochfoldich estate.

John and Ann seem unrelated to  the Minister of Killin's estate even though the age is more of a marriageable age.  

Robert and Stewart are Laird of Clochfoldich but son seems to young to consider.

This record is the same marriage as the one recorded in Blair Atholl. In Blair Atholl it was Wester Clochfoldich and this it is Little Clochfoldich. So assume it is the same place.

James snd Margaret walker. Mentioning Clochfoldich. Not little Clochfolfich. Surprised as I didn't think Ballenoune in estate

Your William of Ballendune Clochfoldich.  By the way it is Ballendune not noune If you look how the writer writes ds.  Now being pedantic this is not Little Clochfoldich but  Clochfoldich.

James Steuart 1777 Wester Clochfoldich which I believe is same as little Clochfoldich

In the 1817 census of Stewarts - on James Irvine Robertson website William is living on Clochfoldich estate with James as well (probably his father).  They relate as 'old Athol family' rather than one of the big estates.  There is also an Isobel Stewart listed as 'old Athol family'.     But I think the spelling of Steuart may differentiate them from others.


Actually I have had a bit of a research win.   It would be very difficult under normal circumstances to actually find the parents of William Steuarts because he fits so naturally with being born about 1780 and the natural parents in Logierait are James Steuart and Margaret Walker of Balenduin, Clochfoldich (which is the next house along).    However, this is actually not William's parents because I also was on another site of Atholl Blair marriages. You can go on it from Boronich burial grounds website.   I found his parents are really  James Steuart of Little Clochfoldich and Margaret Fergusson of Kincraigie (near Blair Atholl).  I have looked them up before but I think I was looking for a slightly younger William as he was actually about 31 when he married and the other one was only 27. 

I have never been too happy about the Balenduin Clochfoldich  birth of James and Margaret as I have been to Clochfoldich and driven up the high hill and past Balenduin to the Keepers Cottage at Little Clochfoldich.    Anyway once you search these parents you find other family members including Isobell who lives at Little Clochfoldich as well.   I think once we head north of the area it is hard to make those connections I made with the other possible parents of James Steuart but the only one that still is a possibility is the older James out of the list I gave you that was born on the other side of Logierait at Easter Auchnagie but I think it would be too difficult to prove without actual family knowledge.  I wonder if the Crichtons kept any family research? S.R.

I have been to Clochfoldich. Many of the photos are our own. You can easily find Clochfoldich on the road going east along the Tay from Logierait. I went to see the estate owner. He was quite friendly. I think he is a MP.  I asked him directions to Little Clochfoldich and he told me it was where his keepers house is. The gamekeeper was a bit unfriendly until I told him the owner had said it was ok.  No one can stop you walking through these lands though as many are ancient paths and walkers rule in UK. I would take one of the maps I had in my document oh the layout of the estate many years ago as that will guide you to Little Clochfoldich if the gamekeeper doesn't mistake you for grouse before you get there. We also asked about burial grounds around about. There are some we didn't get to but there is a property on the Logierait side of Clochfoldich with a church behind the house with many Stewart Graves. I think it is a Catholic Church which may explain why our Stewarts said they were Catholics.

There were lots of Robert and Alexander Stewarts in this graveyard but not our branch that I could see. Worth a look. I asked in a little shop near Clochfoldich. They were impressive graves. She said a few other places but we didn't go. I would go further along That Tay road and you should see Killichasie. I think it belongs to Jk Rowlands of Harry Potter fame. It has a magical tree outside that is a Sycamore that flowers first in UK even beating Cornwall sycamores. Also a tree on Killiechasie estate where Bonnie prince  Charlie camped. Derculich Blackhill are also nearby. These are the estates of Minister Of Killin who ripped off his parishioners to fund his estates. Maybe he was fundraising for Bonnie Prince Charlie and it was legit but plenty to read in him in Catholic archives. We didn't venture this way though.   We saw the last oak of Birnam forest at Dunkeld by the banks of Tay. I would search for more evidence of our Stewarts at Blair Athol nearby.  If they have graveyard. Could not find any relevant Stewart graves at Logierait graveyard. Scone Palace would be good to see but it was closed when we were there. It is the seat of ancient kings and that famous stone that all the Kings coronations was first in Scone. Legend has it that it is still in Scotland not Westminster  Abbey. Again you can read about this coronation stone.  S.R.


I have updated my Stewart History document now again.  Do you have a drop box or other way of receiving files as it is too large for email. 

Well anyway I went through an exhaustive research trail  looking at every possibility for parents of William Steuart of Little Clochfoldich.    Even Donald and Janet Scott as one branch of the family - Janet Stewart Gray had as the parents but still kept coming back to  James Steuart and Margaret Fergusson.   Then I opened up my genes reunited tree as I haven't been on for over a year and lo and behold it is the same parents as I came up with this time.  I also have the marriage of Elisabeth Erskine and the three daughters on my genes reunited tree - at least I am consistent.   

Well I guess I just confirmed my research.   I want to start a blogspot.  Can you tell me how I go about it and how I could link in with your blogspot as well??



Research documents for James Stewart, husband of Margaret Walker and father of William Stewart:

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