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Henrietta Chesebrough Scott (White) 1901 - 1991

Henrietta Cheseborough Scott  was born in March 27, 1901 in Strathmartine. Forfarshire, Scotland to Arthur Hardie Scott and Mary Stephen (Scott).  She lived in Dundee for a year.

From 1910 to 1924 she was in Dundee.  She may have attended the Morgan Academy like her sister Alma. 

 Henrietta married James Irving White July 11 1924 in Dundee.  The same year she applied for citizenship to the US and they sail from Southhampton.  James was from Nicholasville, Kentucky. In 1925 they were living in Globe AZ where Henrietta gave birth to Olive on April 16.  They lived in Riverside CA in 1930 with their 2 children Olivia and James Jr.  James Sr. is a manager of a chain store.  Henrietta is a house keeper at a country club.

By 1940 they are divorced and James Sr is a bartender in Ohio.  Sometime before 1950 Olive is adopted by Henrietta's sister Alma and her husband Omer in Billings MT and even takes their last name as hers. Olive married John H Geary in St. Patrick’s Church, Billings MT on November 25, 1950. 

After the war, she became a very successful dress designer/maker in San Francisco until arthritis made her pack everything up and move to Anacortes.

In 1968 Alma goes to live near Henrietta in WA.  Why not, she raised Henrietta’s child.  Henrietta never left Anacortes.  She died there in 1991 at the age of 90.

Back Row: Martha, Jim, Olive
    Front Row: Etta, Mary, Alma, Daisy, about 1915 based on Alma's apparent age.

 1901 Census:

1924 January 24

 July 1924:


1930 US Census: James is born in 1891.

1940 census:


Henrietta's daughter is adopted by her sister Alma and is married:

1968 September 3, Henrietta S White is living in Anacortes, WA. which is the reason Alma went to WA after the death of her husband. 

Death: Henrietta died at 90.

Research: 1946 USC: born 1926

John H. Geary, Anacortas,WA; Janesville, 16 Apr 1925, 22 May 1993