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Alma Hardie Scott (Rathman) 1907 - 1968

Alma N. was born 3 August in Oakland, CA to Arthur Scott and Mary Smith Stephen.

She attended the Morgan Academy in Dundee as a youth from about 1910 on.  It appears there were three sisters at Morgan Academy, Dundee at the same time: Alma, Martha and Henrietta.  I believe they were there from 1910, after the death of their father Arthur, to their graduation.  Mary was in Scotland to be with her aged mother.  In 1924 they all immigrated to the USA except Olive

She immigrated to the USA in 1924 with her sister Martha.

Alma graduated from the Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore and was a practicing nurse. 

Alma married Omer Charles Rathman (b 1902 in North Dakota and  d 1957 in Billings, MT) on September 29, 1929 in New York City.  Frank's father owned a grocery store in Jamestown, Stutsman, North Dakota.  Frank was a member of the St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Billings.  There was a seven year age difference between Omer and Alma.

In 1930 Alma was living with her in-laws and husband in Jamestown City, North Dakota.  Omer is a 28 year old medical doctor working in a clinic.

Alma raised her sister Henrietta's child Olive and even had Olive's last name changed to Rathman. 

In 1940 Omer is 38 and Alma is 31.  Omer is a physician in private practice.  They have two children Frank 9 and Scott 3. They are living in Billings, MT. 

In 1952 she went back to England with her husband.

In 1957 her husband died and she moved to California.  In 1963 she moved to Mercer so she could be near her sister Henrietta.  Eleven years after her husband's death, Alma was the "victim of apparent burns in an apartment fire" on 31 Aug 1968 in Seattle, Washington.   She was interred September 9, 1968 in Mountview Cemetery, Billings MT.

Omer and Alma had three children.  Frank E. Rathman b 1931 who lived in Washington, DC and Santa Rosa, Mary K Rathman b 1933 and  Reverend Scott Rathman b 1937 who lived in Bozeman, MT., Hardin and Alaska.  

In 2015 Frank is  85 still very hale and healthy; he and his wife Marilyn are avid birders and travel extensively around the country. Their daughter Susan and her husband Mike are very interested in family history, even traveling to Scotland and New Zealand to meet relatives. 

One of these young men is Omer Rathman.
1924 September 18:

Canopic was originally built in 1890 as Commonwealth for the Dominion Line. In 1903 Commonwealth was sold to the White Star Line and renamed Canopic.  The Canopic made her first White Star Line voyage on January 14, 1903 on the Liverpool to Boston service. 

In 1904 Canopic was transferred to the New York to Mediterranean service.

From 1917 to 1919 Canopic operated under the Liner Requesition Scheme.

In February 1919, Canopic reverted back to White Star Line, and in July went to the New York to Mediterranean berth. 

In 1922 Canopic replaced the Arabic on the Mediterranean route. On April 13, 1922 she made her first voyage on the Liverpool to Halifax to Boston route, then to the Montreal run for the summer.

On November 10, 1922 Canopic started on the Bremen to New York service.

In November 1923 she took over the Hamburg to New York route.

In September 1924 she was put on the Liverpool - Philadelphia - Portland, Maine to end her career.

In October 1924, Canopic was sold for breaking up and scrapped at Briton Ferry, South Wales.


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Omer 1925 Michigan:

University of Michigan

Omer in the 1930 census:  He is 28.

 1933 August 4 Billings Gazette:


1940 census: According to this census Alma was born in 1909.  They have two boys Frank and Scott and a live in maid.  Omer is a physician in private practice.  The reason Alma's mother Mary Stephen Scott died in Billings is because Alma's family lived there. 

 1940 Billings City Directory:

 1949 Billings City Directory:


1954 June:



1957 July 14 Billings Gazette:

1957 July 15

1956 July 15 Billings Gazette

1957 July 16 Billings Gazette:

Mountview Cemetery, Billings, MT:

1957 July 29 Billings Gazette:

1968 September 3 Billings Gazette: (her name is misspelled)
Alma Went to Washington State after the death of her husband to be closer to her sister Henrietta.

 1968 September 7 Billings Gazette;

1968 September 9 Billings Gazette:

2015 St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Billings, MO

Rathman Internment dates:

 Alma's headstone:

First son: