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Arthur Hardie Scott 1860 - 1910

Arthur was born on the 16 Apr 1860 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
He died 12 Jan 1910 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA.
From the San Francisco Call 1910-01-13 pg 11 col 5:
apt. Arthur H. Scott Succumbs to Long Illness

BERKELEY, Jan. 12- Captain Arthur H.. Scott, prominent master mariner, died this evening at his residence, 1319 Henry Street. He had been ill since October, after returning from a trip as master of the Barkentine Geneva.

For 10 years he had been in the service of Welch & Co.'s sugar trade with the Hawaiian islands, having commanded several vessels. Four years ago he was captain in the Barkentine Gerard C. Tobey on the island run when the vessel was dis-masted.  After a perilous trip Scott returned with the Tobey to port.

Scott was born in Dundee, Scotland, 50 years ago. He leaves a wife, Mrs. Mary Scott, a son James Scott, and six daughters, Mary, Daisy, Olive, Etta, Martha and Alma Scott

Scott - In Berkeley, January 12, 1910. Arthur H, dearly beloved husband of Mary B Scott and father of James S, Mary B, Margaret R, Olive A, Henrietta C, Martha O, and Alma N, Scott, a native of Scotland, aged 49yrs, ? months and 28 days.

Friends and acquaintances are respectively invited to attend the funeral services tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon January 15, at 2 o'clock, at his late home, 1319 Henry Street, Berkeley. Interment Sunset View Cemetery.

His wife MARY SMITH SCOTT (nee STEPHEN) appears on the 1930 census age 64 California, Riverside Co, Temescal Twp, Corona City. She is listed as a widow living with her son-in-law JAMES WHITE and his wife and family.

He was captain of the Dunbritton and Gerard Toby among others during his sea years. His daughter Mary Burnett Scott went to New Zealand around 1921 and married Michael W Goodfellow in 1923.

Arthur Hardie Scott, born 16 April 1860, St Clement, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, son of Charles Scott/Margaret Rattray married Mary Smith Stephen 31 Jan 1888, St Pauls, Dundee.  She was age 21 at the time of the marriage and her parents were James Stephen/Mary Burnett. At the time of his marriage he was aged 27 and a merchant seaman.

Note: When Arthur died he left his wife Mary to live another 40 years without him.

Arthur and Mary had 8 children
 1. James Stephen aka Jim (1886 Dec 16
Baldovan, Dundee, death by drowning July 25, 1933)
 2. Mary Burnett (1891 to 1983) born Dundee, married Goodfellow, lived in New Zealand, died 1970's New Zealand
3. Margaret (Daisy) (1894 to 1965)
4.  Dora (1896, died in childhood)
5. Olive (1899 to 1982)
6. Henrietta (1991) or Etta b Dundee married James White and lived in America 

 7.  Martha (1904 to 1954)
8.  Alma Hardie. (1907 to 1968). b. 3 August in Oakland, CA d 31 Aug 1968 Seattle, King, Washington married
Omer Rathman b 1902 d 1957

Arthur Hardie Scott and daughter Mary
Back Row: Martha, Jim, Olive
    Front Row: Etta, Mary, Alma, Daisy, about 1915 based on Alma's apparent age.

One family story that I heard was that Captain Scott traveled from Hawaii to Alaska, often visiting Episcopal (Anglican) missions on the way, when he would invite the priest (vicar) on board. They would sit at his table with a Bible and a bottle of Scotch between them! Could be an apocryphal story, but a good one nonetheless!

Ships Arthur commanded:

The barque 'Gerard C. Tobey'; 1;390 tons; J.F. Shurtleff Master; was built at Bath; Maine in 1878 by Goss; Sawyer and Packard. The barque was sold in 1900 to Welch & Co. of San Francisco for the Hawaiian sugar trade; and resold in 1910 for conversion to a tow barge. During its primary career between 1893 and 1896; the Gerard C. Tobey operated primarily on the route between New York and Hong Kong. FEATURED IN BWWM EXHIBITION “WHATS IN A MARITIME PAINTING?” SECTION: HISTORY TOPIC: LOCATION EXAMPLE: 4 ABOUT LOCATION: As soon as Hong Kong was ceded by China to Great Britain in 1842 it immediately grew into a principal port for the China Trade and its municipality of Victoria into one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The popular backdrop of Victoria Peak and the city of Victoria identify the location in this painting by an unknown Chinese artist of the bark Gerard C. Tobey anchored off the island of Hong Kong in the 1880’s. Today the name Victoria is rarely used to identify the city but is still used to refer to the famous peak. The vantage point in this view is from Hongham Bay across the harbor in Kowloon. This view was a common backdrop for ship portraits commissioned by Captains visiting Hong Kong

Really grateful for all of this. I remember seeing some of Arthur’s log when I visited my great aunt Etta in 1981 in Anacortes. He always wrote his log in rhyme. My Gran also visited Etta while we were there and quickly demonstrated the dangers of aural history. Gran remembered all the wonder, Etta all the mischief, of a gaggle of girls traveling the high seas! I think my mum may have some more of this so I’m going to search her attic.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see some pictures of the ships on which Arthur Hardie Scott served and these are attached. Some are pretty small but you’ll see that the Olivebank (after which my Gran and sister were named) made the stamp in Hawaii.

Best Scott

Bridgefoot, previously called Kirkton of Strathmartine, is a village in Angus, Scotland. It lies approximately one mile north of Dundee, to the west of Strathmartine Hospital.


Hi To All,
I am trying to find information and history on my Great-Grandfather -
He was at one time on the ship DUNBRITTON and GERARD C TOBY.

Part of his ships log from the DUNBRITTON was published in the then
BELLINGHAM MAIL, BELLINGHAM ?SAN FRAN on the 24 march 1907.This was because
he wrote his logs in rhyme.(I hold a copy of this).
Is there anywhere were CAPTAINS and their history can be found?
I am grateful to have THIS much info but crave for more.

Thanking you Vicki.

Until next time.....

The end of the log referring to Australia reportedly refers to his wife Mary....such a romantic!

1906 April 5

Name: Arthur H Scott
Birth Date: abt 1865
Age: 30
Port of Departure: New York, New York, United States
Arrival Date: 29 Mar 1895
Port of Arrival: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Majestic
Search Ship Database: Search for the Majestic in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Official Number: 97763

March 1895


1905 September 

1905 The San Francisco call., October 09, 1905, Page 10, Image 10

 January 13, 1910 San Francisco Call

Arthur is buried in the Sunset View Cemetery Association at Fairmount and Colusa Ave.  POBox 187, El Cerrito, CA Phone 510-525-5111

His grave is unmarked and is located in the Adult section, row E, grave 12.  It is a county non-endowment section which means he was buried by the county in an unmarked grave. 

Sunset View Cemetery Association:


Hi Kent

Thanks very much for getting in touch. I must admit that I’ve only really tinkered with Ancestry rather than getting properly into the detail – yet!

I do have some family notes from my mother that she got originally from a great aunt and your heads up on Charles Scott being Irish makes sense. I think I was thrown by later census reports where he claims to be from Dundee but the 1841 Census makes sense as my mother’s notes tell me he lived in Cherryfield. He did become apparently a teacher and I wonder if this encouraged him to ‘forget’ his Irish roots. Certainly the notes suggest that his wife, Margaret, taught adults to read and write in her own home. A sight of her death certificate would be very kind.

My great grandfather was Arthur Hardie Scott so I have some good anecdotal info on him. One of the first ships on which he sailed was the Dunbritton, later becoming First Mate on the Olivebank, then Sea Captain of the Gerard C Toby. He moved to the USA in 1902 and his regular sea routes were from San Francisco to Hawaii and Alaska. He got his Inspector Licence to Masters on 18/10/1905 and this meant he could take his children on board with him – many great stories! He met both Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson, who both sailed with him and wrote about him.

All the best


Thanks Kent

Arthur Hardie Scott was married to Mary Smith Stephen, daughter of James Stephen and Mary Miller Burnett. She was born in Brechin on 27th February 1866 and they were married on the 31st January 1888 in St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Dundee. They had one son, Jim (1890 to 1933), and seven daughters – Mary (1891 to 1983), Margaret (Daisy) (1894 to 1965), Dora (1896, died in childhood), Olive (1899 to 1982), Etta (1901 to 1991), Martha (1904 to 1954) and Alma (1907 to 1968). Mary moved with Arthur to California in 1902, returned to Scotland in 1910 as a widow, and returned to the USA in 1924 after the death of her mother.  She died in Billings, Montana on 22nd June 1950.

All the best


Hi Vicki,

I'm related to the some Scott's in Dundee. They started off
in the Monikie/Monifeith area to begin with with, then ended
up in Dundee itself.

The Rattray's I'm related to are from Kirkmichael in
Perthshire, but have you been in touch with Dr. Charles Bird,
he is the Rattray volunteer genealogist. He put me in touch
with four distant cousin's. There isn't much he doesn't have
on the Rattray clan, he might be able to put you in touch
with unkown relatives or conections.

Best wishes,
Catherine Harris Scott Cvjetkovic

---Original Message---

Listing the names of interest that appear in one tree
of my family.

RATTRAY - Dundee, Angus, Forfar

SCOTT - Dundee - some of which immigrated to America

STEPHEN - Dundee


I am the grandson -- on the maternal side -- of Arthur Hardie Scott, ship captain from Dundee. My mother was his last child, Alma Hardy Scott (Rathman), who was born in Berkeley, CA, and returned to the USA to claim her citizenship. Her three sisters, Daisy, Martha, and Etta lived here until their deaths. Mary, the eldest, moved to Australia and lost touch with her family. Olive remained in Scotland, and the sole brother, James, died in a drowning incident. Arthur's widow moved to the States in the fifties and lived with my family for many years.

A painting of Captain Scott's ship exists, and is displayed in Daisy's son's home in Maryland. I have the Master Mariner's license issued to my grandfather in 1891, written on oilcloth.

By all accounts my grandfather was a remarkable man whose travels took him from Hawaii to Alaska and across the seas. When the earthquake hit San Francisco, my mother's family was living in Berkeley. He helped rescue people and evacuate then across the Bay.

I hope this late posting will find its way to you so that we may share some information.
Please contact me!

NewRe: which Sunset View Cemetry
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Just read this post today so I hope you revive this as your post is several years old. I am Daisy Scott Fralic's granddaughter. And you must be one of the Rathman brothers. I have met both. I am the daughter of Doris, your cousin, and live in Florida. I have been in contact with Vicki and would love to hear from you as well.

Kia ora Kent, thank you for sharing this. I felt a little sad while reading this as I was making parallels in regards to other historical events within my family. Michael Goodfellow (husband of Mary Burnett Scott) nearly died in a house fire, my own childhood home burnt down when I was about 9 years old etc. Mary Scott would often tell me from the age of around 5 that 'fire' was a strong element that has and would would continue to affect our lives and  4 years later our house burned. She fancied herself as a bit of a psychic, something she held a great belief in.  Mary was an incredibly strong willed lady who said what she thought with no filter.

I am learning a great deal from you and for this I am truly grateful Kent. I have been sharing our exchanges with my family and their response was, "we thought you had gone quiet on the family history stuff but this has certainly brought you back to it". Well I am going back to sort through what other information I may have to share with you.

Kia ora

I do have a photo of SCOTT/STEPHEN FAMILY'S with


From: "vicki murray" <>
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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 13:10:28 +1300
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Hi Joe. Arthur Hardie Scott was a master mariner. He was captain of the Barkentine Gerard C Toby at the time of his death. He was a native of Scotland. He was only married once in Scotland and had seven children. I am not sure of the date of when he immigrated to San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Examiner in 1910 he was a prominant master mariner. This was mentioned in an article on him that appeared in the newspaper about his death (provied by lister George). I am lucky enough to have an original photo of the Gerard C toby and a copy of him and his daughter (my grandmother) on the wharf at San Francisco by the Gerard C Toby. The San Francisco Examiner at one time also published part of his ships log, as he wrote them in rhyme (another kind lister posted me a copy).

I will try Google Earth, thank you.

Thanking you
New Zealand

>From: Joe Wood <>
>Subject: Arthur H Scott
>Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 02:58:41 -0800 (PST)
>Go to Google Earth and download the program. It's free. Enter the address as 1319 Henry Street, Berkeley, CA. It will show satelite view of the building at that address. I don't believe it is the original.
>Also could you send additional information. What he did for a living? Was he married more than once?
>Did he have children by both wives?
>I found a Arthur H Scott on the 1910 and 1930 Berkeley census. However it conflicts with the information in your query.
>Sacramento, CA