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Nellie Fordham 1877 - 1904

Grace, Joseph, Emily, Mary Bleak,
Mary Moore and Nellie Fordham
Emma Bachman's journal:  John Rudolph Bachman married Nellie Fordham. After her death he married Emma Florence Western and after she died he married Helen Ellsworth.  Emma is rarely mistaken so I believe this is accurate information.

1.  Parents: Joseph Fordham and Mary Moore Bleak  Born Jan 19, 1877, Pine Valley Washington County, Utah source: 1900 census
2.  Living with family in Pine Valley, Escalante, UT at age 2.
2.  Nellie is a table waiter at a hotel in Pocatello, ID, June 12, 1900,  source: 1900 census
3.  Married John Rudolf Bachman, 1 Aug 1900, Ogden, Weber, Utah, , John is 25, Nellie 23, no children source: GS Film number: 1324663. 
5. According to their wedding announcement they planned on living in Carlin, NV which is a very out of the way railroad/entrance to gold country/town in northern NV.
6.  Nellie died July 13, 1904, source unknown,  the source may be LDS church records according t0    FamilySearch. 

The preceding information appears to have errors.  In the 1880 census Nelly's parents were born in Iowa and England, in the 1900 census Nellie's parents are born in England and England.  More research needed. Since her father Joseph was born in Iowa and Mary Bleak was born in England, I believe the 1880 census is good and the 1900 census may be another Nellie.  Also the 1880 census spells Nellie like this: Nelly and the 1900 census spells her name: Nellie.  In the newspaper article announcing the marriage of John Rudloph and Nellie her name is spelled: Nellie. 

I've searched the SLC directories for Nellie or Nelly Fordham and come up short.

Some people put a J as the initial of her middle name.  I have no evidence that this is true. 

Note on her residence in 1880:
Pine Valley, Utah is an unincorporated census-designated place in Washington County, Utah, United States that lies approximately 45 minutes north of the county seat, St. George. It is located at the head of the Santa Clara River in the Pine Valley Mountains, and was settled in 1859. The population was 186 at the 2010 census.  It is a little snow/mountainous area hidden in a blind canyon.

1880 census: 

 1900 census:

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