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Dixon Ferrin Larkin

Biography of Dixon F. Larkin
 Self-disciplined, hard working and active, Dixon accomplished difficult academic and professional goals before meeting the greatest challenge of his life at the age of forty-nine.

Queen Victoria and after converting to the Church immigrated to Utah.  Another ancestor came across the plains in a handcart company.

Dix graduated from Ogden High School.  He was accepted at George Washington University and Tulane medical school, but chose to attend the University of Utah, where he received his medical degree in 1974.

From 1967 until 1969, Dix served in the Brazil South Mission.  One of his companions was Bob Jackson's twin brother, who later served as a Mission President.
Dix had not been home long when he met his future wife, Carol Lyn White, in a chemistry class at the University of Utah.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 10, 1970.  Carol had just completed her degree in Medical Technology.

Dix's first love has always been flying.  He wanted to be a pilot, but in those days you had to have perfect vision, not corrected vision, to fly in the Air Force or commercially, so instead he went into medical school.  Nevertheless, Dix took lessons and learned to fly.  One day he came home and told Carol that he had bought an airplane.  She said, "We didn't even have furniture and he informed me that he bought an airplane!"  It was a twin engine Comanchee, in which he had one-third ownership.  While in law school he taught flying lessons as a certified flight and instrument instructor.
After earning his M.D., Dix continued to advance his medical training.  He fulfilled a surgical internship in 1975, a public health fellowship in 1976, and completed a radiation oncology residency from 1976 to 1979.

He joined Radiology Associates in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he practiced medicine for two years.  Thereafter, he returned to school and earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University.  He was admitted to the Utah State Bar in 1984.

Dix worked for Jones, Waldo, Holbroo and McDonough from 1984 to 1989.  While working for this firm he served on the Medical/Legal Committee of the Utah State Bar Association and the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society in Utah.  In addition, he was involved with education of both doctors and lawyers, lecturing to medical continuing education groups and teaching on a part time faculty basis at the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.  His practice with the firm included the medical and health care aspects of the law.
From 1989 to 1990, Dix was Assistant Vice President and Legal Counsel for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah.  The next three years he served as Counsel for GTE Health Systems Incorporated before being appointed as Deputy Insurance Commissioner of Utah from 1993 until 1996.  In 1997, Dix was Acting Insurance Commissioner.

Other professional accomplishments include Associate Professor at Westminster College of Salt Lake and Adjunct Professor of Law at Brigham Young University.

Dix has always been an active and faithful inember of the church.  Just days before he was to take the state bar exam, he became very ill.  He could not even move.  He asked Alan Johnson for a priesthood blessing.  After the blessing he was able to complete the next three days of testing and achieved one of the highest scores.

Dix and Carol have lived in the same house since May 1982, and are among the original members of the Sherwood Hills Ward.  Dix has served as Sunday School President and Ward Clerk.  His favorite work in the church is genealogy, which he continues to work at to this day.  He has many hundreds of family group sheets recorded on his computer.  He currently serves as an Assistant in the Sherwood Hills High Priest Group.

Dix and Carol are the parents of four children.  Both of his sons are Eagle Scouts and have served full time missions.  David served in the West Virginia Charleston Mission and Jeffrey just returned from the Australia Sydney South Mission.

On March 8, 1997, Dix suffered a hemorrhagic stroke (Broca's Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech). ( (Click here to see a clip from the video (WMV – 4.8MB)) ('s+Aphasia)( ( (

The stroke affected the speech centers of his brain, but not his normal reasoning processes.  He is able to understand what a person is saying and follows talks and lessons well in church.  Dix notes that it did affect his ability to understand oral numbers though, but that is not a serious hindrance.  The right side of his body was paralyzed by the stroke.  Dix said that he has had to learn to walk three times in his life: when he was a baby; at the age of three, when he broke both of his legs; and again at the age of forty-nine following the stroke.

This challenge may have overcome a lesser man, but Dix has met this obstacle with the same resolve that he has demonstrated throughout his life.  With the support of his wife and children, Dix is able to contribute and live a meaningful life.

Born - Ogden, Utah
Married - Carol Lyn White - August 10, 1970
Children - David, Sarah, Jeffrey, Megan
Ogden High School -
Weber State College - 
University of Utah -
University of Utah - M.D. (1970-1974) -
Surgery Honors Program - research in laryngeal trauma
Surgery Internship - University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals (1974-75) - 
Public Health Fellowship (1975-76)
Utah State Health Department:
Assis. Dir. - Emergency Medical Services
Dir. - Pulmonary & Chronic
Radiation Oncology Residency (1976-79) -
University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals Chief Resident (1977-79)
Brigham Young University - J.D. (1981-1983) -
Medical Practice:
Medical Licensure - Utah (1975), Wisconsin (1979)
Private Practice - Radiation Oncology (1979-81)
Partner - Radiology Associates of Appleton, Wisconsin -
Board Certification:
National Board of Medical Examiners
American College of Radiology (Therapeutic Radiology)
Medical Societies:
American College of Radiology
American Society of Therapeutic Radiologist
Legal Practice:
Utah State Bar admission (April 1984)
Private Practice - Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough (1984-1989) -
Asst. V.P. & Legal Counsel - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah (1989-1990) -
Counsel - GTE Health Systems Incorporated (1990-1993)
Deputy Insurance Commissioner - Insurance Department - Utah – Gov. Leavitt - (1993-1996) -
Acting Insurance Commissioner - Insurance Department - Utah – Gov. Leavitt - (1997) -
Other Professional:
Larkin Mortuary -
Associate Professor - Westminster College of Salt Lake -
Gore College of Business
Undergraduate - Aviation Law
M.B.A. Program - Medical Jurisprudence
Adjunct Professor of Law - Brigham Young University -
J. Reuben Clark Law School

Insurance Law & Medical Jurisprudence
Commercial pilot with airplane, single and multiengine land, instrument, certified flight instructor airplane and certified flight instructor instrument airplane ratings