Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RPG 1983

December 15 1:12 pm

Doing great.   Mostly a lot of waiting around.  We've been here 9 hours.  Things are just starting to get interesting.  They broke her water and will probably...

give her an epidural in the next half hour.

December 15, 4:01 pm

She's no longer in any pain.  Just waiting around.  Prob a few more hours.

December 15 11:38 pm

Baby born!  Steph and the boy are doing great.  I'm watching the boy sleep now.  He is pooped!

December 18, 11:57 am

I think they will start at 1:30

December 18, 5:16 pm

Surgery went great.  We haven't seen hom yet but should be able to soon. 

December 20 1:15 pm

Luke's recobvery has been a little slow.  He is still on a respirator because one of his lungs has closed up some with fluids.  They just did an x ray a few minutes ago though and it is starting to clear up and they are starting to try to wean him off the respirator.  We ate hoping to hold him tomorrow and of

December 20 2:16 pm

f the respirator in a couple days

January 4 1:23 pm

Hewy Luke is doping great today.  He is going to get his very first bit of breast milk ever so this is very exciting.  Most will be through a tube but we are going to try it through the bottle when we go in tonight.

January 25 6:11 pm

A nurse practitioner (who calls Luke her boyfriend) said she plans on discharging him from the hospital on Monday.

January 26, 1:46 pm

Luke is coming home in a couple hours!!!!