Tuesday, January 14, 2014


December 18 Thursday,  During a visit Ava quietly leaned into me and said, "Grandpa could you speak at my baptism?"  Of course I was thrilled.  When the day came it was snowing and on the way to the airport Gayle called and said they shut down the SLC Airport.  We turned around and came back home to think about what to do.  After a couple of hours we decided to drive up the 70.  On the way it was dark, rainy with blaring lights in our face.  At one point Deborah was driving, passing a big semi and was between the center dividier and the semi with slick road and going fast.  I grabbed my seat not knowing what would halppen.  I quietly asked if I could take over and from then on and drove most the rest of the way, not passing any trucks.

Before the baptism we were all sitting there.  I was on the second row and Chad and Ginger were behind me.  Ginger leaned over to me and whispered, "Grandpa I think you are plerfect for Ava's baptism."  That made the whole trip for me.  Ava looked pretty and composed and lovely., 

Saturday Ava was baptized by her father in Denver.

December 27, 2013

Brett, Ryan M and I visit with John and Gayle after they snowboard at Brighton.

Things I learned:

John hurt his knee doing double steps on the way out of the temple.  He works on Friday's.  He told about a young couple who were more interested in who was at the sealing rather than what was actually happening.

Gayle said she hadn't read the same book she gave Brett for Christmas but Paul probably had.  Paul loves reading church books and thrives on gospel discussions.  John and Gayle learn a lot from him.

Saw the new train set.  Over the top.  But it is just a train running around tracks.  Some of the buildings cost 7k. He has building replicas from Glendale, the SLC Train station and a Park City Building.  I prefer HO scale but of course this will be a beautiful layout.

Ryan M loved the cars in the garage.  John had two replicars made of metal.  32 roadster and 32 hot rod and brand new Corvette and a black truck.

When we got there Ryan M jumped out of the car and took photos of the lights.

Both are getting operations for their carpeltunnel problems this coming year.

December 29

Deborah told me tonight that "The things that mean the most to me mean the least to you."  In other words she is powerless and feeling sorry for herself.

At Barbara's sealing the sealer said to say a sweetheart prayer morning and night.  That means you list things you are grateful for in your spouse.   Barbara and Dennis Hill were sealed on the 27th.  And we found that Charlie's marriage was annulled.

January 8th  Frank and I go to Fish Lake to ice fish.  When we arrived on the lake I noticed how slippery it was.  It was like walking on an giant ice cube.  Then I noticed the sound of cracking ice.  Well since we just stopped at the store and asked about conditions and she told us to watch out for cracks in the ice, I wondered and worried a bit.  After a while I got used to it and called Deborah on my cell phone.  Frank caught one, then I caught two.  The wind got started and it got pretty cold.  Franks plastic tub  blue across the lake and he gingerly went after it.  I laughed and then it happened to me.  Toward the end of the day a guy was packing up his tent and it took off and blew all the way across the lake.  He had a hike.

On our way to fish lake Frank told me that Hope was very depressed the last year of her life.  She wanted to go.  Frank prayed the whole year that she would be released.  On September 18, 1988 the family had a fast to that end and she passed away that night.  Her death date is recorded as September 19, 1988. 

Middle of January 

Deborah went to visit her mother and dying grandmother.  One night she saw some lights, got up and kept seeing the lights.  After a few minutes they went away but she went out and talked to the hospis person.  She was 25, had a child and was very sweet.  She talked about seeing Little House on the prairie and the parts of the show she liked.  Deborah talked to her about the church and bore her testimony.

Two weeks later she got a call from her mother saying that the girl is getting baptized on February 1.  As it turns out the day before Deborah and the girl talked, the girl was praying about which church to join. 

February 1, 2014 Rachel announces that she is pregnant and will give birth in July! Super excited.

We are excited to inform you that we are expecting a baby, due July 29th.


1.       Where are you having the baby?
In the hospital in Bermuda.

2.       Do you have a name picked out?
We think so, but debating the details at the moment.

3.       How are you feeling?
Pretty crappy, but I’m told the next few months will be better.

4.       Can I hug you really hard / touch your belly?

5.       Boy or girl?
Looks like a boy.

6.       Are you going back to work afterwards?
Yes, after my 3 month maternity leave is up.

7.       Can I see a picture?


May 3, Hiked Grove Canyon with Bryan Flake to the Indian Grounds.  That is about half way up Timp.  Great view, the first part was straight up and a little tricky going up and dangerous coming down. 

May 11, Hiked the Lake Mountains, about two hours in and an hour back.  We went to the little knob called Jenna Peak by Bryan Flake's brother.  Rocky and a good work out and we saw all of Ceder Valley and half of Utah Lake.