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Daniel Wesley Brock III 1946 - 2012

Daniel Wesley Brock III passed away suddenly August 29, 2012 in Mesa, AZ. He was born in Los Angeles, CA, to Daniel Wesley and Thella Wilson Brock, May 2, 1946. He was raised and educated in Los Angeles along with his four brothers and two sisters. He was the “big” brother and didn’t let any of his siblings forget it.

First nick-named “Happy” because of his exuberant personality, later as a teenager, the nick-name evolved to “Mudd” because of all the mischievous pranks. Mudd stuck and he never grew out of the well-earned name.

He faithfully served an LDS mission in the Canadian Alaska Mission (1965), then married Marcia Fretz and moved to Tucson to attend the U of A. His first son and daughter were born there. They divorced and he started his business in Mesa to stay close to the children. He married Katie Bishop, and they have 4 sons. Dan cherished being a father, nothing was more important to him in his life than his children. Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce. On July 5, 2001, Dan married Jan Grimshaw.

Dan is a friend to everyone he met, with a teasing joke and kindness to all. His life is an example of love and hard work. Dan was a successful architect and enjoyed his faithful partners Jim and Boyd at Brock, Craig and Thacker Architects. He mostly worked on commercial buildings, i.e. fire/police stations, senior center, multi generational center, libraries, schools, churches and pools. Dan provided the City of Mesa countless hours of service by serving on the Design Review Board, Planning and Zoning Board and other city committees over the many years he lived in Mesa. Dan’s great eye for design and function has improved the communities we live in.

Dan is survived by his wife, Jan, mother Thella Brock, children: Dan (Beth) 6 children, Jayme Mendenhall (2 children), Travis (Christie) 2 children, Jason (Kenna) 1 child, Aaron, Cameron (Abbey). Siblings: Larry, Jill Beitler, Hank, Draza Esplin, George and Wendell; many nieces and nephews. Mudd will be missed for his sense of humor, easy-going spirit and all the joy he brought into our lives.

Visitation will be Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012 from 6-8 PM at Bunker’s Garden Chapel, 33 N. Centennial Way in Mesa. Funeral services are Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 3 PM, preceded by a visitation at 2 PM at the LDS Fairfield Ward, 933 E. Brown Rd, also in Mesa.

In lieu of flowers for Dan Brock donations can be made to:
Texas Central Hemophilia Association towards the care of his grandson, Dylan Brock.

12700 Hillcrest Rd. #191
Dallas, Texas 75230
Attention: Brendan Hayes

September 3, 2012, 11:21 pm-
I was deeply saddened to hear of you husband's passing; please accept my heart-felt condolences. It is my prayer; you & your family feel the peace and comfort of the Spirit, as you navigate this difficult time.
With love,
Tracy Zollinger
— Tracy Zollinger

September 2, 2012, 1:01 pm-
Mesa loses a warm and friendly, civic volunteer committed to the welfare of his community. Dan Brock. Our sincere sympathies on your personal loss of a good man. Respectfully, Barbara Carpenter
— Barbara Carpenter

Toquerville Cemetery
Washington County
Utah, USA


The following advertisement was run in the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret Morning News, Section A, August, 2006. It is reprinted here for those that may not have seen it when it ra

Thank You.

To all those people that have touched our lives and the lives of our children over the years. We do not know where many of you are, where you have moved to, or how to contact you, but perhaps someone who does will pass along the word of our gratitude. You have made a difference in our lives and been a blessing in the lives of our seven children. Perhaps you do not know what kindness you did or said, because mostly they were small acts, but nonetheless, we noticed, and remember them, and they were more meaningful than we can express. We learned goodness from you. We are what you have helped us to become. To our family you have been kind, generous, true and loyal friends, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude that we could never repay.

Bob & Jessica Alsop, Brent & Delores Anderson, Dave & Sharon Anderson, Jim & Sharon Anderson, Lee & Karen Anderson, Paul & Karen Anderson, Ray & Delfa Andrus, Jerry & Carol Atkinson, Bruce & Susan Babcock, Ken & Margie Barson, Rick Bashaw, Ted & Sue Bell, Stan Benfell, Dallas Bradford, Richard Bradley, Kathryn Briggs (deceased), Lynn Bridges, Jeff & Nicole Bruderer, Rick Casey, Bill & Pat Child, Brent & Sharon Christensen, Karina Christensen, Hugh & Janet Cummings, Bob Daines, Sharon & Ken Duke, Randall Edwards, Ken Evans, Vaughn Featherstone, Wes Felix, Greg & Karla Ferguson, Ron & Marcia Ferrin, Bob & Kathy Fotheringham, Art Gardiner, Rick & Lisa Gatherum, Bob Gibson, Hugh Gregson, Hunter & Ida Hale, David & Toni Handy, Scott Hansen, Floyd & Carol Hatch, Ernie & Colleen Hewlett, John Hewlett, Stuart & Angie Hinckley, John Homer, Jim & Barbara Horton, Curt & Lois Hoskins, Dee Hubbard, Nancy & Dusty Hueston, James Ivie, Karen Israelson & family, Ellis Ivory, Max & Nita Jenkins, Paul Jensen, Norman S. (deceased) & Carol Johnson, Kathleen & Frank Johnson, Jeremy & Kristen Johnston, Doug & Holly Jones, Keith & Carol Karren, Curtis Keith, Bruce Kenner, Vonadee Kenney, David & Gayle Kezerian, Tom Lebaron, Wilf & Constance Leiber, Judy & John (deceased) Lever, Ray & Kathy Linner, Rod & Deedee Linton, Ken & Rosann Long, Bill & Nancee Madsen, Ken & Robin Macey, Nick & Phyllis Mark, Karen Martinez, Mark Matley, Todd McChesney, Lou (deceased) & Joyce Mousley, Paul Moxley, Scott K. Muir, Craig Nelson, Mike & Charla Nieman, Jim & Erica Nordquist, Kent & Janie Norton, Karen Altemeier Oliver & I. James Oliver, Gordon & Birgid Park, Allan & Teri Packer, Sid & Judy Paulsen, Kent Petersen, Wayne & Joan Peterson, Larry & Tammy Pinnock, L. Aldin Porter, Mike & Mary Quist, Rulon Rasmussen, Bill & Jana Rees, Jay & Anita Rice, Ken & Carol Richardson, Mark & Brenda Rindlesbach, Steve & Sue Robinson, Jeffrey R. Rogers, Dan & Linda Scarlett, Jon Schiffman, Scott Scoville, Gary Sheets, Kendra Shirey, Mike & Iris Sloan, Scott Smith, Steve & Leslee (deceased) Smith, Bill (deceased) & Athlelia Tanner, Steve & Shirley Taylor, Doug & Cinda Taylor, Bob & Marcene Taylor, Jay & Janet Todd, Barry & Tricia Topham, Helen Trauntvein, Bob & Debi Tuttle, Don & Nancy VanSlootan, Doug Vogeler, Brent Ward, William R. Walker, Jim Williams, Bob & Helen Wells, Warren & Brenda Woods, Ken & Athlelia Woolley, Our many friends from the Jordan North 5th Ward (1980-85), Holladay 4th Ward (1985-1997), Forest Bend Ward (1997-2002), Irvine 1st Ward (2003), School teachers & little league coaches who cared, Scouting leaders, colleagues & clients in the financial consulting profession who were actually more friends than they were colleagues and clients, and many others too numerous to mention. There are others whom we felt might prefer to go nameless, R.G.S., B.K. & D.P., J.R.H., M.J.B.; hopefully they know who they are and our appreciation for their interest & encouraging words. One doesn’t dare forget the tutors of his youth: Albertus Aardema (d), Bob Boyack, Douglas L. Callister, Norinne Callister, Mary Castro, Jack Coan, Dave Corrigan, Ascension Duran (d), Parley Harrison, Jay Hull, Mike & Donna Lawyer, Max Martinez, Morris Maxwell (d), Norm Roberts (d), Robert C. Seamons (d), Angus (d) & Rita White, Mahlon Watkins, Serge Woodruff, and others of the Elysian Park Ward–Glendale, CA Stake (1961-1972). It has not been the example of your outward achievements that has meant the most; no, not by far,—it has been the ordinariness of your day-to-day living and words that has made you friends. Finally, to my family: the most beautiful wife who has been by my side for 29 years, Julie, and our faithful children, Danny & Eliza, Andrea and Wyatt Christensen, Larry, Leslee, Carrie, Beth & Thomas, with whom life has so much meaning; to my father & mother, Dan (d) and Thella (of the St. George 5th Ward, who at age 84 serves for 2 years in Arkansas); my bothers and sisters, Dan and Jan Brock, Larry & Joyce Brock, Jill & Terry Beitler, Draza & Terry Esplin, George Brock, and Wendell & Taunie Brock, and 37 Brock nieces and nephews; to Julie’s family which is as my own, Darrell & Joyce (d) & Darlene Herzog, and all my brothers and sisters-in-law, Sandra Russell, Tim & Linda Herzog, Bob & Debbie Herzog, Lori & Mark Smith, and Jane & Brian Barnett, and 17 Herzog nieces and nephews, and much extended family on both sides. A special gratitude to my father: Daniel Wesley Brock (1908-1985), one like Pres. Tanner–unquestioned integrity by all who knew him, full of kindness, wise judgment yet slow to judge (which seem to go together), always a listening ear, faithful, who knew God through his extremities, who lived life-in-danger for 25 years serving his country without us knowing it, and though 4 Eagle Scouts could never fly the American Flag in front of our home, it was one of his last gifts to us.

Three men, all Daniel Wesley Brock, carry the name of this ordinary, unknown man.
May God Bless You, each and every one. Your old friends,
Hank & Julie Brock

Dear Kent,

I have just spent about 4 hours total over the past two days looking at your fantastic website/blog: Gathering Gardiners. Thank you for sharing so much information about your roots and my roots in the Glendale Stake/Elysian Park Ward. There is some wonderful history and obviously a ton of work that has gone into what you have done. So Thank you again. If you would like to add a bit more I will give you a brief run down on my family, since you were kind enough to include us in the history of the Elysian Park Ward.

Also did you have a sister Diane? (I hope I remembered her name right - its been a long time) I think that was her name, I think she would have graduated high school 1978-1979? Anyway she was wonderful and a good friend in the Stake - she was a year or two older than me, but she was always nice to me, which as a bit of a shy kid I greatly appreciated. I don’t know what she is up to but give her my best.

Anyway, I am Wendell Brock, the youngest of the Seven Brock kids. I would most like be remembered as Bub, as during those years I used my nickname exclusively. My wife Taunie and I now reside in McKinney, Texas. We have six children, Charity, Schuyler, Abigail, Natalie, Omni, and Hannah and one grandson. The three oldest are married and involved in work and college, etc.; Natalie is serving a mission in Edmonton, Canada (Currently in Fort St. John, BC, Canada). She is our third missionary. Hopefully the next to will serve too, they are still in High School. 

My Mother, Thella, passed away about five years ago about a month before her 92nd birthday, she had Alzheimer’s. She retired and moved to St. George in 1988 and lived there until her passing. She was active and served as a Relief Society President from about age 75-80 in her St. George Ward. My Father passed away in January 1985. In about 1992 or 93 my mother wrote a book about my parents lives and their 20 years of work as FBI informants in the Communist Party, titled Operation Housewife. She was an amazing lady, with great faith in our Heavenly Father and a solid testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Daniel the oldest passed away about six months before my mother, cause unknown, he simply passed away in his sleep at his home in Arizona. And if I remember right Terry Beitler passed away about six months after my mother. He and Jill had four children and 13 grandchildren. Larry, Hank, Jill, Draza and George all live in St. George. I am the only one living away now.

We will most likely stay here as I really do love my wife and kids and it seems we are all sinking roots deep here in the Texas soil. However, I have great fond memories of growing up in the Glendale Stake. We had wonderful leaders to pattern our lives after and who taught us the principles and doctrines of the Restored Gospel, which to this day impacts me on a daily basis. I will be forever grateful to all with whom I associated with growing up in the Glendale Stake. 

Well that is about it, I’d better get back to work, thanks again for the wonderful website. I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kind Regards,

Wendell Brock, MBA, ChFC

I remember them very well, at least Gerry and Audrey. Glen passed away when I was 9 years old, so I only remember hearing about his passing as a kid. But I spend many hours hanging out with Gerry when he got home from his mission. We took trips to Utah together and had a lot of fun. I rebuilt the top half of the engine of my Datsun Pickup in his garage. Audrey was always so kind and patient with me. I think I was a bit of a bugger at times (selfish teenager), but she was a saint and helped keep me in line. I have been blessed many times by your Aunt’s wonderful meals, she was amazing like that.   I went on my first camping/shooting trip with Gerry and Ray Moore and my brother Hank, when I was seven or eight years old. It was the first time I shot a gun! I left the area in January 1984 and have not been back since. I was gone Jan, 81- Dec 82 serving my mission in Texas. I would pop into the ward for a weekend visit about once every ten years or so, But I think it has been well over ten years since I have been back. I am embarrassed to say I have not kept in touch much with folks from that time of my life, while many things in my life are wonderful, I struggle to keep somethings going and find myself quite stressed about running my business. Like my father I am self employed and everyday is more work!!