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Rowena Lenora Reeder 1897 - 1973

Rowena L Reeder born: 1 February 1897, Ross Fork, Bingham, Idaho to William Henry Reeder 1884 - 1922 and Elizabetha Bachman 1860 - 1920 from Switzerland. 
She married Clayton C Singer in her parents home, a year after her mother's death, on March 1, 1921.  She refers to herself as Mrs Singer from her marriage in 1921 until 1940.

In the 1940 census she reports being divorced and calls herself Rowena Reeder from that time on.  She is a bookkeeper for the IRS. From 1933 to 1940 she is living at 536 Levenworth, San Francisco, CA

Rowena L Reeder's is last found in  Greenbrae, Marin County, CA 94904 where she dies December 15, 1973 at 76 years of age with an unknown grave location.

1900 census

1910 census

Salt Lake Herald 1912-07-28

 1913 Ogden City Directory

Ogden Standard, 1914-02-21

Ogden Standard, 1914-04-24



  Chafing dish party:


1916 Ogden City Directory

1920 April 25, Ogden Standard: Rowena's mother dies.  Rowena is living in Ogden. 

 1921 Salina Kansas city directory: (can this be true? apparently the man who is to marry Rowena is already married to Dollie and is living in the same town Rowena and Clayton will move to after their March marriage)

6 Mar 1921 Ogden Standard Examiner, Tuesday of that week is March 1st.

Picture hat:

1923 Salina, Kansas city directory:

With mammoth premises located at the corner of Fourth and Ash streets, the F. A. Maynard Produce Co., was established in 1890. The business consists of handling fruit and produce in wholesale quantities. A specialty is made of handling the well known brand of "Sunkist" oranges and lemons. The business methods persued and prices quoted are such that a large business has been built up among the retail merchants of this city and the surrounding territory. From fifteen to twenty employees are required and a building 50x100 feet and four floors in height is occupied. The location is convenient to the merchants in all parts of the city, and is located on the Union Pacific track. This firm is composed of Messrs F. A. and D. Maynard. They are business men of strict integrity and high morals.

1928 San Francisco city directory:

1928 San Francisco voter info:

  1930 CA San Francisco, voter registration

 1933 San Francisco voter reg:

1933 Rowena's father dies:

William's Reeder's death from the DUP scrapbook:(at her father's death Rowena is still using the name Singer.

1935 voter registration San Francisco

1940 census, divorced:

1940 census extract:

1950 LA county voter registration (this is probably not Rowena Lenora Reeder since I don't think she ever lived in Los Angeles)

1959 San Francisco Directory

536 Levenworth, San Francisco, CA

 27 Mar 1961 Ogd Stand Ex, Rowena's brother dies and she is listed as Rowena Reeder. 

Rowena is last found in Greenbrae, near San Francisco from 1962 presumebly until her death 11 years later.

California death records: