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Max Bruce Jenkins 1924 - 1949

Max is the son of Nellie Nelson Hulet and Delos Jenkins. Nellie left Delos two years before the 1930 census where they appear to be an intact family.  Delos replied to the census as if Nellie was still there.  Nellie and Beth and Max were living in Utah with family by 1929. They divorced after struggling with his drinking.   

Max and Beth were raised by Nellie and her second husband: Nephi James Hulet.  Max was a natural leader and enjoyed spending time with his family.  He married Barbara Margaret Nichols and they had three children: Sandra Lee b Oct 23, 1946, Max Dee born February 27 1948 and Janice Kay born December 12, 1949.

Beth died of complications with RA at age 54.  Beth and Lloyd had three children; Carol, Bill, and Kim.  The  descendants  are numerous.  Lloyd died at age 96.  The relationship of Nephi with Beth and Max was wonderful.  Nephi had a warm and friendly personality.

Max enjoyed doing airplane stunts including going down Ogden Canyon upside down looking for deer to hunt.  Max was killed in a crash due to freezing temperatures on the way back from a football game.  His plane crashed in the Great Salt Lake and he was drowned. He was 25.

1924 Nallie and Max

1924 Nellie and Max

1928 Max and Beth



1930 federal census


1937 Lagoon Max Berty Beth Mark

1937 Lagoon

1937 Lagoon





LtoR Bert Max Beth Mark

LtoR Bert, Max, Mark

1948 Max

1948 Loyd, Sandy, Carol and Max

1948 Loyd, Sandy, Carol and Max

1948 LtoR Bert, Mark, Nellie, Nephi and Max

1949 Max D son , Sandy daughter , Carol

1949 Max D son , Sandy daughter, Carol

1952 Max D

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