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Hope Hulet Gardiner's Letters to the James Gardiner Family 1960 - 1981

Hope’s Letters

From 1960 to 1981 Hope wrote 396 letters to JHG and his children.

  1. wishing she could have family members over and make dinner
  2. wanting to visit her children and grandchildren, (she took a keen interest in each individual)
  3. wanting to get more genealogy done (at times she was frustrated with lack of cooperation in this effort)
  4. wanting to do more with the Malta house in particular greening the lawn, and getting plastic on the windows to protect the home against winter
  5. appreciation for the help and money received (at times she sent checks back telling JH he needs the money more)
  6. wishing she could drive a car and be more independent
  7. wanting everyone to enjoy their birthdays and Christmas
  8. concerns about selling and paying off her land and home

1941 1 letter
1960 1 letter
1962 3 letters
1963 14 letters
1964 23 letters
1965 25 letters
1966 17 letters
1967 12 letters
1968 12 letters
1969 18 letters
1970 15 letters
1971 15 letters
1972 16 letters
1973 19 letters
1974 14 letters
1975 12 letters
1976 24 letters
1977 3 letters
1978 14 letter
1979 16 letters
1980 12 letters
1981 3 letters

Here are excerpts you might enjoy and may be relevant to the Gardiner family history.

1941 Army?

Dear Boy June: ...Dad and Golden went to Bridge yesterday and again this a.m.  Dad will stay up there tonight and Golden will come back on the bike. The three younger girls are going to Albion this morning for trhe Annual Music Festival. Mary said she might go too. Frank and I are here to keep track of the cows and the three sheep, the pigs, chickens, turkeys, can and dog besides what other odd jobs we can find to do. Frank was making him a well the other day.  He had a little piece of water pipe and had to have a hole dug for it. After he had fussed around a while pouring water down the pipe, he decided it wasn't good enough so he came to me and said "Mama, I wonder how I can load that well on my wagon.  "I want it in a better place. I told him I was afraid it would be too hard to do.  He said, "Ok, I guess I won't bother>'

They are having one big old time over the water business.  The old rights want to squeeze the rest right out, it looks like even tho they have paid in on the Bar M deal.  It is a fine mess and doesn't look good.

I just don't know what to tell you about the army business.  I wouldn't want to advise you against anything that would be detrimental in the future to you.  But I really feel that if you boys can be in school and getting training there along lines that are useful and to your liking that it would be better than to b e in the army, especially as long as you are both under 21 years of age.  We will have to pray for divine inspiration and guidance to know what do do for the best, Lots of love and good wishes,  Always Mom

1960 Unknown month, Fred feels rocky

The twins are growing fine at Thanksgiving time Nathan weighed 16 and ½ pounds and Corby weighed 18 and ½ pounds.  Nathan had been operated on for hernia about 2 weeks ago before that but didn’t lose any weight.  He got along fine.  Gloria helped with the operation.  Both Gloria and Mary work in Doctor’s offices.  Mary is working for Dr. Floyd Cannon (Margaret Gardiner’s husband.  She is Uncle Clarence’s daughter.)

Uncle Clarence and Aunt Eva both have very poor health now.  Dad has been pretty good, for him, the past 3 months but overdone helping Frank haul some baled hay.  Frank told him take it easy but he did more than he should and felt pretty rocky yesterday. I dread the winter when Frank goes to school.  I think I will have most of the chores to do and I don’t hanker for the job but hope I can keep up and do what has to be done.

(Fred dies Dec 26, 1960)

1962 December, 9 Gardiner line

I got a report the first part of November on the Gardiner line.  The researcher hasn’t found much that is new except the birthdates for the children of James Gardiner and wife Ann Gall.  It seems James Gardiner (father of your grandfather Robert Gardiner) joined the church about 1948 but was cut off for rebellion in 1856.  He must have been stiff-necked.  He must have been re-baptized in 1861.  His son James Jr. was also cut off for rebellion.  I will try to get a copy of the report made for you.  I sent it to the girls to make a copy for Uncle Clarence. 

Don’t blame yourself for the genealogy work not going faster.  You gave me $40 when you were here.  I sent in $75.  I don’t know if they have used all of it or not but they said that due to the previous commitments and the work on hand it will require approximately 18 to 24 months before they will be cleared up and ready to continue our research.  They have placed my name on their waiting list and I will be notified when their services are available.  They recommend that the prepared to submit the sum of $100 upon notification but said not to send funds for data until that time.  So you see it is a slow grind to get research work done. 

Uncle Clarence thought best to have the work started on the Gardiner line and see first if we can connect the Stewart line with some of the Stewarts who have been doing genealogy work.  He sent me $75 but when he wanted to wait on the Stewart research I gave his money back to take care of until we can get started on that line.

Uncle Clarence hasn’t been very well for a while. Mary said when she was home last that Dr. Cannon says Uncle Clarence will go just like Dad did.  He has a lot of the same symptoms that Dad had.  That congested feeling in his chest and difficulty in breathing.  If Uncle Clarence and Aunt Eve are still here when you come next time with your family, you must call to see them.  The children will be glad to know them and I know they would be happy to have you call on them.

1962 December 18, Land

I had planned to go to Salt Lake last weekend but haven’t been able to accomplish some of the things that have to be done before leaving the house for the winter.  I need a hired man for at least 1 day.  When I found I was out of birthday cards I sent for some and ordered them to be sent to Salt Lake address so that won’t help either right now.  Barbara and Golden are so busy with their family, building project and church jobs that I can’t ask Golden to do odd jobs for me.  They had the roof off the older house last week and have been full of anxiety least a storm come in on them.  So far they have been fortunate and haven’ been rained on.  The roof rafters are on now and the boards nailed on ready for the singles. 

Golden came over tonight to see if I had had any word from you, June, about the price of the land and how much you want to sell.  He (Golden) needs to get lined up as soon as possible if he gets the loan.  I don’t know how to set the price when it is one of the family and anyway the land is in your name and you have the deeds so you should be the on to do the business and get the money or you and Frank if he was supposed to have part of the land. 

Golden bought 40 acres from the State out by the old beacon a few years ago.  He paid $50 an acre for it and it has no water rights.  He thought he was getting a bargain on that.  There is a well and pump on that land of yours.  If we figured the land and well plump separately it would be different.  I know most people wouldn’t sell under $150 to $200 or over an acre for land with a well on.  But I don’t know how to figure this deal.  The water is the key for his getting the loan.  I wouldn’t want to sell to anyone of the family and wouldn’t consider it now if I thought I could get any one to farm it for us. 

You know if things get though on the war situation, this might be the best spot for all of us. 

I am sending a parcel but its contents are limited in quantity.  June dear, you said you didn’t have any cuff links.  I am sending Dad’s that the girls gave him about 1959 for Christmas.  There are some other accessories that you may not be able to use but thought they might be keepsakes for you and the boys.

1963 Jan 7, Dreaming of Fred

Thanks again for all you did to make our Christmas so wonderful.  We did have a lovely Christmas although we likely all were thinking the same thoughts of what happened three years ago to be a lasting sad memory.  Yet so many things remind me of Dad that I never feel that he is very far away and I often dream of seeing him.

1963 January 16, Speculation

I told Golden what you said and told him I am sure none of us are wanting to speculate on him or to be unfair in any way. Don't you think if you haven't already written to him about the price that you should write directly to him.  He wanted to get a definite understanding.  I told him he knew what would be fair.  He said, "Yes he did know.  But he never did say what it was. So I don't know if he thinks we are asking too much or not.  We aren't a very business like bunch when it comes to setting prices for one of the family

1963 January 20, Kent’s ironing

I dreamed last night that June and Kent came to the place at Malta.  Kent said, “I don’t know just what you need done around her but if you have any ironing to do I will do that.”

Maybe Kent has repented of letting me do his ironing last summer when he is such an expert at it.

1963 May 25, Aunt Althea
Aunt Althea’s children send her presents but they don’t spend much time with her and that is what she needs.  She has been alone too much with her worries and sorrow until she can’t talk of anything else.  She has really been a neglected person since Uncle Charlie went.  She doesn’t have any interests to keep her mind out of the old tracks.
I have spent most of two weeks trying to help her but couldn’t begin to do all that should have been done.  She seemed to have just given up trying to keep herself presentable or the house.  Her house is a very nice one and convenient but she has the attitude, “O what is the use, Dad’s gone and the children and I am here alone.  Nothing matters.”  Her mind is pretty confused.  She keeps thinking Uncle Charlie will come in like he used to.  She talks to herself and to him a lot of the time.  She wanted me to stay nights but I felt I had all I could take in the day time and it was good to get to the apartment with the girls.  She was always nice with me and seemed to appreciate my help but pleads poverty all the time.  Her children keep telling her to use the money she has as the State will get it when she goes, but no she hates to buy what little she eats and frets about the price of everything.  I surly feel sorry to see her spending her time like she does.
Thank you so much Carol for the dates you sent.  I have recorded it and appreciate being able to keep the records up to date.  We are truly thankful for your wonderful ability and help in caring for the family.  We feel that June was inspired and blessed in his choice of a companion and helpmate.  And too we realize the responsibility of caring for a family requires a lot of serious and prayerful cooperation between the parents and the children to make a success.  We are sure that is the way you folks are working. 
Note: Althea was Fred Gardiner's brother Charles's wife. Carol says that the hardest part of getting old is loneliness. 

1963 June 4, Scandal

I guess I will have to tell you the rest of the scandal.  I went to Salt Lake to Malta with Frank when his school was out.  When we arrived we found that someone had broken the west cellar window and got in, then took the hinges off the cellar door and got up into the rest of the house.  We haven’t missed anything except some bottled fruit.  One quart had been eaten; two other bottles were opened and left standing with the lids off.  I don’t know just how much fruit was taken but know part of one box was gone at least.  It was evident someone had snooped around the house but as there was no money they decided the fruit was enough.

Then the week before when I left to go to Salt Lake Golden and Barbara waited down town to see me off on the bus.  When Golden went out and was doing his chores Mr. Teeters went out to the barn where he was and started raving at him.  You know he had wanted to buy the 40 acres of land between him and Golden.  He didn’t have the money to do it.  Golden went right to his house and told him if he wanted to buy it that he Golden wouldn’t even do a thing about buying it.  He told Golden to go ahead as he couldn’t buy it.

He finally got so worked up he hit Golden on the arm with his shovel.  He would have hit him in the side if Golden hadn’t moved enough to avoid it.  Golden never tried to retaliate and just let him rave on.  The children were all out there screaming their loudest.  Brad went in and told his mother.  She went out and tried to find out why Mr. Teeters was acting that way but he was ready to hit Golden again.  Barbara said she thinks the crying of the children was all that stopped him.   Barbara went over to Teeters but where there is no sense there is no feeling of decency.

Golden and Barbara reported it to the sheriff and talked to the attorney.  They thought Golden should have him arrested, but Golden didn’t after talking to the Bishop.

Do you want to hear more?  The day before Frank and I left SLC some one took Mary’s wallet out of her purse with nearly $100 in it.  She had it in a drawer of the desk at the office.  She just stepped out of the office room and walked down the flight of stairs and back up.  She said she knows she wasn’t gone 2 minutes.  She notices a guy going down the hall when she got back but never thought of her purse until she looked for it at noon.   She had been to the bank for money for rent etc.  and still had it in her purse when she went to work.  Dr. Cannon and Margaret insisted on giving her a check to replace what she lost.  The guy had been doing quite a business stealing purses but they have him in jail now.  All this happened to the Gardiners in one week.

1963 June 12, Fight 

When Golden went out and was doing his chores Mr. Teeters went out to the barn where he was and started raving at him.  You know he had wanted to buy the 40 acres of land between him and Golden.  He didn't have the money to do it.  Golden went right to his house and told him if he wanted to buy it that he Golden wouldn't even do a thing about buying it.  He told Golden to go agead as he couldn't buy it.  But all this time he has been smoldering about it.  He finally got so worked up he hit Golden on the arm when his shovel.  It would have hit him in the side if Golden hadn't moved enough to avoid it.  Golden never tried to retaliate and just let him rave on.  The children were all out there screaming their loudest.  Brad went in and told his mother.  She went out and tried to find out why Mr Teeters was acting that way but he was ready to hit Golden again. Barabara said she thinks the crying jof the children was all that stopped him.  Barbara went over to the Teeters house then and talked to Mrs. Teeters but where there is no sense there is no feeling of decency.  Golden and Barbara reported it to the Sherriff and talked to the attorney.  They both thought Golden should have him arrested but Golden didn't after talking to the bishop.

Uncle Clarence hasn't been very well for a while.  Mary said when she was home last that Dr. Cannon says Uncle Clarence will go just like Dad did.  He has a lot of the same symptoms that Dad had. The congested feeling in his chest and difficulty in his breathing .  If Uncle Clarence and Aunt Eve are still here when you come next time with your family you must call to see them.,  The children will be glad to know them and I know they would bve haplpy to have you call on them.

1964 May 1, Will Gedge dies

A week ago Monday Gloria took me to Morgan.  We had a short visit with Aunt Verda, Aunt Rae, and Aunt Thora.  Uncle Howard wasn’t home.  Then we went to Ogden to see Aunt Belva and Uncle Roseal.  Uncle Roseal talked quite a bit but very slowly and low.  Had I not known his condition I couldn’t have recognized him.

Yesterday morning Uncle Nephi’s son Bert’s wife called us and said uncle Roseal passed away about 7 a.m.  What a blessing for him to be relieved of his suffering.  Ruth didn’t know when the funeral would be and I haven’t heard since.  Will have to do some inquiring. 

Another event you likely want to know about James.  Uncle Will Gedge passed away April 8th  (April 7th according to the headstone) and was buried the 12th.  They had him in a rest home.  Leone was in Scotland represent the General board of Relief Society.  Rachel had all the responsibility or arranging for the funeral.  He was 84.

James must be pretty big now.  Would like to see him and all of you.  I’ll bet Julie is a big girl now and helps take care of Janice.  Am happy that all the children are doing so well at schoolwork.  It really pays to do our best each day in school to prepare us for the work we have to do or the jobs we will want to get when we are ready to look for jobs.  They all have what it takes if they will make use of their talents. 

1964 June 3, High water

Right now we have an abundance of high water. There is water running on all sides of me and has been most of the time since last Thursday.  Did I tell you the old house pump was cracked again? Golden took it to be welded but we figured it likely wouldn’t be dependable so ordered a new plump.  It is a new model of the Red jacket pump and doesn’t fit the pipes for the old model.  Golden can’t get down to install it because the water is higher than his hip boots now in the cellar.  He put it down there the first day it came (he was wearing hip boots).  By the next day the water was so high the pump was in water so he took it out through the window yesterday.  So I am hoping the water situation is better before you get here.

Congratulations Kent on your graduation. (High School graduation)

1964, June 9, Water 

I am surely hoping that the water situation soon improves here.  There is water running on all sides of me and not just a trickle, either.  The basement is full of water and we can't put the new pump jin yet.  The water is over a foot high than the baple down there.  Had to get Golden to get some of the things for me this morning.  We have had heavy rains every day for over two weeks which makes the snow in the mountains melt faster and adds to the high water.  I can't go for my mail without wearing boots. 

1964 June 16, Water
Dear Ones,
Well it is still raining and water running.  Last night Golden put in some dams to try to keep the water from running south of the house over home.  Do hope it will help so we can get in and out of the yard.  Last Thursday morning Golden called me on the phone and asked if I would come over and help, as Barbara was sick.  She is feeling better now but I haven’t been back home, as I couldn’t get out of the yard without Golden helping to keep me from sinking in the mud.  It is really water soaked around there.  When I left, the water was up to the first step where the stairs turns down to go into the cellar.   It has never been that deep in the cellar before since we have been there.  We still can’t put the new pump in as the water is up over where the pump would be.
The water came in Barbara and Golden’s new basement for several days but they used a little pump and have it pretty well dried out now.  As soon as it will do any good over home we will use the pump over there.  I hope it will be soon as I am really anxious to get things cleared up as much as possible before you folks arrive.  So we at least can have clear water to use to work the mud off our feet. 
Would surely like to be there for Kent’s graduation.  Our very best wishes to him for his future progress and success in his effort for further education.  When I graduated from the 5th grade our class motto was, “We are rowing not drifting.”  If all young people could just get the attitude that they make the very best use of their opportunities for learning and build a through foundation on which to build their stock of knowledge they would find school more interesting and satisfying as they go along. 
Uncle Clarence has his 83rd birthday anniversary May 39th.  He said he felt every bit of the weight of his age now.  He isn’t very well much of the time.  Aunt Eva also is feeling her age somewhat but gets along well for her age.  She is 80 now. 
Well I have scribbled a lot but said little.
Still will look forward to seeing you but hope things shape up better around here soon.
Lots of love to all
Always Mom- Grandma G

1964 July 20, Grandma pushes Mark into the creek!

Dear Mark, A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.  Wish we could have a birthday dinner all together but I am sure Mommy Carol will do a fine job like she always does. I enjoyed the food so much while I was there and was sorry I couldn’t have done better for you folks while you were here.  Have you forgiven me yet for pushing you in the creek: that was a mean trick wasn’t it?  But I know how much you like water and just wanted a little help to get in.

1964 October 8, Loan to Fred

James, please tell me how much money you loaned to Dad and I know of some of it but didn’t know he had borrowed some of it.  I want to square it up with you, as I know you have a hard deal with expenses as high as they are.  We appreciate the help you have when we needed it.  Would like to peek in and see all of you. 

Lots of love to all, Mom, Grandma

1964 October 15, Lost key, Grazing rights

This afternoon Barbara had to go to Stake R. S board meeting I went over and stayed with the 4 little ones.  Barbara brought me home.  When I was ready to unlock my door the key wasn’t in my purse and she had gone so I couldn’t stop her.  I waited thinking I could head Golden off on his way home.  He has a key to the house.  But he went zooming by on the road and didn’t see me waving at him.  So there was nothing to do but walk back over there.  I had left my house key in my jumper pocket instead of putting it in my purse like I usually do. They were ready for supper when I got there so insisted I stop and eat.  Barbara asked me to stay before she brought me home but I had mixed a little batch of bread and was afraid it would be running all over the kitchen.  However it has been quite cool today so the bread was still in the bowl.  Maybe it has worked until it won’t rise again though.  Time will tell. 

There is a meeting in Burley Oct 23rd for the grazing rights.  If Frank could be here he could go.  I don’t like to go and be the only woman in a room full of men that don’t have much idea of good manners.  I went once with Jay and Bert Cottles.  Some or many of the men smoked all the time and they thought they were being important to swear a lot.  If Golden could go with me it wouldn’t be so bad.  I wanted his name on the rights.  Dad had Franks name on with his.  But since the land is still in my name they put my name with Frank’s.    Well I have rambled on and on and you will be very weary of it all. 

I love and appreciate you for your thoughtfulness and many kindnesses and for what you are, 

Lots of love to all,
Mom – Grandma Gardiner

1964 November 24, Cassia Creek reservoir

The reservoir deal on Cassia Creek has caused a lot of bad feelings among people in that area.  Some have held out against a reservoir so that it couldn’t be built and there is to be a big lawsuit about the first of the year.  However, whether everyone agrees to have it built or not the government is going to build a reservoir which will be harder for the people to pay for than if the built it themselves.

It has made a lot of feelings among church people.  At the last Stake Conference Don Chandler one of the councilors in the Stake Presidency was not present.  It seems there has been orders from the higher authorities for those who were out of harmony to be suspended from their duties until they can change their attitude. I don’t know too much about what is carrying on but just enough to know things aren’t going right in the Stake and wards.

I enjoy and appreciate your letters.  Write when you can. 

Lots of love to all
Mom – Grandma Gardiner

1964 December 29, Althea and Clarence

Aunt Althea still goes over her troubles.  She is too much alone.  Marjorie is till back in New Jersey but from what Aunt Althea says there must be some trouble between her and her husband.  He took her for a trip out here last summer but he has never gone home since.  She says he is still in Chicago.  So I couldn’t even try to figure them out.  They got a baby boy last December.  I wanted to get the birth date for him but Aunt Althea says she doesn’t know the date.  She coaxes me all the time to go and stay with her but I can’t stay there steady.  She keeps telling the same thing over so many times, every time I talk to her.  I couldn’t take it regular every day although I do feel very sorry for her. 

Uncle Clarence has been in the new Stake Rest Home for elderly people who are not ill.  I sent him a card for Christmas but it came back unclaimed today.  Aunt Eva (Fred Gardiner’s sister) gave me the address but they said “no such address.” 

Myrle Low said she returned the negatives of the pictures we want to Uncle Clarence last summer.  Gordon Low’s wife wrote to me and said they had been returned.  Now how can I get them from uncle Clarence?  Gordon Low is now a Professor at BYU.  Do wish you and Golden were too. 

1965 January 4, Althea

We had Aunt Althea here for New Years dinner.  She gets so lonely living alone.  She doesn’t talk about anything but her troubles and loneliness.  Doesn’t read or write letters or do genealogy work or any of the many interesting and useful things she might do.  I feel very sorry for her and will have to visit her when I can n help in whatever way possible.

1965 January 25, The Bridge place

Frank is getting a well drilled on the Bridge place now.  I hope things work out O.K. for him.  He used to want a little corner of his own so badly but Dad never would cooperate on it for him.  You have equity in the Bridge place and other places I know.  Likely that is why Dad turned more land $ you than to the others.  Do hope we can square things with all so there will be no ill feelings like there is in some families over property.

1965 April 11, Driving a car

I would like to take James up on lessons on driving.  Folks have always figured me pretty stupid it seems as no one has ever been in favor of my learning to drive a car.  When I see all the kinds of people who do drive it really puts my self-confidence at low ebb.  Ha ha.

For some reason Uncle Orin became separated from the church.  Father told us the story he heard about it. It seems Uncle Orin was herding down for some of the people of Springville in the first years there.  He was barefoot.  The Bishop went to him and asked why he hadn't paid his tithing.  He said he didn't have anything to pay tithing with.  The Bishop said. If you don't pay tithing you will be cut off the church.  So something of the sort must have happened.  I don't know if this story is the real truth or not but Uncle Orin and his family were always very bitter toward the church and would not cooperate with those who asked for genealogy information. 

1965 April 28, Clarence

I feel sorry for Uncle Clarence.  He is in his old home now – not in the rest home.  His youngest daughter Alice and family live they’re with him but he says he leads a lonely life and they are very unsocial.  That would be hard on him, as he likes to talk and be social.

When I was in Salt Lake before Uncle Clarence went back home from the rest home Mary heard a few comments in the office from Dr. Cannon.  He said, Margaret said she was going to tell Alice to tell their father he couldn’t come there to stay.  Is that gratitude?  Dr. Cannon told Margaret to keep her mouth shut about it and say nothing.  But they just wanted to have him off their hands. 

Mary told me once a year ago last winter that Margaret had told her to tell me to call Uncle Clarence at their home while he was there sick.  Mary said Margaret hinted that she wished I would take care of Uncle Clarence.  I am sure Uncle Clarence has no more intention or wishes for such an arrangement, than I have.  He would like to live in his own home and have some consideration from his own family. 

1965 May 21, Kent in Provo

We had a letter from Kent not long ago, which was good to get.  Frank has seen him a few times in Provo.  Kent said he would have come to conference time had he known Margaret and Dean were there.  We neglect to write letters.  I hope I can get to see him before he goes back to California.

1965 June 24, Dates wrong

I am sending the report to Gloria and Mary to type copies for each of the family, I told them if they couldn’t do it right away to send it to you and let you get a copy. 
They sent copies of 5 Temple Index cards.  I notice 2 dates on them that are wrong.  The date of great great grandmother Elizabeth Stewart’s death should be 30th September 1861.  On the card it says 20th September 1861. 

Margaret Stewart Gardiner’s baptism report had 1865.  On the Temple card it is 25 Jan 1856.  On card the endowments were 1823.  Of course it must be 1923 as there was no endowments given in 1823.  It may have been recorded that way by mistake or copied wrong.  We will have to try to prove grandmother Gardiner’s baptismal date. I think 1865 must be the right date because she was born 1849 so would be only 7 years old in 1856.  It looks like some one on the research line isn’t too careful about checking dates.  I will see you get a copy of the report soon.

1965 August 18, Mark in Malta

We are fine here.  Mark and Frank are out working on the grain.  Durward Hall is doing the cutting now.  The old machine seemed too slow for Frank.  Mark is right on the job all the time.  He says he wants to stay until the end of August.  He is surely a good boy to get along with.  Kent was too.  He knows what it takes to get along with Frank too.  Your family is very good about looking on the best side of things.  If any one said things to Frank that he says to others he would be upset but he thinks folks ought to take his guff and like it. He wouldn't like me to say this either. 

Mark: Dad, Mother, Kent, Sandra, Janice, Gayle, Jeff, Julie, James

How are you all?  I don’t know when I will be home probably towards the end of the month.  Just about every day I have been, I have driven something, car, truck, pick-up, tractor. Working hard trying to get Frank’s grain in. 

See you soon, love Mark.

1965 September 2, Frank rough on Mark

Mark seems to like the rough life out here.  Likely would like it better if Frank wasn’t so rough on him but he seems to consider the source and doesn’t let it bother him too much.  He is surely a good boy and willing to help.  As near as I can find out Frank and Mark will go to Salt Lake about Tuesday so you can expect Mark about Wednesday or Thursday. He may want to stay a day or so in Salt Lake.  Will try to give you more definite information if possible but the long weekend holiday will interfere with mail service.

Congratulations Kent on being ordained an Elder and getting your call for a mission.  I am sure you will be a very good missionary.  Our prayers will be in your behalf and am sure you will put your trust I the lord to help you in the great work that is before you.

1965 September 28, The Dalley family
Will any of you folks be coming to see Kent off for his mission? I want to get down there as soon as I can. 

Uncle Parley (1886 – 1970) is a very fine man but got too engrossed in schoolwork to be active in the church.  He has taught over 50 years in the College at Cedar City and is very highly respected.

Grandfather Dalley was a Patriarch and two of his sons were Patriarchs.  Some were Bishops and all except Uncle Parley were active in church work.  There were several who filled honorable missions for the church.  Many were schoolteachers especially the younger ones who had a better chance for higher education.  But even some of the older ones taught school and all were anxious and ready to improve themselves and learn by helping themselves.  My mother didn’t have a chance to attend school many years but she liked to read good books and could spell with the best of them.  She was made YWMIA President when she was 18 years old and held that position until I was a baby.

1965 October 11, Kent leaves on mission

I had planned to go to Salt Lake to see Kent before he leaves.  I called up and asked if and when there would be a chance to see him but Gloria and Frank both spoke as if it would be a slim chance to get to see him.  He is to leave today, likely by plane. I am not much good getting around Salt Lake unless it is in walking distance.  They said Kent’s girl friend was at the apt a week ago yesterday with Kent.  Likely they would figure 2 is company and 3 a crowd and would appreciate my room more than my company.  I can give him the price of my trip to Salt Lake, which will likely be more useful to him. 

1965 October 24, Clarence has sieges

Had a letter from Uncle Clarence yesterday.  He says he has had several bad sieges lately and has had the Dr. a few times.  His spells come on in the nighttime quite often and leave him very weak.  Dr. Cannon told Mary a year or so ago that Uncle Clarence would likely go like Dad did.

It is too bad his daughter and family do not make him feel more comfortable than they do.  Alice, the daughter who lives there, married a devout Baptist and she has gone along with him or that.  Melvin the oldest son does not do any church work.  Dorothy, the eldest daughter has been back east for a long time.  Uncle Clarence says she has lost contact with the church.  Stewart and Allan both are active in the church work but Margaret who married Dr. Cannon does nothing except maybe go to church once in a while.  I can’t see how the family could be like they are because Aunt Edna was a wonderful woman and very active in the church.  Uncle Clarence also has been active and has a good knowledge of the Gospel.  He must feel pretty badly to see his family drift away from the church.

1965 December 27, Orin goes inactive

I just recently got a genealogy book on the life of Mary Holt who married as a 4th husband, a half brother of grandfather Hulet, and great Uncle, Orin Hulet.  (1867 – 1939)

For some reason Uncle Orin Hulet became separated fro the church. Father told us the story he heard about it.  It seems Uncle Orin was herding cows for some of the people of Springville in the first years there.  He was barefoot.  The Bishop went to him and asked why he hadn’t paid his tithing.  He said he didn’t have anything to pay tithing with.  The Bishop said, “If you don’t pay tithing you will be cut off the church.”  So something of the sort must have happened.  I don’t know if this story is the real truth or not but Uncle Orin and his family were always very bitter toward the church and would not cooperate with those who asked for genealogy information. 

Sister Viva Jones of Oakley, Utah made a trip up into northern Idaho among the descendants of Uncle Orin.  Some of the neighbors helped to get information that the Hulets wouldn’t give to Sister Jones.  We have more information on that family than we thought we could ever get.  The book is a lovely volume, has many pictures and short histories in it. 

1965 December 30, Frozen chicken

J.H. do you remember what you and Golden called that little white chicken that got rained on so much it chilled stiff and we thought it was dead?  However after warming it for a while it revived.  I have tried to think what you named it.  All I can think of is “Flicka” but don’t believe that is right.  If you haven’t already given that story I will try to write it for Sandra.  Have you told the children about when the horses “Nick and Brownie” ran away with you and Golden in the wagon and you crawled to the front and got the lines and slowed the horses down so Dad could catch up and stop them?

1966 January 22, Kent writes

Have had a nice letter from Kent.  He has written to Frank a couple of notes.  He seemed to be taking his work with his chin up.  He has the ability to be a splendid missionary and I am sure hi is doing a splendid word.  Haven’t heard from him since I write last but likely will before long. 

Take good care of each other for.  I love every one of you dear ones.  Always Mom Grandma G.

1966 January 27, Sound of Music

Aunt Mary took me to a show yesterday afternoon.  “The Sound of Music.”  It was very enjoyable.

1966 May 24, Mark and milk

Mark I want you to know that you and all the family are always welcome to come and stay as long as you want to and have all the milk you want to drink. ha! ha!  Frank even kids me about eating too much while he is feeding his face.  Have to just consider the source and pay no attention.  He likes to talk (too much sometimes). 

1966 July 8, Mice in my bed

Mark is out irrigating I think while Frank is finishing up some leveling.  If only there will be some returns for all the hard work it will be encouraging.  The wind has blown so much and not rain until it is really bad. 

Mark has had some experience driving tractor and caterpillar tractor.  It is rather disagreeable when the dust gets so thick.  The boys look like they had been rolled in dirt when they come in.  So you can guess I have something to do too, washing etc.

The weather was really cold most of the time was out at Malta.  This morning there is a sprinkling of rain and the clouds are heavy.

The mice had found a hole to get into the house.  Unusually if I have poison in the cellar, I have no trouble with mice.  It looked like a family of little mice had been spending a few nights in my bed.  They hadn’t been many other places.  I had to take everything off the bed I could take off and whack it all.  It was too cold to wash the quilts and wool blanket they are still stacked up waiting.  My washer leaked (the hose underneath) so I had my troubles.  Frank fixed it for me. 

1966 August 23, Gypsies

I feel like a gypsy every time I think of letting you folks pay for all those groceries that I got.  I thought that while I was there I would get some extra supplies on hand because I don’t get a chance to go to Burley very often. 

Had I thought your father (JH) would insist on paying the bill I would not have gotten nearly so much at that time?  I felt like I was in the same class as some gypsies that came to our home in Summit. 

Father and mother had a nice garden.  The gypsies wanted some vegetables.  Mother had a baby in her arms so told the woman to go in and get some for herself.  She went in and here came some more gypsy women.  They had large aprons that tied around their waists.  They loaded themselves down the cabbages, lettuce, potatoes etc. until they could hardly walk and still kept grabbing for more. 

Mother finally had to threaten to send for the police.  She sent for her father who came and made the gypsies leave. 

So if your father doesn’t want his mother to be in the gypsey class he better take this $20 and not feel hurt. 

Mark, I wish we knew or had made the right arrangements on your wages.  Please let us know how much we owe you and we will send it to you.  I keep thinking I should set the table for three.  And when I go up stairs to make beds I find only one bed has been slept in.  We have missed you a lot and appreciate all your helped.  We miss the rest of you too. 

1966 November 1, Land

Last week I had a nice letter from Kent.  He said he got the money I sent all right but just forgot to mention it in his letter.  He likely has told you he got one of his feet hurt while playing basketball (on his mission) and had to have it put in a cast, so thought he might have to go to the mission home for a little while.  He said no bones were broken but the ligaments were torn.  I hope he soon is O.K.

J. H., you likely thought me very ungracious when you offered to finish paying for this place.  We didn’t get to talk things over enough so I could figure out the situation clearly.  I already feel so deeply indebted to you I don’t want to impose on your good nature and generosity unnecessarily but I do appreciate your offering to help.  You are to get $5,000 on the land from Golden plus the $5,000 he owes on the loan you made to Dad.  He has paid me each year but my share is about paid off.  Would you rather I pay you part of what I have this year or how do you want it?  Should have had a better understanding.  Dad figured you would be able to get enough to repay what you had helped us and have some bonus besides.

1967 January 23, Robert Gardiner

I sent some of the information to Uncle Clarence but just as well have saved my energy.  He can’t see to read and can’t hear when someone reads it to him.  He does wonderful to use the typewriter like he does and so can still write nice letters.

The place of death for G Grandpa Gardiner is St. Catherines, Lincoln Co Canada.  Uncle Clarence got confused on that end.

1967 July 19, Meadow Creek, and the upper ranch

Yesterday we went for a ride out to Meadow Creek.  Next time you come here we should go out there again and let the family see the place where you were born, J.H.  The old house is not there but a nice garage and tool shed of cinder blocks has been built with a tin roof on it.  The old school house still is standing but has been made into a grainery or storage place.  The country is nice and green.  The cattle are feeding in knee-deep grass.  We went to the upper ranch that Dad used to own.  We couldn’t get to the old house as a fence has been built around the field with the house in the center.

We took our lunch so stopped at the upper ranch area to eat while the heavy shower passed over.  We came back by way of Sublett and saw some of the road construction for the interstate highway.  It is progressing.

1967 October 3, Snake

About 3 weeks ago on a Saturday night I had been reading and writing until about 10P.M.   I went into the kitchen (without turning the light on in there) to put some food in the fridge and when I was coming back into the dining room just in front of me at the door was a little snake.  It was only about a foot long and as big around as a pencil.  It went under the T.V.  I moved the TV out and it went under the little cupboard in the corner. I got the fly swatter and scooped it out and swatted it so I could put it in a cottage cheese carton.  I didn’t want to go to bed with that thing loose in the house.

It must have come in the house while I was outside working.  I have no idea how long it had been.  But I don’t go in dark rooms without thinking of that. 

1967 October 9, Robbery

We feel very sorry for our Stake President and his family that is Edwin Paskett and family.  Their next youngest son Jimmy graduated from H.S. last spring and they let him go down to Tremonton, Utah to get work. 

About two months ago he had an urge to get rich quick and went on a robbing deal.  He robbed a coke machine then broke a cash register and got about $300 altogether.  Someone was watching him and they let him go to his room and go to bed before they arrested him.  He is now serving time in jail.  His sentence is for one to 20 years.  He had been doing things like that around Malta but hadn’t been caught.  It is too bad for him as he will never be free from the disgrace of having been in prison.  And how sad it makes his family. 

1967 October 30, Two pair of pants

Gloria: The occasion for a letter from me is not a great emergency but to explain why I’m sending a package containing 2 pair of pants I believe are Kent’s and one unidentified pair which can be given to Deseret Industries if no one can use them. I got ambitious and decided to clean out Frank’s closet.  I kept finding pants he doesn’t wear and asking him why he didn’t and he said they weren’t his.  I found the 2 pair I think are Kent’s and one pair I think are Dean’s.

House cleaning gets very interesting sometimes.  Maybe I should do it more often.

1967 December 11, Nellie Gardiner Bowen,  Selling the place

The week before last Gloria flew to Denver to a Murces Convention or something of the sort.  She left on Sunday morning and didn’t get back until Saturday night.  She quite enjoyed the trip I think but said nearly everyone smoked and drank coffee so she was with the minority on that deal

She went to church the Sunday evening she was there and met Brother and Sister Norman Bowen.  J.H., you know uncle Will Gardiner’s (brother to Fred Gardiner) wife Aunt Nellie, married again after his death.  She married a Mr. Bowen and they lived at Farmington.  They had one son Norman Bowen.  He was editor for the Deseret News at one time.  He is now president of a Stake in Washington D.C.

Golden called Frank a week or so ago and wanted to buy the pasture.  He also asked if I wanted to sell the home place.  I think Mr. Ehlers, Barbara’s father is edging in to get it.  Of course I haven’t made anything on the land out there ever.  Have lost plenty on it but can’t bring myself to sell it.  You have offered to pay off for the balance of its costs but I am sure I don’t know how to figure things out. 

Mary and Gloria don’t want to sell the place and say that by next year they could pay it off.  I have the feeling that sometimes we might need a place of refuge for the families.  Of course for such a cause it would need much improvement.  The house has not adequate storage space and is so hard to take care of but still it is home and I feel contented when I am there.  I can do things I want to do and not interfere with others and can have my family come to visit when they can come.  The big drawback is I don’t have my own transportation and never will have as it is out of the question for me to start driving now.

1968 May 13, Home Teachers

I had home teachers the first night I was at Malta.  Brother and Sister Hepworth are my teachers.  I think that it is a good idea to have a man and his wife visit the widows.

I didn’t see anyone else to talk to them until Thursday afternoon.  I called Barbara a couple of times on the phone.  When I told Golden he was the first one I had seen since Monday to talk to he said, “I wish I could do that for about 30 days.  Just hibernate and rest for a while.”   

1968 May 30, Frank Graduation

I plan to go to Salt Lake next week for Frank’s graduation on the 7th of June.  He said it wasn’t important enough for me to make the trip but I am going to try to go anyway.  Wish I could have made it through college as I once planned to do. 

I need someone to help me figure out a good numbering system for our records.  Have been listing all the Hulets to show whether or not they have their temple work done. 

It makes quite a long list just with the grand children of grandfather Hulet.  I want to get the later generations too as soon as I can.  We want the record as complete as possible.

1968 June 29, Clarence

Uncle Clarence wrote not long ago.  He is still at the Stake Home.  It is good he can still type by touch.  He says he can’t read and has difficulty with his hearing.  Seems to have some difficulty walking but says he is getting along fairly well.  You know he is 87 years old.  Aunt Eva had a bad cold when Uncle Clarence wrote.  She won’t write any more:  Has arthritis in her hands.  I never got to see them all last winter.  It is bad to not be able to drive for myself. 

Well I better get this scribbling done or the mail will beat me.  Will try to figure out the lunch deal for the reunion so don’t worry about it.  Just come

Lots of love to each of you
Mom. Grandma G.

1968 July 21, Nature

I had noticed my poppies were being nipped off.  They had been blooming just beautifully, and then suddenly there were no blossoms.  The seedpods were left; just the blossoms and they were nipped off.  On Tuesday morning after Uncle John and Aunt Elva came, Frank got up early to go over to Golden’s and there was a nice big doe deer by the highway.  Too bad someone couldn’t have gotten it soon enough to use the meat.

I have had a ground squirrel running around and some cottontail rabbits. Yesterday I was watering the flowers and nearly stepped on a snake.  I think it was a water snake but it was a good size one.  Well enough of wild life. 

1968 August 16, Lonesome

Dear Ones:

Just a quick note this A.M to tell you I am O.K. but drastically lonesome.  Been having lots of rain and it is cold enough to require some heat for comfort.  Do hope you got home safely.

1968 October 9, Rat trap

I had some water in an old can by the side of the house for a mouse or rattrap.  There was still ice in it about noon today. I didn’t catch a rat in the water trap but have caught about 1 dozen mice.  I think the poison got the rat or rats.  Haven’t seen any sign of any for a while. 

Kent and Sandra were in Salt Lake Saturday and Sunday.  Got to visit a little with them between conference and other things.  It was good to have them come.

Brother and sister Hepworth are my home teachers.  I enjoy having them come.  They were here Monday evening.  It gave me a list because I was powerful lonesome after the folks left. 

I likely will go up to Margaret’s as soon as I can get things fixed for winter.  The wind has blown the roofing off the granary and part off the shed.  I don’t want to leave until I can get that taken care of and get the plastic on the windows again.  All the old plastic has blown off.  It makes a lot of difference to keeping warm when the plastic is on the windows.

Kent seems very interested in genealogy.  Wish I could be in Salt Lake when he goes to the Library. 

Are you still riding a bicycle to work, J.H.?  Wish I had learned to ride a bicycle or drive a car.  Maybe I better get me a tricycle.  It surely is a problem to be dependent on others whenever I need to go anywhere.

It is always the highlight of the year for me to have my family home with me.  I don’t mean to impose on you. 

Everybody write when you can spare the time. 
Lots of love to you all Grandma Gardiner. 

1968, October 28, Genealogy

When I was in SL Kent said they probably would be back in about two weeks.  Haven’t heard whether they (he and Sandra) have been to see their Aunties again or not.  Kent seemed quite interested in genealogy.  Maybe I can help him or he can help me.

1969 April 24, Eva and Althea die

When Mary, Gloria and I went out to go to Aunt Eva’s funeral there were hippies stretched out on the walk and on the lawn.  I told the girls they had better tell the landlord that either the hippies or they would have to move.  Gloria called Sunday and said the hippies had moved without them complaining to the landlord. 

Golden and Barbara were waiting to bring me home after the services.  We, Gloria, Mary and I went to the cemetery and then to Aunt Eva’s house for a little lunch.  We had one of Uncle Alfred Gardiner’s daughters with us.  She is a very friendly person and it took a while longer than we had figured on before could get her loose and takes her home and so I could get going.  She is 3 years older than I.  (Clairbell Gardiner 1890 – 1973) She lives in the New Grand Hotel.  Has a R.R. pass so she can go to California any time she gets the notion.  She said she felt like she had known us all her life.  She is a very attractive and like-able person.

Uncle Clarence was at the services.  He is quite feeble and can’t see well enough to recognize people.  When some one could talk loud enough to make him hear he remembered us O.K.  His mind is very alert but his hearing and eyesight have failed badly. 

I didn’t know until that day that Aunt Althea, Uncle Charles’s wife had died.  Couldn’t find out any particulars.  I feel badly that none of us knew so we could at least have shown some concern and sympathy for Harold and Marjory.

1969 May 8, Aunt Althea’s death

I think I told you about Aunt Althea’s death.  She died November 9, 1968.  I felt so sorry we hadn’t known about it so we could at least have sent a card of sympathy.  So I wrote to Harold.  He answered right back with a long letter.  Will have to let you read his letter the first chance I get.

He tried to call me on the phone but it was while I was in Salt Lake the last time.  
1969 May 27, Uncle Clarence

I had a nice letter from Uncle Clarence this week.  He says he keeps fairly well.  They have good food and care at the Stake Home as long as they can keep up but if they get down sick or incapacitated they are sent to a nursing home.  He feels more lonely since Aunt Eva passed away as he could call her once in a while and keep in touch.  He mentioned that he is the sole survivor of a family of ten.  I told him I am the last of the Gardiner–in–laws.

1969 June 10, Wedding dress

Week before last Barbara took me to the R. S. closing social on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday last week was the Stake R.S. Visiting Teacher’s Convention.  They had a nice short program and then a fashion show and an antique exhibition.  It was all very interesting.  Cathy modeled my wedding dress.  I never had thought that would ever happen.  This was June 3rd.  On June 2 it was 49 years since I wore that dress when I got married.  Many things have happened since then.

1969 July 1, Fred photograph

Sunday morning at S.S. Rawlis Harper handed me a slip of paper.  It asks for information they would like for a Scrap Book for a History of the Malta Ward.

  1. Picture of Bro. Gardiner size 2 ½ x 3 ½
  2. Short history of his life including assignments and interesting incidents
  3. Years and dates he served as Ward Clerk and under whom.
Can you help me with any of this?  I have written Dawn to see if she can find a picture she took of Dad.  It was better than the ones I have of him.

1969 July 14, Marriage

The girls and I have not passed any word on to the rest of the family except we will tell that Janice and Michael are married.  We feel it is better for all concerned that way. We wish them well and want to see them go ahead now and plan for a happy married life. That will mean for them as it does for all married  couples that they will have to make adjustments and plan together to make a good and beautiful life together. They are both so young to shoulder the responsibilities that come to those who are married but with the right attitude and determination on their part and love and cooperation of the rest of us we can make life better and happier for all. No doubt many young people have narrowly escaped making a mistake. Most young people do not realize the sorry and heart aches that follow for them and thos who love them not to mention the great responsibilities that come regardless. I have said ths only with the kindest and best of intentions for all.

1968 September 12, Margaret

Margaret and Dean plan to come down for conference then they want me to go back with then.  Margaret thinks she will have to have an operation soon.  So that is a worry.  I hope all the family will exercise their faith and prayers in her behalf.

1970 June 2, Anniversary

In case you haven’t thought about it.  Today is mine and Dad’s golden wedding anniversary.  There won’t be any celebration but it is 50 years since we were married.  Doesn’t seem that long?  That means that you, J.H, are 49 years of age, doesn’t it?

1970 October 6, Peach Pie

Two weeks ago when Kent was here with us he was taking notes on cooking.  He wanted to try his luck making peach pie.  Had a letter this last week.  He said he tried making a peach pie and it came out fine and disappeared in minutes after it came out of the oven. 

1970 October 31, Parley’s Death

Mary called Monday evening to tell me that Aunt Opal  (Hope’s sister) was in Salt Lake and had called her and told of Uncle Parley’s death. (Hope’s mother’s youngest brother or her uncle).   I don’t know the date of his death or the cause but he was to be buried Tuesday the 27th.  He would have been 84 years old November 15.  His birthday and mothers were both November 15.  I will miss him.  He always wrote me a lovely birthday and Christmas letter.

1970 September 13, Cancer

Dear Ones:

I thought I had better write a note at least and let you know about Barbara’s condition.  You know she went to Salt Lake Tuesday morning.  The Dr. put her in the LDS hospital that afternoon and she was operated on at 1 pm Wednesday.  The growth was cancerous.  The Dr. worked a long time to be sure as possible that the trouble hadn’t spread to other parts.  Even opened her chest and looked.

She seems to be getting along O.K.  Golden didn’t come home until Friday.

1971 January 26, A winter to remember

We have had a winter to remember for quite a while.  For quite a while the weather was stormy and bitter cold.  The creeks froze solid.  Then a little over two weeks ago the temperature moderated and we got steady rain like California country.  Consequently we had water running on top of the ice.  Two weeks ago Sunday night there was a flood down town.  The water ran into some of the houses, the stairs (etc.) and filled basements and wells.

We weren’t bothered that night although the water was running over some of the place.  But a week ago Sunday morning about 9:30 we noticed water running down through the yard this side of the pigpen.  In a short time water was swirling around the house over the step to the porch.  I looked down cellar and could hear water running under the house.  Soon it was running in the window.  I called to see if Golden could come and help us.  He was down town but soon came along in his pickup with Matt and Nate.  They drove into the yard through the water and came in.  Golden had some straw in his pickup so packed it against the cellar window and stopped most of the water.  We all worked like mad to put the fruit and other things out of the cellar.  We figured with the water being so high around the house that it would fill the cellar to the top.  Golden even took the plump out.  Lucky the cellar didn’t fill to the top because the straw stopped most of the leaking.  But we were blessed to get good help in time.  Several people down town had their water pumps ruined buy the floodwater.

When I saw the floodwater I shut the multi-headers’ off for the pump and hot water heater so we wouldn’t get dirty water pumped into the tanks.  We got some clear water to use before Golden took the pump out.  That had to do us until Thursday when he put the pump back in.  The water had gone down about a foot depth by then. 

We aren’t going to put the fruit back down cellar but didn’t have room to keep everything else up here.  Mary wore boots and I handed things to her.  She put all she could on the shelves around the sides.  Enough said about the flood.  

1971 May 30, JH’s birth

When I think of being out at meadow Creek for such a special event I (June’s birth) realize how blessed we were in many ways that we got along as well as we did.  

That morning Dad decided to go cut some cedar posts a few miles from home.  We soon had to send for him and the Dr. who had to be called at Malta from Sublett.  The water was so high in Bull Lane that Dr. Sater hadn’t much more than gotten over the bridge when it washes out.  He made it to Meadow Creek and took good care of us.  He had to return by the Yale Road.  My mother and Aunt Belva came out before when Dad went for them so we had good help.

1971 June 17, Sorrow

Just a quick note this morning.  Was surely sorry that Audrey has had another great trial and loss.  She has had a lot to go through in the last few years.  It is good she has her boy to keep her from being all along.  Also Glen's mother will be a great help to her. 

1971 October 4, Former student

A week ago today Herbert Dorman and his wife came to see me.  Herbert was a 13-year-old boy when I taught summer school at Meadow Creek in 1919.  He lived with his father.  That fall his father left him with some friends at Declo and went away.  They have never heard from him since.  Herbert started out for himself then and traveled around the country.  He has done all right.  He and his wife own some cottages at Panama City, Beach Florida.  Herbert’s mother died in 1915 and was buried in the Malta cemetery.  When they came through Malta in 1969 they tried to locate his mother’s grave.  It didn’t have a marker.  Herbert has ordered a stone.  They tried to find me when they were here in 1969 but it was after I had gone to California with you.  I was glad to have them come.  They are very nice people.  Mrs. Dorman asked questions about the church.  She said, “The Mormon church has a lot to offer.”  She is anxious to learn how to do genealogy.   

1971 November 17, Dean

I have held off a little on this letter so I could tell you how Dean was making out.  They, Dean, Margaret, and Curtis came a week ago yesterday on their way to Salt Lake.  Dean had an appointment with a Dr. for Thursday.  You knew or did you that Dean hurt his back a while ago and has been unable to work since.  He could get up and down but one of his legs pained so much he couldn’t rest night or day.

He went into the hospital last Sunday and was operated on Monday morning.  It wasn’t as much of an operation as the Drs. up at their area had thought it would be.  They had to repair a ruptured disc.  That of course was serious enough. 

Margaret called last night and said Dean is getting along real well and they think he will be out of the hospital in a week.

1972 January 2, Aunt Eleanor

Did I tell you that Aunt Eleanor has been interviewed to be a receptionist in the new Provo temple?  I hope her health will be good so she can enjoy her work.  She would be very good I am sure in such a capacity.

Aunt Opal works in the Idaho Falls Temple helping with sealings.

Did I ever tell you that David Hulet died the latter part of September?  You likely saw the report in the Hulet quarterly.  While I think about it.  Are you getting the Hulet Quarterly?  or shall I subscribe for it for you?  Didn’t you think aunt Ella Lawrence’s history was interesting?  She was my teacher when I was in 2nd grade.  I always thought a lot of her.   

1972 January 16, Wind

Last Monday morning we had a rip roaaring wind with snow and it kept on steady day and night until Thursday night or nearly Friday morning.  It was just freezing cold and with that errific wind you can imagine a little of what it was.  There were trailer houses blown over down near the checking station, roofs blown off some houses etc, etc. around the country.  The snow didn't pile up in this valley like it did at Rockland, Idaho Falls and other places. At  Rockland the snow was waist deep on the bench and some places the drifts were 15-17 feet deep. 

Lots of people were stranded in cars and the snow was so deep the snow plows coouln't get to them for 2 or 3 days.  They had to use bigger equipment than snow plows i some areas. 

1972 February 28, Kent sick

Mary and Gloria had Monday off work so didn’t go back until Monday afternoon.  Monday morning Kent called.  He was sick with flu and wanted the nurses’ advice.  They went to see him as soon as they got back to Salt Lake and took him some food and washed up his dishes and did what they could for him.  They wanted him to go to their apartment so they could doctor him better but he wanted to stay where he was.  Likely he didn’t feel like getting out of bed and going anywhere.  They said he was feeling better that night.

1972 probably May, Reunions

Birthdays have a way of slipping up on me before I am aware they are so near. Wish we could have a real celebration and have a big family dinner, all the Gardiner Clan together.

How I wish I could get my family ao attend some of the reunions with me. The Hulet reunion will be held June 19782 and how many can I induce to come.

And another thing we should be thinking about is to at least hold one Gardiner reunion of our own family anyway. The last time the family was home together was when Dad passed away. I hope we can have one get together anyway before my turn comes.

We will have to get busy and think about it.

Ray Hulet said he thought we should try to get a reunion for grand father Hulet (my father)

1972 May 30, JH birth 2

Dear Son James and All-

Quite a number of birthdays have come and gone since your first one.  I remember very distinctly that day June 1, 1921.  Grandma Hulet and Aunt Belva were with Dad and I at Meadow Creek.  Of course this was because we were expecting you to arrive any day then.  We had had breakfast and I was making ice cream for dinner.  Dad decided to go to the west hills near the ranch to cut some cedar posts.  He hadn’t been gone long when we decided it was necessary to have him return immediately.  George Scott happened along and went for him.  Mrs. Jacobs was on her way to school.  She offered to get word to Mrs. Horne at Sublett, (a midwife) in case we couldn’t get Dr. Sater to come out there.  Some people were going buy toward Malta so they were asked to contact Dr. Sater.  There was considerable anxiety and concern until he, (Dr. Sater) did arrive. 

The water was so high at that time.  Raft River was over the Bridge in Bull Lane.  Soon after Dr. Sater got over the bridge, it washed out and when he returned home that evening he had to go around by Yale to get to Malta.  You arrived about 6 P.M. and Oh! How proud and happy Dad and I were to have you for our son.  And I can tell you, you have always been a wonderful son to us and we were and always have been proud of you and appreciate you and love you and all your family. 

So may this be a very happy birthday is my wish.  Would be glad if all of you could come and celebrate here with me.  I am sure Carol will see that you have a family celebration.

1972 September 23, Aunt Thora

Aunt Thora has been here a week now.   Ann and her husband brought her out here.  I had no idea that Aunt Thora would be so neglected.  La Varr’s wife called the Dr. and did a little washing once.  But in over 2 weeks she only took a sandwich to Aunt Thora 3 times and gave her a little glass of milk.  Aunt Thora didn’t have water to take the pills with that the Dr. gave her until a little neighbor boy went in to take her mail and she asked him to give her a glass of water.  La Varr works at Hillfield and his wife likely tells him she is doing a lot for his mother.

The neighbor didn’t know Aunt Thora was sick for over two weeks.  Then one of them took meals to her and helped what she could. Aunt Thora had been so dizzy and sick with that middle ear infection she couldn’t get out of bed to call anyone or to answer the phone.  It is not good to live alone if someone isn’t interested enough to look in once in a while.

J. H., do you remember how Aunt Thora used to take care of you when you were little?  She was always so good to you children.  You said Uncle John had always been a favorite with you.  It would please Aunt Thora I am sure if you say something nice to her.  She has had a lot of hard knocks in her life and not too much appreciation for kindnesses she has done for others.  I know you didn’t know she was here.

1972 October 20, Peterson home

Just before Aunt Thora came out here she got a picture of the old Peterson home from the newspaper.  I hope we can get a print made of it.  Beneath the picture it stated that this was one of the two hoes that had to be bulldozed to make way for the canal.

Well Aunt Thora and I have spent quite a lot of time today reading from the Pearl of Great Price and Genesis since we didn’t go to Sunday School or Sacrament meeting.  I don’t like go and leave her alone.  She has had such a siege of that.  It is quieter here than in Sunday school class for sure.

1972 December 10, Writing muscles

We are ready to go to Sunday school.  I am not anxious to get out on the slick sidewalk.  We don’t have far to go luckily.  The new chapel is progressing nicely. 

All of you exercise your writing muscles.  Lots of love
Mom – Grandma Gardiner

1973 January 15, Dates

I haven’t heard a bit of news from Malta since I have been here, from Golden’s folks.  The children wrote “thank” you notes but didn’t tell any of what was going on.  Brad wanted some genealogy information.  He wanted to know the death date for Uncle Clarence and Aunt Eva.  I was sure I had it written down somewhere but it wasn’t on my record book.  Do you have it?  Gloria called the Dep’t. of  Vital Statistics.  Uncle Clarence died 16 September 1969.  Aunt Eva died 10 April 1969.  I was surely shocked to know I hadn’t written that down where it should be. 

1973 January 29, Mechanics

You have some real good mechanics in your family.  It is quite an undertaking to rebuild a car.  The boys are fortunate to have a very capable coach on such jobs.  You J.H. and Carol do a good job coaching the boys and girls in the many areas of work.  They are involved in mechanics, which involves radio, T.V. cars, bicycles, household appliances, cookery sewing, music, teaching etc etc etc

1973 April 24, Staying with family

However there is a lot of work to be done to get the house in reasonable shape to live in again.

That is the bad part of my staying with any of the family.  You all have nicer homes, than I have so I have to get used to roughing it again when I go back.  I think a lot of the old home even if it isn’t fancy.

1973 May 21, Accident

There was a sad thing happened out at Malta about a month ago not far from the home place.  Gay Teeters and wife live on the Teeters place (used to be the Shill place.)  Two of their little boys 5 and 7 years old were going out to get on the school bus.  They saw a car coming but made a dash to cross ahead of it.  Both were hit.  One was killed the other has been in the hospital in a semi conscious state ever since.  They said that lately he was showing some improvement.  The have once child older and one younger than the two little boys who were hit by the car. 

I feel so sorry for them and for the folks who were in the car.  It was Boyd Booth and his wife.  They just had a new little baby of their own.  Their youngest was twelve years old.  Their oldest son is serving a mission now. 

1973 May 30, Cemetery

I remember very vividly how proud and happy Dad and I were to have a dear little son of our own.  And we have always been proud of you and thankful to be so greatly blessed with you and all our children. 

We went to the cemetery Monday afternoon.  There had been many people there before we were.  The cemetery looked very beautiful with so many lovely flowers.  There have been quite a few new graves since last year.  Charlotte Hutchinson, Michael Beyler, Sylvester Hutchinson, Monroe Pierce, Sister Paskett and some I can’t recall now.

We didn’t have many real flowers to take. Some iris and columbine.  There are quite a few lilacs but they haven’t had enough water early enough and the frost damaged them some. I think.  They didn’t look too good for decoration.

Aunt Thora didn’t go to the hospital.  She had her knee X-rayed.  The Dr. said it didn’t indicate an operation was necessary.  He said there was water in the joint of one knee.  He is trying to help her reduce her weight to relieve the burden on her knees.  Mary and I told her last summer when she was here that we were sure she don’t have arthritis in her knees but thought the falls she has had and her weight were causing the trouble in her knees.  She has doctored for arthritis for years.  Likely some doctor she went to told her she had arthritis.  Many doctors call any pain arthritis and let it go with that.

Margaret has joined the Weight Watchers.  She says they can eat all they want of the prescribed diet and still lose weight.  She has lost 22 ½ pounds and still has 8 ½ pounds to go to be the weight they set for her.

Dawn has been trying to lose weight too.  She is trying jogging but I don’t know what success she is having.

I know your offer to buy this place is just to be helpful and make it more secure, not for any selfish purpose for yourself.  I am going to see what I can do about getting it put in some one else’s name the first chance I get.  I always feel it should be a family affair so in case anything happens that we all need to be here we will have a place to locate.

I don’t want to show partiality to any one. I need to have a house of many mansions to accommodate all my family any time they can come. 

1973 July 3, Home ownership

They are real happy to be part owners of that house they live in.  I wish they had made that deal years ago.  (Mary and Gloria)

1973 July 17, Accomplished

You do seem to have a lot on the program for work and family doings.  How come Gayle has changed her plans?  I thought school was the big thing for a few years.  Yet I realize such attractive young ladies cannot miss being sought after. 

What are such handsome and accomplished young men as Kent and Mark doing to let their sisters make them dance?  I am sure they will be making their announcements before long.  How can they miss out?  

I can see that you might feel I did wrong to let Frank have the Bridge place.  You paid most of the price of that and saved it for us.  When Dad bought that land out south of us he thought it could be made  into a good farm.  Of course Golden is living on the land he got.  The well was put on the part wthat was in your name so we thought we would be making things square with you for what you had helped us and for a worth wile piece of land.  But the way things have worked out you haven't received any benefits from any of the deals so far.  

When Frank was a teenager he tried to get a few animals but for some reason Dad wouldn’t cooperate with him.  I am sure he could have done quite well then.  He begged for a few acres of land to use to farm for himself but didn’t get that cooperation either.  He needed the practical experience and some good counseling, which he didn’t get then and it has made him less practical in his understandings. 

Frank wrote and told me that if I wanted to sell the place he would like to buy it if other members of the family didn't object.  He said that if anyone wanted to make a living at farming it would require both the Bridge place and this place. He said he would not be angry if I didn't want to sell the place to him. I think the reason he mentioned buying it was because I had told him how hard it has been to get any farming done here. 

1973, August 7, remodeling

Syd wrote this plan for the remodeling of the house so you could see what the scroe is.  I hope to many of the family will not feel upset about it.  Mary and Gloria are not too happy about the deal.  They haven't wanted to remodel but wanted to build a new house from scratch.  But under present circumstances that of course is out.  I had figured on building a cinder block addition on the back for a store room, utility room and have the bathroom moved back so I could have that larger bedroom.  Syd and Dawn figured if two nice rooms were built on the south it would make it nicer and provide more room.  I thought I could pay for the addition on the back but this other will cost more and make me feel in dept to those who helop pay. I don't want to sponge on anyone. 

1973 August 22, The house

Mary and Gloria were here Saturday and Sunday.  They think the original plans of the building project should be changed some and I do too, although Syd’s plans would be very convenient and more elaborate than anything I have had.  But when we get down to brass tacks and figure on the amount of space it seems best to cut down on some of the details.

We figured we need a closet for coats near the entrance a washbasin, toilet, small shower.  They have a corner for the washer and tubs.  Have the dining area next to the old kitchen and use the kitchen as it is rather than having it for a utility room.  Have only one could be here to help me figure out the best way to make the entrance camouflage the toilet quarters etc.  You know when these are a group of people it is difficult to manage with one little bathroom.  Without something to change this situation everyone would have to come through the dining room, kitchen to get to the bathroom to wash, etc.

Lots of problems to figure out when space is such an important thing.

1973 September 21

I thought Jamie was a very good boy.  I have to be reminded of things that should be on the table so didn't mind his jogging my memory.  He helped too with the trench digging so must have gotten hungry.

1973 October 8, project

The building project is coming along O.K.  The roof is finished the windows are in, and most of the siding is put on. Leonard will finish plutting that on today, then will be ready to work inside.  We don't have the door yet. That will be the next must.  The electricians got their job done as far as they could about 3 weeks ago. 

1973 October 25, Halloween

The building project is progressing quite satisfactorily.  The roof is shingled and painted, the windows and door in place.  Yesterday Leonard put down the floor and is ready to put the sidewalls on and the ceiling is up.  He is going to Burley today so won’t be working on the room. 

I am always glad when Halloween is over.  I haven’t been bothered other years but one never knows what might happen.  Normally just Golden’s children and some of the neighbor’s children come.  I don’t mind the “trick or treat” youngsters but it is the vandals that worry me when they make fires and destroy property.

The widows (most of them) meet at Edwin Paskett’s home each Monday evening for a Home Evening lesson. He gives a very good lesson and I enjoy it.  But going out in the evening doesn’t suit me too well.  I dread coming back to the lonely house.  Myrtle Hutchinson usually goes and takes me to the meeting.  She then has to go home alone to her lonely house.

1973 Christmas Precious

Do hope you can all keep well and have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will be filled with choice blessings for each of you dear ones.  And dear J. H. - do take good care and don’t try to work too soon.  Remember and be sure that you and all the family are very precious to me. 

Best Christmas ever for each of you, Lots of love always Mom Gardiner

1974 January 21, Luxuries

The building project has reached the stage of finishing in many areas.  Likely I have had more done than I should have attempted but the windows and doors have always been so drafty and required new plastic nearly every year to make it possible to keep warm at all during the coldest weather.  I finally decided I couldn’t put up the plastic any longer and never knew when I could get help to do it.  Have made some other changes put new flooring in the two north rooms and bathrooms and upstairs.  Some of the boards upstairs had worked loose so the linoleum was cracking and I wondered if we might not fall through in some places.  The new vinyl in the bathroom floor makes it look like a new room.

The prices have been too high for materials but won’t likely get any lower for a long time.  Maybe I should have gone along in my old station and not wanted any luxuries at my age. 

However I hope that the rest of you dear ones can be more comfortable when you come home in the future.

1974 January 24, Alone

Saturday night December 15th I was here alone.  About 10PM I though I heard a sound like a board being pried off.  I didn’t hear anything again for about a half hour, and then I heard the same sound again.  I turned off the light in the dining room and went out in the new room.  There were no window blinds.  I waited for while then suddenly there was the shadow of half a man at the side of the southeast window, like this (rectangle with shadow on right side).  I yelled, “Get out of here.”  The shadow disappeared.  I came back in the dining room and turned on the light and called Golden.  He was here in minutes.  He took me home with him.  He has come for me every night since except when the girls have been here.

Guess I am a coward, but I sleep better anyway.

1974 May 17, Hoarseness

As to hoarseness running in the family I do not know that is very common. I have trouble at times.  But I think it is because I have been alone so much and not done as much talking as I would if I were with someone.  I could talk too.  Perhaps my sinuses have something to do with the hoarseness.

1974 June 1, “The Beautiful Way”

The book you wanted – “The Beautiful Way” would likely be helpful.  If I can’t get a chance to get it bound before you come you may have to take it as is.  I did want to have it rebound for you.  I always thought a lot of it.  Mother gave it to me when I was about 10 years old because she said I was the only one who seemed to want to read it.  It has so much good material in it that should be given out to many people. 

1974 July 30, Uncle John

I think I told you that Frank took me to Uncle John’s services.  We had to make it in a hurry trip but I was glad we could even do that.  When we got to the Smithfield chapel, Aunt Eleanor, Maurine and Aunt Belva soon came and told us that Thane Park’s, 17-year-old son had passed away that morning.  He had leukemia.  He had been a very outstanding basketball player in high school even though he wasn’t well.  It is a sad thing.  He is Thane’s only son.  He, Thane, has a daughter who is married. 

Last Saturday was the funeral services for Lora Thompson at Provo.

1974 September 25, A little nap

I have worried about J. H. working so hard instead of having a vacation every chance you get to rest a few minutes or relax – lie down and take a nap if possible.  Even a few minutes rest helps a lot I have found.  I have always until the last year or so thought I should just keep going and not lie down during the day – but I have found it makes a big difference to relax even for a few minutes during the day. 

My mother seldom missed taking a little rest during the day and I am sure that helped her to keep her health for so many years.  I was a sleepy head in the mornings.  Mother would get up early and have many things done before I started.  But she told me she didn’t care if I didn’t get up early if I would take over when I got up and let her have her nap.   

J.H. try taking some rest every chance you get.  Carol said she enjoyed a little rest and I hope she can keep up doing so.

1974 September 29, Work

I enjoyed having the family here.  They took care of me instead of my taking care of them.  We missed you, Carol, but it is good you enjoyed relaxing some.  The ones who were here didn’t do any relaxing for sure.  J.H. worked far too hard and long for his own good.  Julie and Janice both worked long hours too and did so many good things to help.  Mark and Kent also did some good deeds that will long be remembered and appreciated.  I hope none of you have had bad effects from over work. 

About 2 weeks ago Stella Hutchison fell and broke her left wrist.  I was luckier – I stub bed my toe on the end of the boardwalk as I was coming through the gate.  I just skinned my left knee about the size of a quarter.  Made me pretty hot in the collar.  I said a little swear word.  Frank said, “Mom I am surprised you would say that!”

1974 October 28, plans

Sounds as though Kent is making definite plans for the near future. What about Mark? I didnb't think Mark would come as near as Provo and not come to see us. I guess I wasn't a very good cook or good company when you folks were here but i did enjoy having you come and aplpreciate all your kind help and thoughtfulness.

1974 November 19, Plowing

Frank has been coming out Friday evenings and plowing until 10 or 11 o’clock even in the very chilly weather.  Then he has worked all day Saturdays until 10 or 11 or later.  He says if the weather doesn’t turn more frigid he likely can finish plowing the place by the Thanksgiving weekend.  They keep wanting me to go to Salt
Lake but as long as he is working week ends I feel I should keep the home fires burning so the water pipes won’t freeze if the weather should suddenly turn colder during the week. 

I wanted to get insulation put in the walls of the old part of the house.  The sawdust has settled down or fallen out so it isn’t too much protection now.  Leonard said he would put it in (insulations) in the walls for me but he is working on Golden’s project and I don’t know if he will get the job done for me or not.  The R.E. A. didn’t have insulation on hand when Leonard was ready to put it in but they have some now they have been holding for me.  But the workman isn’t available.  Can’t win.

1974 December 24, my birthday

Dear Julie;
You see I am writing to you on my 81st birthday.  Do trust this will reach you for your birthday.

The earliest Christmas I can remember is 1900.  When I awoke on Christmas morning I had a little toy stove on a chair by my bed.  It was only about 6 inches by 8 inches!  Had a cast iron top with two holes and lids a little cast iron kettle and fry pa.  There was a tin stovepipe. I thought it was great.  The little oven door was cast iron too and had the number “1900” on it.

We girls played with that many years.  When I grew older I put it away for a keepsake.  I thought that if I ever had any children of my own they would enjoy it too.  But when I went to Idaho to teach school some of the nieces and nephews found my little stove and finally destroyed it.  I was really disappointed to learn that.  

1974 December 24, Newlyweds

How are the newlyweds?  Wish we could have been there for their marriage.

I wish I could be a real good Santa Claus and do all I would like to do for all my dear ones.  Mary and Gloria are the chief Santa’s around here.  I don’t do much but just squeeze in my love and good wishes.  They won’t let me do enough work to get my much-needed exercises.  I’m just a star boarder, I guess.  The walks have enough snow and ice on them so they are not safe to walk on or I would walk to the library.

Take good care.  Thanks again for your birthday gift. You are very dear to me.  Lots of love to all and appreciation
Mom Gardiner

1975 January 27, Cathy

Cathy and her companion visited Margaret Hulet Wohler (our distant relative) who lives in San Diego.  But she Mrs. Wohler said she is not interested in hearing any more about Mormonism.  Well, anyways he has had her chance.  I hope that some day she will see the light.  I had never figured she was so stiff necked about Mormonism.

1975 March 17, Eleanor and Verda

Aunt Eleanor has been having a bad time with arthritis in her left knee and since I was down there she has had a heart attack.  So she hasn’t been well at all

Aunt Verda was in the hospital for a while in Portland.  She had flu and complications.  She is better now and is figuring on going back to her home in Morgan, but dreads the loneliness. 

1975 May 19, Thanks for sending Kent’s address.  You spoke as though it might not be the same very long.  Suzanne must be ambitious to be so busy studying.  

1975 May 19, new chapel

I had a lovely Mother's Day.  Went to Sunday School and Sacrament meeting in the new chapel at Malta.  It is surely a lovely new building.  The chapel is much larger than the old one and believe it or not its filled to capacity for most of the meetings. I don't know where so many people come from. The SS officers gave all the great gandmothers and grandmothers a beautiful geranium plant. Mine had large dark red blossoms on it. 

1975 September 9, Suzanne and Kent

We enjoyed Kent and Suzanne’s visit.

1975 December 29, Matilda

Before Uncle Clarence passed away he started corresponding with a granddaughter of Aunt Matilda Gardiner Gunn.  Aunt Matilda was a sister of Grandfather Robert Gardiner. This cousin lives in Florida.  She sent Margaret Gardiner Cannon a booklet she has written about Aunt Matilda’s family. One of her sons and his wife had 23 children including 7 pairs of twins.  Mary has a copy of the booklet. 

1976, January 20

Mark is making the big step, getting engaged and then so soon a wedding!!  Our best to you Mark.  You surely have good judgement if your "choice" is like her grandmother. She is a very special lady. Sister Buckmiller teaches the Spiritual living lessons in RS here. 

1976 March 6 Mark and Karen

We received the announcement of Mark's and Karen's wedding. They are a fine looking couple. The Gardiner's so far have had very good choices for their companions. We are proud of all of you and wish all the very best of blessings. 

Had one letter from Kent and Suzanne. They have a busy schedule. IU told Kent when they were at Malta that I was gld he waited to get Suzanne. She is very dear. We think the best of Ron and John too. Haven't had a chnce to get acquainted with Janice's husband Mike. Would be nice if all the familhy could get together and get acquaintted. The cousins who are at B now were all strangers to each other. When Gary was here with his bride to be he said he had met Brad but hadn't yet met Ginger or Clair. I have a lot of cousins I have never seen. When we lived in Summit of course we were closely acquainted with out grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Since then we have missed out on knowing and associating with out near kin. 

1976 April 13, hearing loss

Some sounds don't register for me which makes many errors and embarrassment for me. I hope any of the rest of you ever have the misfortune to have lost of hearing and loss of vision. It really is a trial. 

1976 May 10 JH Memory

I remember when we went to Peterson when you J.H was under 2 years of age. Aunt Thora took you to Rheinhard Olsen's home with her sone day. Mrs. Olsen gave you two cubes of sugar. They were a Norwegien couple. Mrs Olsen drove the mail. When you were on your way home you ate one cube of the sugard butr held tight to the other one. Thora asked you if you weren't going to eat it . You said "No. that is for mama."  She thought that was special for you to be so thoughtful and generous. So did I and I didn't forget that or other kindnesses you have done for us. 

1976 May 28 Chad born

We were real pleased to get Carol's dear letter and learn of the big event of another Gardiner to join our clan. Had expected the news would come much sooner and were really getting worried because we had received no word. Had expected an announcement the first mail out after the new arrival came But no the secret was kept for nearly two weeks. Of course there is much to do and letter writing is the easies thing to leave undone. We do appreciate you taking time to write. (Chad's birth) 

1976 December 4, Temple

Gloria and I went to the temple yesterday. I enjoyed that.

1977 January 17, Memories

I am not too good on remembering dates, J.H. but a few dates I do remember.

We moved from the Sears place to our present home the 3rd of July 1929.  I remember that we got nearly to the Barrett place some boys threw some firecrackers at our truck.  I don’t know who the boys were but know we didn’t appreciate their celebrating in that way.  We had to leave the little turkeys and their mothers at the Sears place that day while we took our few household possessions to the home place.  Dad said he would go back that night and catch the turkeys and bring them.  But when he went to get them they were afraid of him because he hadn’t been around them much.  He came back without a turkey.  He took us back the next day.  You children and I just enticed them with some food and were able to pick them up quite easily.  You, J. H. , Golden and I had made about 20 turkey pens out of panels Dad had at the lambing sheds.  We covered them with old burlap sacks, canvas, or anything available.  They served the purpose pretty well.  At the new place there was an abundance of nice dandelions for greens for the turkeys and they did well. 

You likely remember that before we could move to the place, someone had taken out several of the windows, the sink, the cupboard doors and anything that was loose.  Dad got the last of the windows replaced the day Margaret was born 5 September 1929.  We had lived in one room for some time so when we got to a house with four rooms we thought we had it made.  you children thought it great fun to run through the four rooms.  It was a rough looking place but we appreciated it.  And it has always been home to us. 

I do not know the date when the schoolhouse burned down.  I remember we all went out and looked at the big fire.  That must have been the first winter after we got moved because you were in the 3rd grade that year and Golden had just started school that fall.  It must have been at least two years before you got into the new building.  I know that Mary went to school in the “old Ed. Officer’s” building.  She said that she and some other little girls were walking from the store to their school and had to pass Jack Hitt and some of his boys.  Jack Hitt said to his boys, “Throw some rocks at those girls.”  Mary thought that a very rude thing for them to do,  (sitting along the sidewalk.)  And especially for a father to encourage his young sons to be so unkind to anyone.

We moved to Bridge the latter part of May 1925, from Peterson in the Model T.  It was “loaded” to the bows for sure.  Father and mother gave us some boxes of bottled fruit and other things that they knew would help.  They gave us three chickens, 2 Plymouth rock hens and a little black bantam hen.  Those hens laid eggs regularly until two of them decided to sett.  The bantam stole her next away.  We thought she had been killed by some thing as we had no place for them to stay at night except the reach under the wagon.  But one day she came marching proudly back to the wagon with 8 pretty little chickens following her.  One of the Plymouth rock hens had her nest near the wagon.  She had 9 chicks I think.  One night something got at the chickens under the wagon and took 2 of them when they were about big enough to make fryers.  Dad tried to find out what it was, but there was nothing in sight by the time he got outside.  It could have been a wild cat but we were not troubled again by it.

The sheep camp was in Louis Gunnell’s stack yard.  We bought milk from Gunnells.  I have wondered, too, how we ever made out that summer for food and money.  Dad had saved what he could from his work at Peterson.  There were peddlers came occasionally with fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices.  Some one from Almo gave Gunnells a lot of rhubarb and they gave us some of it.

I remember how impatient you and Golden were about waiting for the hens to lay.  One day a Plymouth rock hen was on the nest.  Golden was out watching her.  We heard him talking so went to see what he was talking about.  He was tired waiting so was scolding the hen.  He was saying, ”Sum-of-a-gun” over and over.  He was only 2 ½ years old.

you remember, don’t you J.H. having to help Dad measure the land.  You would hold one end of the rope for dad.  He would carry you much of the distance you had to go to get to our place.  Dad surely worked hard that summer.

You likely remember frightening that rooster of Gunnell’s with that old clock.  The trip we made to Peterson in November 1926, we started from Malta (the Sears place) about 6 A.M. in the Model T.  You and Golden sat in the back seat with the suitcases.  I held Mary on my lap in the front seat with Dad.  It was after dark when we got into Weber canyon.  There was some construction work being done on the road so we had to detour.  While we were on that dug way the lights went out on the car.  Dad set the brakes and had either you or I hold the break pedal while he got out and blocked the wheels with rocks.

That was really scary to be up so high on that dug way and look down and see the river the train below us.  A man came along who wanted to pass us.  Luckily we were on the inside of the road.  Dad told the man if he would help us get the lights fixed he could move so he could pass better.  But that man said, “I am in a hurry.  I can’t stop to help you.”  And he squeezed his car along the side of us and went on his way and left us there in the dark.  I thought that was about the meanest trick I had ever seen anyone do.  Dad finally got the lights fixed and we were able to get to Father’s and Mother’s home by about 9 P.M.  How thankful we all were to arrive there safely.  We receive a warm welcome and were well taken care of.  You children and I stayed with the folks until March.  Dawn was born 30 December 1926.  Huleta was born 13 December 1926.  When we went back to Malta we went on the train from Peterson to Burley.  Aunt Thora went with us and took Huleta of course.  They stayed a month I think. 

I am surely uncertain about the date of the trip we made to Malta from Peterson when we had to stay in Snowville for two days to get the car fixed, I remember the trials and tribulations on that trip but can’t be sure of the date.  Was Golden with us or were you the only one in the family then?  We were between Tremonton and Snowville when the engine trouble started.  I well remember where we were and think about that trip every time I see that part of the road.  A good Samaritan came along and pulled the Model T several miles until we got to the Blue Creak store.  Dad bought a part for the car that helped some and we got the car to run for a while.  However it was after dark so we decided to pull to the side of the road and  camp out.  The next morning we were able to get as far as Snowville.  At the garage the man found the trouble was drastic.  We would have to wait while he sent somewhere for a new part. I do not know now what the part was called.  The garage man said his parents were not at home but he said they sometimes rented a room to people.  We had a comfortable little upstairs room.  We had food with us so ate.  They had been to Brigham City for fruit with a wagon.  They were very nice people.  Sister cutler prepared a very nice supper and invited us to eat with them.  I remember you were unhappy and cried because you were afraid of strangers.  You wanted to eat in the room by our selves.  That trip must have been made in the fall since the Cutlers were getting their fruit.  I can’t remember why we went to Malta that time or how long we stayed, or even the year it was.  I don’t know if all this rumble will help you any but maybe you can recall some thing that will help me.  Maybe when you get your story out of it you can give me a carbon copy of your version and I can add it to my story.  I haven’t written this before. 

Sorry the typing is so dim.  Good luck to you in reading it. We send lots of love to each of you dear ones and thanks for all your kindnesses.  Take good care.  We appreciated hearing from Karen and Mark.  Will try to write to them later.  Julie will soon be a graduate.  Good work young lady.  More power to you.  And Jamie you are making good headway.  Keep at it.  Love to each of you. 

Mom – Grandma Gardiner

1977 January 2, Beavers

We three went to Malta on December 27th to Cathy and Brent's open house. There were lots of people came and lots of glifts. Cathy and Brent left in the evening to go to Sun Valley for their honeymoon. It was late and the roads were snowy so Mom, Gloria and I (Mary) went over home and slept and got up the next morning to come back to Salt Lake. That morning we saw what some beaver were doing to the trees in back of the house they had cut some of the smaller ones down and made a dam across the creek. The creed was backed up and running over its banks at the bend of the creek. We were really sorry to see that two of the largest trees had their trunks gnawed half way through. The will die, of course even if they get the beaver now.  (Mary)

1977 February 6, Sweetie

When I wrote to you last I didn't answer all of J.H.'s questions. You asked about 1927. We were living at the Sears placew at that time. Hew said he was sitting by Uncle Clarence at the time he saw the personage. He asked Uncle Clarence if he had seen anything. Uncle Clarence said he hadn't . When Frank asked Uncle Clarence if he know anything about Dad's experience he seemed to doubt that Dad had seen anything. However I feel sure Dad was sincere in what he said about it.

As far as I know any of our family have not had the experience of passing away and then being called back to life through the administration of the Priesthood.

I mentioned in my other letter about Aunt Thora going to Malta with us when Huleta was a baby. While she was there she built a chicken coop. The chickens had made it through the winter in just a little cobbled up contraption. Aunt Thora thought they should have more room so she went to work and built the coop which served us the rest of the time we lived at the Sears place. By the end of the summer we had over a hundred chickens. Late in the spring Mrs. Pierce gave me 3 turkey eggs. She didn't want to bother with little turkey's that late in the season. I set those 3 large eggs under a little dark red hen. You children had named her "Sweetie". She was so gentle you could pick her up any time. She would try to talk to you and seemed to understand a lot of what you said to her.

Sweetie sat on those big eggs and hatched all of them. She took very good care of her turkey babies. By fall they were larger than she was but she would sit on the roost with them with one on one side and two on the other side with her wings stretched over their backs as far as she could stretch them. It really looked comical;.

I'm sure you remember how you and Godlen used to tease her with a piece of bread through the screen door, moving the bread up and down and around and around. She moved her head as fast as you moved the bread. How you children would laugh at that dear little special pet hen.

1977 April 9 Fence

The Fence just south of the big front gate entrance had been broken down and was left wide open. Godden said a big truck loaded with piupes tipped over their. They didn't bother to fix it or repair the damage. I have written to Golden to see if the boys would fix it or get someone else to do it.

I checked my helephone while I was there. It was stone dead. I had it put on vacation rate before I left last fall. In March they sent me a bill for $7.61 the full rent. I just sent them the vacation rate $3.80. For April they sent me a bill for $11.42 the full rent plus the difference of last month's bill. I haven't sent them anything this month but a letter. They seem to be money hunngry.

1977 April 25 The Well

The old well has been filled in with dirt to keep it from freezing in winter. Evidently the foot valve has rusted shut and will not budge and there is not room for anyone to get under the house to dig out the dirt. Frank has tried every stunt possible to get suction through the pipe, but to no vaiail. So it looks like we are forced to dig a new well - which is another problem! for sure. Surely should have moved that foundation like you wanted to do. The inevitable was sure to halppen for that well. I enjoyed the new room but had the place I had in mind be carried out it would have been more practical and less trouble for the future. Too late to cry about it now but we have problems now. All the consolation folks will give now I guess "I told you not do it that way."

1977 May 12 Health of Relatives

Aunt Eleanor has sold her fancy apartment and is renting part of Maurine's and Ray's hou8se. She is so crippled with arthritis it is difficult for her to get around and it was hard for her to be along so much.

Uncle Howard has been very ill. Has been in and out of the hospital for the past 4 months. Has had an operation, lots of tests and still the Dr's don't know just what is causing his trouble. He said he is feeling some better but thinks he most help he has had has from from above..

Aunt Bellva has been to Hawaii twice this yars. Two of her granddaughters live there. She is very proud of two great granddaughters. now.

Jean her oldest daughter has recently remarried and gone with her husband to live in Australia.  It seems her husband is to be a teacher in a college there.

Aunt Opal didn't have much good news to tell. She told cousin Albert Hulet, Uncle Vet's and Aunt Mallis's Hulet's son being in the hospital at Boise since late September and is doomed with cancer. We didn't know  he is so bad off.

Eleanor is very worried about Maurine's husband. He has just recenly been operated on for cancer. He is on the end of his nose and on one temple. That plague is no respecter of persons. It has been quite a while since we have heard from Jeffrey. Surlely hope is is well and happy.

1977 August 30, Cesspool

Today is a big day here. I am having a new cesspool installed. I'm wondering what next will have to be done around here but some things are necessary and have to be taken care of.

1977 August 5, Thora

Yesterday Jannetta took me to Morgan to see Aunt Thora.  She is still very handicapped about getting around. She wanted to know abopuit all of you.

Her family reminded me of a bunch of vultures just waiting for her to pass away.  They had her phone taken out 3 months ago because it cost $10 a month. she had sufficient insurance of her own but LaVarr and Hulite decided she couln't take care of her own money. LeVar has it fixed so she can't make out any more checks. He has the check book. They keep track of every cent that is spent for her foot etc. La Varr I think is making it appear that his mothers mind is not right. She is far superiour to him on that side but if something isn';t done to change the situation for her no telling what will happen.

I wish I knew who I could contact that would straighten them out.  She has willed most of her property to them already and now they are grabbing for what money she has in the bank and her income of about $275 per month form the government. It surly makes me ill to think of it.

1978 January 2, Eye problems.

We didnb't make it to Cathy and Brent's wedding at the Idaho Falls Temple. The weather was rather threatening, flggy and there was quite a lot of snow in the country.. We did manage to get out to the open house at Malta. That was nice. Many people called in with gifts.

Santa was very generous to us but we didn't get roused up in the wee hours by the pattering of little feet or excited chattering of little fellers.

Before Gloria and I came to Salt Lake in November, Gloria looked at the creek back of the house. The beavers had been working. They had cut down some of the small treees build a couple of dams in the creek. I wrote to Golden and asked him to to contact the State beaver trappers. I guess they were so involved in getting ready for their Thanksgiving company and then the wedding that Golden didn't think about the beavers. When we were out there last, theer girls looked to see what was carrying on. The beavers hadn't been idle. They have cut some of the big trees down too. The water is backed up in the creek higher than the banks. I f there should be a heavy rain or a thaw the yard would be flooded for sure. I should have written to the State beaver trappers when I first knew about the beavers being there but thought Golden would see to it.

The eye doctor told me I have 200 vision and he can't do anything for me except improve my long distance glasses a little. That is surely discouraging when there is so much I should get done and want to do so many things, and can't make any headway. Everyone seems to be too busy with their own things that they have no time to bother about my problems.

1978 January 24, Eleanor

Aunt Eleanor called Sunday evening on the phone. She is so crippled with arthritis that she can't get around but with great difficulty. She has always written such a clear beautiful handwriting. I didn't hear from her at Christmas time. Her card came about Jan 15. On the envelope I think Maurine had written "This didn't get posted."  Eleanor had tried to write the card but it was difficult for her to read it. Even her hands are bad off.  She asked me to come and spend some time with her. She gets very lonely of course.  I have been wanting to go to see her, Aunt Opal, and Aunt Thora but so far haven't made the grade. It is bad when we sisters are scattered out and can't get to see each other or help each other when we need to.

1978, Feb 15 Get to Gathers

We are happy to hear from you and to get the good news of the arrival of little Rachel Ann. A plretty name. Just got a card from the proud parents this morning. It is good that all is well with them. We were left wondwering for a while. Everybody is too busy now days. Even I can't seem to get all the things done I should do like writing letters.

Last week I spent in Provo with Aunt Eleanor, Maurine, and Ray. while I was there Maurine invited the relatives that are attending BYU to come for a get together. There was Brad and Nate (Corby had a cold so didn't come) Susan and Cheryl James came, Gary Hulet (Ray Hulet's son) Dennis Farnsworth, Maurine's son and his little boy.  Gloria got there in time to eat supper with the group.  Mary hadn't gotten home from work when Gloria had to leave to go to Provo for me. There were also two student nurses that stay with Eleanor. Aunt Eleanore has an apartment in Maurine's house. Aunt Eleanor is very bad off with arthritis. She has to use a walker go get around at all. It is sad for sure.  She was with the group that evening and seemed to enjoy seeing the young folks.

I wish there could have been a get together each year when members of your family were in Provo.I have wanted the cousins to get acquainted eaxch year but no one took the lead on getting them together. I suggested it and Maurine got busy calling them.

1978 March 17, Beavers

Last Saturday we went out to Malta to see what was carrying on. We found that the beavers are about the only ones that have been busy on the place. They have really don't plenty to the trees back of the house. I guess the beaver trappers finally got there but it was after too much damage had been done. We talked to Frank and he was going to call Dick Barnes to get him to clean out the creek with a backhoe. The creek is clogged up with weeds, etc. so the water is running over the banks higher up the creek two.

It usually takes a while to get Mr. Barnes on the job as he is a very busy man. I should be out ehre to try to get things taken care of but the girls won't listen to my being out there along yet.

Oh, yes, J.H. and Carol, I want to ask a big favor of you. You know I have never had a picture of either of you since you were married except in a group. We are trying to make a picture portrrait of our family and have all the picture portrait of our family. We have all the pictures except yours and Lillian's. She said she would send hers but hasn't as yet. We have a picture of you J.H. taken when you and Elaine were first married but none since except in a group. If you have a picture we could have genealogy size pictures made from then we would send your pictures back to you if you wish. Honest Injun. we would.

1978 April 27,  Thora

Last Saturday we went out to Malta. Things look pretty good but of course there is lots of things need to be done that can't be done in a part of a day. Sunday of course was taken up with church going. Monday Gloria took me to Brigham kCity to see Aunt Thora. She is still practically bedfast, but always cheerful and happy to have company. I am worried about her going back to her home at Enterprise on the 29th. If she still doesn't have the phone and doesn't have anyone take any better care of her than they did before I don't know how she can manage at all. I know that it has been a great responsibility for Hulets and her family but there are enough of them so they can manage. They have taken real good care of Aunt Thora.  But I don't understand how they can stand to let her go home under the circumstances there.  If I had the brawn to life Aunt Thora when she falls I would have her go out to Malta with me for the summer. but I couldn't help her that way and you know that there would be no one available to help me there in that way. I don't like to ask for the favors I have to ask for.

The family hasn't all been together in so many years. Even when Dad died all your family couldn't be there. At Malta there is plenty of space fo the day time. We could have  wall to wall beds for night I guess.

1978 May 30, Missionary work

Mary came out Sunday and will go back to Salt Lake tomorrow. It has been good to have her here. Folks are all so busy we don't see much of friends or relatives. Golden's family is in full swing for missionary work. Ginger leaves this next week for her mission in Tampa Florida Mission. Nathan and Corby will leave in August for their missions. Nathan goes to Argentina. Corby will go to Belgium. So they will be scattered widely.

Don't know if you have heard recently about Margaret. She was operated on a week ago Friday for a tumor in her right side. Before she was operated on, she was administered to and the whole ward had a day of fasting a prayer for her on Mother's Day. Then a week ago Sunday as you know the family and others had a day of fasting for her. She came out of her surgery very well. Dean told Mary and Gloria that when they brought Margaret out of the recovery room she was  smiling. The nurses said they had never seen any one like her. We all feel that she has been greatly blessed. She said she feels better now than she has felt for a long time. We hope and pray that she will continue to be blessed and can overcome the trouble in her liver too.

1978 August 12 Weather

It is good that you are well and things going OK. We have had a dry summer with changeable weather. The first two months I was here the weather was on the cool or cold side. In June we had frost every night for a week. We didn't plant any garden until late in June. It looks pretty good what there is of it, but may get frosted in September like two years ago.

1978 August 22 Corby and Nate

Nate is at the LTM now and Corby is going this week.

1979 May 16 Eleanor

I got a chance to to to Provo Monday to see Aunt Eleanor. She is very poorly and can not walk at all except with the aid of a walker since last birthday, May 2.

1978 May 18, Margaret

I don't know if Mary and Gloria have coinbtacxted you anbd told you about Margret's serious condition. They said they were going to try to contact all the family and ask them to join in a day of fasting and prayer next Sunday for Margaret. It is time for our united faith and prayers.

Just in case the girls haven't contacted you yet and told you of Margaret's condition I will tell you that she has not been well for nearly three months.  When she was in Salt Lake with us that week she didn't feel at all well. We urged her to go to a Dr. as soon as she got back home. She did go to a Dr. and has been several times since for X-rays etc. The X-rays showed several lumps in her liver and they are of a serious nature.  So as you know her condition is serious.

1979 January Opal

Just a note this morning to tell you that Aunt  Opal passed away January 3 in anIdaho Falls Hospital. She was operated on December 30th. I don't know just what was her trouble but they thought she had a bowel obstruction. She came through the operation real well, but she didn't have much strength to go on., and it likely was too much strain on her heart. She had been in the hospital since December 12th.

Her funeral will be tomorrow Saturday at 1:00 P.M at Rockland, Idaho.

We want to go to the services but we are getting snow today and it is a long way to go in this cold weather. Just had a note from Barbara. They came to bring Matt to school  She said they stopped in Salt Lake 15 minutes and tried to call us but we didn't get their call. I likely was downstairs so couldn't hear the phone ring.

1979 February 16, Margaret gets worse

Margaret has steadily gone down in strength since we, Gloria and I came on the 23rd of January. They took her to the hospital that day for transfusions and intravenous feeding. She seemed a little better for a day or so. She came home on Thursday and walked with help to the house but since then has walked with help to the bathroom. Most of the time until the last few days. She has a lot of courage and determination or she couldn't do that because she is so very ill and weak.

I have regretted all these years that we did not get to help you dear J.H when you so desperately needed help. We planned to save some of the go to help you when Mary had to have surgery. She got through the operation fine but got staff infection which nearly took her life. She has never been really healthy since then. Dad was having those heart attacks regularly which kept me frustrated all the time.  But how fortunate anyone is to go like he did and not have to suffer through a siege like Elaine did and Margaret is now enduring. We just don't see how she got through each day and night.

Margaret speaks only when necessary a few words. But her mind is alert and she knows what is going on.

1979 May 8 Mother's Day

Dear Carol We want to wish you a very happy Mother's Day. Usually the day slips up on us before we get busy and write. And we realize that we haven't expressed our love and appreciation for all you have done for the family and all of us when ever you have been with. We have often thought of how much courage and selflessness is required to shoulder the responsibility you faced to start married life with a family of seven precious children. We have admired your ability and faithfulness in carrying the responsibility of a mother to your family. You and dear J.H who has never shirked doing his share well now have a family and we are proud of.

Aunt Elanore called me tonight. She is very poorly and is of course very lonely much of the time. She wants me to go down there to see her but I don't know if I will get a chance.  Maurine's son Dennis does a lot of traveling in his work. If he happens to be gong that way he would take me to Provo. He lives at Sandy and it would be our of his way.

1979 May 22, Photographs

I sent James and Ann pictures today. Hope you like them. I sent
3    5x7 of James and Ann @ 1.95  5.85
3   3x5 Robert and Margaret @ .95  2.85
3     3x5 Robert and the mule .95  2.85 9 
9 each of James and Anns gen size @ .11  1.98

I also sent a picture of the unbknown Gardiner and Uncle Clarence as a bonus. .

1979 June, Family photo

I showed James Gardiner and other pictures to Myrle Lowe and she thinks the unknown man may be John Gunn

JH. Please figure exactly  how much I owe you on the house and I'll get that paid off before I change my status.  (Gloria letter)

1979, October 11, Washer

J. H., The washer hasn't made any noises since you worked on it so you must have done it good.  It surely eased my worries about the scratching sounds.  Thanks a million for all the help each of you gave me.

1979, December 3, Accident

How are you dong by now? Gloria told us in a letter that you, J.H. had had an accident while riding your bike to work and were not feeling "the best", yet.  Why did you keep it a secret from us? When I called you, you said all was well with you folks.  But I had the feeling that you had not stated the Truth. You know you told me when you were in the Navy that I knew when you were not well whether you told me or not. You didn't sound as friendly as at other times when I have talked to you. I thought I might have offended you "certainly it would be unintentional if I had) I do hope and pray that you are feeling much better before now and soon will be like new. Gloria said on of your arms was in a bad shape with torn ligaments.  That of course is serious and very painful. I wish that you could ge to Dr. Dalley in Rupert. He seems to the "one" Dr. that takes the time to try to help his patients.

1980 January 14 Sugar Cubes 

Thanks for your lovely card, letter and birthday gift.  You should not send me money after all you have already done for me.  You have had a record of generosity toward me since you were very young, J.H.  When you were only about two years old Aunt Thora took you with her to Benhard Olsen’s home at Peterson.  Mrs. Olsen gave you 3 cubes of sugar.  You ate two of them and held the other in your hand.  Thora asked you why you didn’t eat that one.  You said, “That is for mama.” and you brought it hoe to me.  you have given me many cubes of sugar since then.  I haven’t forgotten or failed to appreciate them but likely have failed to show the appreciation I should have shown. 

 1980 April 7

We are anxious to hear how Suzanne and baby and of course all the family. Do hope and pray that all is well for all our dear ones. 

1980 May 29, 59 Years

It doesn't seem like 59 years since I held my first precious little son in my arms but that is a day never to be forgotten. And how thankful and happy we were that you came to us. You still are very dear to us.

Monday evening Jeffrey and his girl firend, Linda called in for a short time. They just returned from a trip to Rexburg, Idaho. They said they stopped in at Malta and found no one at home at our place of Golden's home. That was too bad.  We haven't seen Jeffrey for so long.

1980 July 11

I haven’t seen Aunt Eleanor or Aunt Thora since you took me to see them last.  They can’t write and it seems that it is hard to get any one to write for them so letters are out too.  I do not know if Aunt Eleanor is still in Cedar City or back in Provo.  Maurine wrote after she and Ray had been to see her mother for her birthday May 2nd.  She said her mother was improving so she could help herself more and that if she improved enough so they could manage to take care of her at home they would take her back to Provo.  That is the last word I have had.

Aunt Thora has been in a little trailer home by LaVarr’s home.  The last I heard from Huleta, she said her mother seemed to feel well but just can’t get around.  One thing she continues to keep a cheerful attitude regardless of her trials.

1980 September 29, Kent

I am sorry I didn't get to see Kent and Suzanne and baby while they were in Salt Lake and that I couldn't help more with the information he and the rest of us needed so badly.  I will try to write to Kent soon.

1980 October 3,  Robert Gardiner

Dear Kent: I am sorry I couldn't have seen you wile you were in Salt Lake. We could likely have gotten a few things straightened out. As far as my knowing much about your great grandfather Robert Gardiner I can help very little.  I saw him only once for a short time at Aunt Eva's home when your father was a baby in my arms.  He had a pleasant smile and seemed to have a good sense of humor.  He was an average size man and well built and appeared to be in good health.  He lived bvy himself until about the last year of his life I think.  Then he lived in Uncle Clarence's home.  He had a room in the basement and had a fall which resulted in a broken collar bone or shoulder -- I am not surfe which it was.  He must have been very independent and was neglected.  His death certificate stated that he died from the effects of his broken b ones and bed sores.  Isn't that a sad thing to think of.  One would expect that he would have been in a hospital and getting good care he could hav e lived years longer.

I am sure that Grandpa Gardiner was a man of high standards and was efficient in his chosen occupation.  He of course wanted to be able to raise his family so they could have a good education and enjoy a comfortable way of life.

At one time he was well to do but some Friends got him in with them on a speculating scheme.  They managed to get the deal swung in their favor and he was left out and broke.  That experience made a great difference in the lives of the parents and children.

I am glad that you are doing all you are doing to gather the Gardiner genealogy gathered.  I wish I had the help at the library when I used to spend so much time and effort trying to get genealogy information.  It is so much easier to get good help now, but I can't read for myself so that is a stone wall.

1981 March 9, Julie

Do trust that you have all kept well.  We have.  We enjoyed the Family Letter your folks sent to us and the Family Group picture taken at the time of Julie's and Cliff's wedding.  Also a picture of "The bride and Groom!"  Great!

1981 May 15 Many Mansions

I wish I had a house of many mansions so I could make all the family comfortable here.  There is lots of space and fresh air anyway.

1981 February 3, Poem

Poem included with a card:


Once a day and sometimes more
You knock upon my daydream door,
And I say warmly, “Come right in.
I’m glad you’re here with me again”.

So we sit down and have a chat,
Recalling this, discussing that,
Until some task that I must do,
Forces me away from you.

Reluctantly I say “Good-bye”
Smiling with a little sigh.
For though my wishing brings you nearer
I wish that you were really here.

But what reality can’t change
My dreams and whishes can arrange,
And through my wishes you’ll be brought
To me each day a guest in thought.

Author Unknown

With love to all our dear ones.

1981 January 9, Pesky problem

I do not wish anyone the trial of being unable to see to read and write.  It is a trial for sure.  But I am thankful that I can see to get around as well as I can and be blessed with good health and have dear ones who are so kind and considerate of me, so kind and thoughtful and generous always.  I hope to be able to return at least a few of the favors you and my other dear ones have shown me. 

I wish that I could work with you on my muddled up personal history to see if we could get a little order out of chaos.  I have written many notes and know I have repeated some things.  Some should be inserted in different places.  One page looks the same as another to me now so I am completely at a loss to straighten things out.  I doubt id it would ever be worth the trouble to try to make it readable.  If I get a chance to send the muddle to you; I wonder if you will have the time and patience and endurance to wade through it.  There are things that need to be put in different order or inserted in different places but I am not dependable to even address an envelope any more...I could help to place dates and events.  Well it is a pesky problem isn’t it? 

1981 March 13, Handicapped

Dear Carol, J. H. and Jamie:
We surely enjoyed your note Carol and the Family letters.  We looked for a note signed by J. H. but did not succeed in finding one.  Is your arm too lame yet for such strenuous work?

My letter writing is handicapped because I cannot see what I am trying to write.  Makes problems for me and the reader too. 

Do wish we were not so scattered and that all the family who want information I have could come and get it.  If I could see better I could help but that is out; it seems.  I just waste my time wishing.

1981 March 28, Last letter

We got a little snow but so far the moisture situation is not too promising.  As far as we know the family is pretty well.  Do not know for sure that Dean and Gloria are coming for conference.  My letter writing is such a slow process I have to be brief.  We want you to know that we love you dearly and appreciate all your kind thoughtfulness.  Lots of love to you and all your dear ones. 
Mom, Grandma and Mary

1981 November 12, Dizzy

Mary: Mom seems to be improving a little.  She is not dizzy so much of the time now. 

Dates unknown

Dear Julie,

We enjoyed your letter and the nice card you made.  You are quite an artist. I hope you will continue to work at drawing pretty pictures and making pretty things.

Do you still have your pet cat?  I remember you had a black and white one when I was there.  One day Gloria and I were down in the back yard nailing some boards on th fence that had fallen off.  We left the basement door open for a while.  I noticed a couple of cats had been around so shut the door.  When we got ready to come in one cat came out of the door.  When I got upstairs a big black cat was in Gloria's room.  I tried to scare it out but it went under the bed and it took some scratching around with the dust mop to get it out.  A few days later I was cleaning out the drawings in the stove and found that a mouse had been in one drawer in the stove and one in the cupboard.  We haven't seen any signs of the mouse since then so maybe the cat found it.  Poor little mouse we are glad to bve without it.

Dear Mark 

Have you forgiven me yet for pushing you in the creek?  That was a mean trick wasn't it?  But I knew how much you like water and just wanted a little help to get in.

Dear Son, J.H,

I haven't had a chance to talk to you alone so haven't been able to put my thoughts and problems in words to you.

Don't think for a minute that I don't appreciate your consideration and generosity to help solve my problems.  I haven't wanted to show partiality to any of the family but haven't known just how to figure things out for the best.

You have always been so thoughtful and considerate and helpful.  If you needed the home place fo a home then I would think you should have first right to it.  But since it is just to make the place secure for me or someone else I feel I would be a money digger to let you use your hard earned money to pay the rest of the amount due on it when i don't have the backing to repay you. 

Whenever I have said anything about selling the place Mary and Gloria woulkd say, "Oh we can't let it go to anyone outside the family."  Yet they are like me, they can't do anything to take care of it without "man" help.  you would be surprised how hard it is to get my "man" help from any outside the family.  They seem to be afraid of widows.

Frank thought he could make something of the B ridge place and put in a lot of money for a well which didn't prove successful.  He has put in quite a lot for equipment on the place for his projects but it hasn't really improved my situation or his.  He, like you, doesn't feel he could make a good living there.  Yet with good management it would be worthwhile.

Mary put $1200 into the well on the place and plaid for getting the gas put in the house for  the gas tank besides many other helps she has given.  Gloria has also paid a generous amount for things through the years.

I can see that it would be wise to close the deal on the place in case of financial panic.

Maybe we can figure things out some way to be fair to you and others.  I don't like to see the place stand idle and not be producing something b but I haven't made anything on it so far.  Have paid quite a lot on water, equipment, etc, that has just beenn money down the drain.,

Yet I feel we may need it sometime in the futgure for a haven for all the family.  So please understand why I have been so reluctant to make a decision.  You and yours are very dear to me and I want you to know it.

Love always, Mom