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Craig Cunningham, Physical Education Demonstration Teacher, UES

For twenty five years Craig Cunningham ran a PE program at the University Elementary School. (now called UCLA Lab School) at UCLA.  It was a dynamic program which involved everything from shoe skates in kindergarden to unicycles in 6th grade.  For equipment he had three trampolines, a running broad jump pit, a grass field with goals, a blacktop with a tree surrounded with a bench, a dome, dinosaur structure to climb on, a rope climb and community hall for dance and demonstration lessons.  Craig got students moving, developing new skills and having a blast.  At the bottom of the blacktop was an old shed where he kept his hula hoops, unicycles, stilts, balls and skateboards.  Here is how the program worked.  When a child was in kindergarden he/she tied on shoe skates and skated down to the blacktop.  In first and second grades they used the balance beam to develop their balance skills.  In third and four grades students used stilts and in fifth and sixth they used skateboards and unicycles.  

In some of the units students carried skill cards and checked of skills as they mastered them.  For team sports they learned skills then played actual games.  

Dynamic? Yes.  Anything like it since?  No.

Quality Physical Education
  • Emphasizes knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity.
  • Is based on national standards that define what students should know and be able to do.
  • Keeps students active for most of the class time.
  • Provides many different physical activity choices.
  • Meets needs of all students, especially those who are not athletically gifted.
  • Features cooperative, as well as competitive, games.
  • Develops students self-confidence and eliminates practices that humiliate students (e.g., having team captains choose sides, dodgeball and other games of elimination).
  • Assesses students on their progress in reaching goals, not on whether they achieve an absolute standard.
  • Promotes physical activity outside of school.
  • Teaches self-management skills, such as goal-setting and self-monitoring.
  • Focuses, at the high school level, on helping adolescents make the transition to a physically active adult lifestyle.
  • Actively teaches cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation in physical activity.
  • Is an enjoyable experience for students.
Note: Even the best physical education teachers in the world will find it difficult to keep their students active during most of a physical education class if they don’t have adequate amounts of equipment and supplies. Many schools don’t have enough equipment or supplies to keep all their students active during physical education class; consequently, many students waste valuable time standing in line and watching others play while they wait for a turn. Support for the purchase of physical education equipment and supplies is an urgent priority for many of the nation’s schools."
Kristy Blower
Craig Cunningham talking about the UES PE program:

Photographs of the UES PE program in the 1960's - 1980's.

Marianne K on the Dino yard

List of PE Skill Cards:

1.  Archery Skill Card
2.  Badminton Skill Card
3.  Ball Skills Skill Card
4.  Basketball Self Test
5.  Basketball Skill Card
6.  Dexterity Skill Card
7.  Disc Skill Card
8.  Field Hockey Skill Card
9.  Football Skill Card
10.  Hoops Skill Card
11.  Jump Rope Skill Card
12.  Presidential Challenge Card
13.  Scoops Skill Card
14.  Soccer/Kickball Skill Card
15.  Softball Skill Card
16.  Speedball Skill Card
17.  Stilts Skill Card
18.  Track and Field Skill Card
19.  Volleyball Skill Card


Archery Skill Card

1.  Label the parts of a bow on a blank bow diagram.
2.  Label the parts of an arrow on a blank arrow diagram.
3.  Tell five archery safety rules.
4.  Tell 4 things to do to get ready to shoot an arrow.
5.  Demonstrate how to nock an arrow.
6.  Demonstrate correct stance for shooting.
7.  Shoot five of 10 arrows through a 36-inch hoop target from 25 feet away.
8.  I passed the Archery Test.

Badminton Skill Card

1.  Demonstrate a serve.
2.  Demonstrate an overhand clear shot.
3.  Demonstrate an underhand clear shot.
4.  Demonstrate an underhand drop shot.
5.  Demonstrate an overhand drop shot.
6.  Demonstrate a smash shot.
7.  Pass a Badminton Rules Test.
8.  Play a game of badminton.

Ball Skill Card

1.  Bounce an 8-inch ball in a small area with one hand 10 times in a row.
2.  Bounce a ball while moving forward 30 feet.
3.  Bounce a ball 10 times:
     To knee height.
     To waist height.                                                                                                                     To
4.  Demonstrate the correct overhand throw
     3-inch ball.
     6-inch ball.                                                                                                  6.
5.  Demonstrate an overhead throw using an 8-inch ball.     
6.  Throw an 8-inch ball into the air vertically and catch the ball:
     Arms distance above the head 4 in a row
     2 arms distance above the head 4 in a row
7.  Catch ball on bounce from partner 15 feet away.
8.  Play hand-ball.
9.  Play four-square.
10. Play tetherball.
11. Punt a kickball 35 feet in the air.

Basketball Self Testing Card

General Basketball skills:
1.  Passing for accuracy _____out of 10 tries
2.  Rebound passing  _____in 30 seconds
3.  Baskets per minute  _____in 1 minute
4.  Shots per minute first shot from free throw line, others close up_______
Shooting for accuracy:
5.  Foul shots ______ out of 10.
6.  Jump shots _____out of 10.
7. Set shots _____out of 10.

Basketball Skill Card

1.  Dribble the length of the court using your right hand.
2.  Dribble the length of the court using your left hand.
3.  Dribble the length of the court changing hands.
4.  Shoot a 2 hand push shot from a side angle and a distance of 4-5 feet, 3 out of 5 times.
5.  Perform skill #4 from directly in front of the basket 3 out of 5 times.
6.  Shoot a lay-up shot from a side approach 3 out of 5 times.
7.  Demonstrate the following passes into a target area 2 feet by 4 feet 5 out of 7 times from a distance of 10 feet:
8.  Shoot ten foul shots and record the percentages made. 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____

Dexterity Skill Card

1.  Make a slipknot.
2.  Show how to roll up a Yo-Yo string.
3.  Power throw.
4.  Forward pass.
5.  Loop the loop.
6.  Spinner (sleeping the yo yo).
6.  Walk the dog.
7.  The creeper.
8.  Around the corner.
9.  Rock the baby.
10. Flying saucer.
11. Break away
12.  Man on the trapeze.
13.  Spin a plate on the stick for:
      5 seconds.
     10 seconds.
14.  Juggle three tennis balls, up and down way.
15. Juggle three tennis balls, the around way.

Disc Skill Card

1.   Demonstrate stance and grip for cross body backhand release.
2.   Use the above throw for a distance of 25 feet. 
3.   Increase the distance to:
     40 feet.
     60 feet.
     75 feet.
4.   Throw 5 of 10 through a hoop:
     20 feet.
     30 feet.
5.   Knock over a bowling pin 5 out of 10 tosses:
     15 feet away.
     30 feet away.
6.   Throw to a partner 25 feet away 8 out of 10 trials.
7.   Maximum time aloft 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
8.   Distance throws trial:  1st _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
9.   Demonstrate the stance and grip for a sidearm throw.
10.          I played disc golf. My score was _____

I did the following freestyle disc trick throws:
 11.    Upside down
 12.     Curve
 13.     Skip

 I did the following trick catches:
14.     Pancake
15.     Under the leg
16.     BTB (behind the back)
17.     Bad attitude (around extended ankle)
18.     Flamingo
29.     I designed my own disc golf course using 6 holes.

Field Hockey Skill Card

1.  Dribble the ball or puck 25 yards.
2.  Dribble the ball or puck through a six-cone slalom course with the cones set 10 feet apart.
3.  Shoot at the goal (6’ x4’) from a distance if 15 feet and make 4 of 5 shots.
4.  Pass the ball or puck to a partner standing 15 ‘ distance 4 of 5 times.
5.  Over a distance of 25 yards, pass the ball or puck back and forth to a partner while both of you are moving without missing a pass.

Football Skill Card

1.  Pass a football 20 yards
2.  Pass a football 30 yards
3.  Pass a football 40 yards
4.  Kick a football 30 yards from a tee
5.  Pass a Football Rules Test

Hoops Skill Card

1.   Play Lilly Pad: jump into 5 hoops w/o touching edge.
2.   Partner rolls hoop, you jump through, no touch.
3.   Spin your hoop like a ball for the count of five.
4.   Roll your hoop to someone else 5 times.
5.   Toss and catch 5 times right hand.
6.   Toss and catch 5 times left hand.
7.   Toss right hand, catch left hand 5 times.
8.   Toss and catch 5 times while walking.
9.   Backspin-roll your hoop 5 times in a row.
10.Backspin-roll over an object 5 times in a row.
11. Spin around arm, count of 10.
12. Bounce and catch, count of 10.
13. Spin around waist, count of 10.
14. Spin hoop on one leg, jump with other leg 5 times.
15. My own trick____________________________________________
16.  My own routine: (use at least three consecutive tricks)________________________________________________________

Jump Rope Skill Card

Long Rope Skill
    1.  Using a long rope jump 5 consecutive times.
    2.  Using long rope jump 10 consecutive times.
3.  Run through a long rope – easy direction.
4.  Run through – hard direction.
5.  Run to center jump 5 times in four different directions­­­­­­­­­­.
6.  Run to center and bounce ball while jumping 10 times.
7.  Run to center and jump with a partner 15 times.
8.  Run to center and jump with a partner and a short rope five times.
9.  Do 5 successful double-dutch jumps.

Short Rope Skills
1.   Forward jump – two feet 10- times.
2.   Backward jump – two feet 10 times.
3.   Forward jump, - alternate feet 12 times.
4.   Backward jump alternate feet 12 times.
5.   Forward jump, one foot 10 times.
6.   Backward jump, two feet 10 times.
7.   Side arm swing 10 times.
8.   Front cross-overs 10 times.
9.   Back cross-overs two feet 10 times
10.  Forward and backward cross-overs one foot 12 times
11.  Squat jumps forward and backwards 10 times.

Soccer- Kickball Skill Card

1.  Kick a soccer ball 45 feet in the air.
2.  Kick a soccer ball 60 feet in the air.
3.  Kick a soft soccer ball to a handball wall target 3 of 5 times.
4.  Dribble a soccer ball through 10 cone slalom course.
5.  Do number 4 in less than 30 seconds.
6.  Make three instep kicks to a partner 15 feet away.
6.  Successfully head the ball to a partner 10 feet away 3 of 5 times.
7.  Kick ball into goal from:
     15 feet, 7 of 10 kicks
     30 feet, 7 of 10 kicks
8.  Kick a soccer ball into a goal from 35 feet 3 of 4 times.

Presidential Challenge Fitness Program

1.  Curl ups - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
2.  Shuttle run - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
3.  Mile - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
4Pull ups 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
5.  Sit and reach - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____

Scoops Skill Card

1.  At 30 feet demonstrate the following throws 3 consecutive times:
         Overhand throw.
         Underhand throw.
         Sidearm throw.
         Backhand throw.
2.  At 30 feet demonstrate the following catches 3 consecutive times:
         Overhand catch.
         Underhand catch.
         From the ground catch.
         Cover retrieve.
3.  I played the following games successfully:
         Hit the Pin
         Scoop Target.
         Scoop Progressive Throw and Catch.
         Scoop Throw, Bounce and Catch.
         Scoop Spot, bounce and Catch.
         Rolling Hoop Scoop Throw.

Softball Skill Card

1. Using an overhand throw, throw a softball the following distances:
     25 feet.
     50 feet.
     75 feet.
2.  Using an overhand throw, throw a softball into a target area 2 feet by 4 feet, 5 out of 10 times from a distance of:
     25 feet.
     40 feet.
3.  Demonstrate a side-arm throw 10 times to a partner standing      25 feet away.
4.  Hit softball off a tee 8 out of 10 times.
5.  Demonstrate fungo-hitting 5 out of 8 times.
6.  Run the bases for time:
     1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
7.  Using an underhand pitch and a target 2 feet by 4 feet, stand at a distance of 25 feet and make 5 of 8 pitches.
8.  Catch 3 of 4 fly balls thrown by a partner 35-30 feet in the air.
9.  Repeat number 8 with higher throws.
10.  I passed the Softball Rules Test.

Speedball Skill Card

1.  Dribble a utility ball 25 feet.
2.  Demonstrate an aerial throw.
3.  Perform three serial throws in succession.
4.  Do a two-foot pick up.
5.  Dribble the ball twenty-five feet; do a two-foot pick-up and then an aerial throw.
6.  Dribble the ball through a six-cone slalom course (set 5 feet apart.
7.  Throw a ball to a partner 35 feet away 4 out of 5 times.
8.  Kick a utility ball into a goal 3 of 4 times from a distance of 25 feet.

Stilt Skill Card

1.  Mount the stilts
2.  Walk forward the following distances:
     5 steps
     8 steps
     12 steps
3.  Walk around 5 cones set three feet apart.
4.  Walk over six jump ropes set 12 inches part
5.  Walk forward at the following rates of speed:
6. Walk sideways 3 steps to the right
7.  Walk sideways 3 steps to the left
8.  Walk over two objects without touching the objects.
9.  Jump a long turning rope, 2 consecutive times.
10.  Jump a long turning rope, 5 consecutive times.
11.  On stilts dribble a soccer ball 10 feet without falling.
12.  Make up your own stilt routine to music. (Use at least 3 consecutive skills).

Track and Field

1.  50 yard - dash - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
2.  100 yard dash - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
3.  400 yard run - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
4.  600 yard run - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
5.  Discus - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
6.  Shot put - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
7.  Standing broad jump - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
8.  Shot put for distance - 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
9.  Running broad jump for distance- 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____
10.  Hurdles – 1st trial _____2nd trial _____3rd trial _____


1.  Demonstrate the ability to do a two-hand set above an 8-foot line painted on a handball wall:            
     3 times
     5 times
     7 times
2.  Bump the ball against a wall 3 consecutive times.
3.  Repeat task 2 for 5 consecutive times.
4.  Using an underhand serve, serve the ball over the net from         mid-court 5 consecutive times  
5.  Move to the backcourt line and repeat task #4
6.  Serve the ball from the backcourt into 1 of 4 designated areas on the receiving court 3 consecutive times.  
7.  Demonstrate the ability to set the ball above the net 3 consecutive times.  


Craig Cunningham on water skiing trip
Valerie (Stedman) Schutz:
I was on the UCLA Water Ski team from 1977 through 1981. Our water ski coach/advisor was Craig Cunningham. Craig's nickname was "superskier". He punctuated every sentence with "super", "beau coup", or "awesome", and everything was "copacetic", - but he was all those things to the club. He generously provided us the use of his three Hydrodyne boats - one being a twin-rig outboard. These were the premiere tournament boats from the 50's to 70's. We competed against other colleges (UCSD, Berkeley, USC, CSULB) in slalom, tricks, and jump. Most of us had our own skiis, but Craig had extra for anyone who didn't. I skied on a 63" Kidder.