Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bachman Photographs

Hi, I'm seeking information on the following photographs.  I'm also looking for other photographs related to the Bachman Family.  Kent:

Photo 1 Anna Hegetschweiler 1914, girl and child are unknown , Los Angeles. 

Emma and Anna were living in Los Angeles at 616 Bisel Street at the time. Emma: In March 1913, I sent for mother and we lived in the Bixel Apartments on 6th and Bixel (616 Bisel Street) I slept on a cot on a little out-door porch and mother slept in the wall bed.  There was a nice roof garden and mother liked it very much.  There was an elevator. We could push the button and it would take us where we wished to go. Westlake park was within walking distance and mother liked to go there.

Photo 2 Jay Bachman and Nedra Butler date? they were married in 1947 so this could be the 1950s

Photo 3 From prominent men book, Jacob Bachman.  Is this just taken from the photo of Anna and Jacob? Anna's fingertips are on his right arm.

Photo 4  This photograph came from Erich Bachman who mailed it to S.  This is Erich's great-grandfather, Hans Rudolf's family.  The photo arrived in Idaho soon after Steve returned from his European trip.  Erich's mother lived with Erich and Steve thinks she had a duplicate made for him and then wrote the names of the children on an accompanying piece of paper.  Direct from Switzerland. This photo has been labeled in Photoshop and posted on this site.

Photo 5 LtoR Blaine Bachman, Gainer Bachman, Joseph Bachman, Lyle Bachman, Rex Bachman, Mark Bachman.  Where was this taken?  year?  Ogden? This is an interesting photo because they are all a similar size and build.  Was this taken in Eden?  Does the house behind them look familiar? 

Note: Relative to # 5, the photo was taken at 28th and Van Buren, in Ogden, at the home of my grandparents-Joseph Rexel Bachman and Elizabeth (Dot) Bachman. They are in the driveway at the side of the home. Photo was taken Christmas, 1935.

Photo 6 Bertha Stallings, year? Here we have the photo of Bertha Bachman Stallings.  I'm pretty sure this is Ogden.  Marge remembers something about Bertha losing her house and then having to move into Ogden to stay with relatives.  What a pleasant looking lady.  I think she was the longest-lived Bachman at 90.

Photo 7   Edna Hill Peterson.  One of Verena's 10 children.  Steve will be talking about all of Verena's children the Verena/Henry Hill history he is writing.  This should be place this under Verena.

Photo 8  Betty Hill Bingham.  Steve's mother.  Verena's granddaughter.  You see her lazy eye being hidden.

 Photo 9  Marge is the last living grandchild of Verena.  She's 96, and still sharp.  She lives in Layton, Utah.  She is Hazel Hill Boyle's daughter.  We have gotten much of my information from her.

Photo 10  Hazel Hill 1894 - 1968 married Joseph St Clair Boyle.  Hazel Hill Boyle.  Verena's 8th child.

Photo 11 Heber McBride family, LtR Left to Right Back Row Bethsina, Elizabeth, Margaret Orlando, Heber Robert,Elizabeth, Thiza Clarence Parley.  Joseph's wife's family, the McBrides.

Photo 12 Home of Jacob Bachman growing up in Switzerland.  Photos 12 and 13 Same photo taken by Steve in 1972.  He just took the big telephone pole out of the first one.  He emailed  the story of my trip to Wiliberg to Kent, which will be in his history.  But he guesses the trip is related to Bachman as well as Verena Hill.   We may want to put the story of my trip to Wiliberg under our Bachman.

An old man whom we found there in Wiliberg said this was the old Jacob Bachman house.  I got the feeling that Jacob's brother Hans Rudolf's family lived on the premises, too.  Jacob Sr. could have lived here as a child, but I know that Maria, Verena, Jacob Jr. and Elizabeth were born in this house in Wiliberg.

 Photo 13

Photo 14  Who did this stylized version of Jacob and Anna?  Is this Jacob and Anna?  Very nice rendition of the couple.   You can see that this is also from photo #18.  They have been moved closer to one another.

Photo 15 Joseph and Margaret Bachman Family, year unknown.  

LtoR top row Blaine Bachman, Gainer Bachman Rex Bachman, Halvy Bachman, Comfort Bachman
Second row Lyle Bachman, Margaret McBride Bachman, Mark Bachman, Joseph Bachman, Velva Ann Bachman.  If Mark was born in 1915 could this be taken in 1918?  where taken? what is on the back of this photograph? I would say you're right--  taken in 1918 or 1919.  No Wayne??

Note: Relative to # 15, "No Wayne?" I believe this is a picture of the Joseph Bachman family. Wayne was the son of Joseph Rexel, and therefore not in it.  

 Photo 16 Verena Bachman Hill.  Verena lived 1857 -1925.  Don't know when this was taken. 

Photo 17  Steve got these photos from Marge, and at least one was mis-labeled.  Top left is Verena has young woman.  I'll be sending you a restored version of this photo.  I believe the woman top right might be Elizabeth Bachman, but don't know.  Likewise, bottom right looks like top right and might be Elizabeth although it was labeled Verena, but obviously not Verena.  Bottom left are Verena's children Edna #6 child, Lawrence #9 child, and Hazel #8 child, which Steve will be writing about.

Photo 18 Jacob Bachman and Anna Hegetschweiler: On the back of this photograph it says J O Stephens, Portrait and Landscape Photographer Cor Fifth and Young Street, Ogden Utah, Negatives Preserved J.O. Stephens is a famous photographer with many photos on the internet from this period. Jacob and Anna moved to Ogden in 1901 and he died in 1907.  Could this be in that period. Anna and Jacob.  Interesting information about Stephens.  No way to tell where taken.  Back drop is probably fake.

Photo 19 Emma Bachman probably about 1901 when she was 14? or? 

Photo 20 Anna Hegetschweiler and Audrey Scholl, her granddaughter. Audrey was born in 1916 so this could be 1917? 

Emma: In December, 1917, my sister Bertha and her husband, Arthur
Stallings came to visit us. Audrey loved Arthur, called him
"Oiho" and never cried when he was in the room. I left her with
him when I had shopping or other things to do. They went to San
Diego and liked it very much there. We were sad when they went

Photo 21 Four generations: Anna Hegetschweiler, William Henry Stone, William Archibald (Archie) Stone, and Dorothy Stone:

Photo 22 Is this a Bachman? Where did you get this.  Looks like Joseph's kids but too old.  Could it be Emma's sister Annie?

Photo 23 Family of Heber Robert McBride and (1)Elizabeth Ann Burns and (2) Elizabeth Boyd Gould L to R back row: Parley, Ann Bethsina, Thirza, Orlando, Clarence Burns, Mary Evalee, Elnora Elizabeth. Centre row: Margaret Howard, Heber Robert (father), Elizabeth Boyd Gould (2nd wife of Heber), (Omer Gould, insert upper left) Heber's 1st wife Elizabeth Ann Burns, not in picture, died May 29,1984 Front row: , Ira, , , , will try to identify children in front soon. 

Photo 24. 5 Generations of Bachmans:  Joseph Bachman, Joseph Rexel Bachman, Wayne Goddard Bachman, Danel W. Bachman, Danel W. Bachman Jr.

Photo 25 Elizabeth S. Bachman

Photo 26 Hyrum H. Goddard Family, The caption reads Hyrum Goddard.  I don't know which one is Hyrum, nor the date.  I'm not certain who the rest are.

Photo 27  Joseph Rexel Bachman as a missionary in the Swiss-German mission, 1909-1911.

Photo 28 Joseph Bachman, Eden Utah
 Photo 29  Joseph Rexel Bachman, Elizabeth Stanford Bachman (my grand parents)  Children on the knees, my father Wayne Goddard Bachman and his brother Rex Goddard Bachman.  I do not know the time this was taken.  My father was born in 1914, so this was probably before 1920.

Note: I believe the children in #1 are my aunt and uncle, Rex Goddard Bachman, and Margaret Bachman.  I don't know where my dad was--perhaps skipping rocks in a puddle somewher...

Photo 30  Joseph Rexel Bachman

Photo 31 Joseph and Margaret Bachman, 1934.  Same house as your # 5.

 Photo 32 Rex Bachman, date unknown

Photo 33 Wayne Goddard Bachman, birthday 31 Dec. 1932, age 18.

Photo 34 Wayne Goddard Bachman, 31 March 1915, 3 months old.

Photo 35 Wayne Goddard Bachman and his uncles Lyle and Mark.  Do not know the date or place.

Photo 36 Wayne Goddard Bachman, in his late 40s.  Taken by a professional photographer in Denver.

Photo 37:  Mark Jacob Bachman and Danel W. Bachman.  142 6th Ave. North, Twin Falls, Idaho.  Winter 1944-45.  Mark served in the navy during WW II.

Photo 38: 27 Feb. 1944.  Rex Goddard Bachman in military uniform.  He was wounded and won a purple heart.  Joseph Rexel Bachman, Wayne Goddard Bachman, Joseph Rexel Bachman II, and Danel Wayne Bachman, infant.

Photo 39: Rex and Dan, 14 April 1978, last photo together

Photo 40 Wayne Goddard Bachman's sons: Rex, Dan ca 1946 photo was at 142 6th Ave. North, Twin Falls, Idaho, not Sun Valley.

Arthur Stallings from a 1 inch photo on Ancestry:

Bertha Bachman Stallings from a 1 inch photo on Ancestry:

Annie's children. 

    1. Maria,
    2. Verena, photo
    3. Jakob
    4. Emuel,photo
    5. Elizabetha

Born in Utah:
    6.  Sarah
    7.  Rosilla
    8.  Bertha photo
    9.  Alma
      1. Joseph  photo
     2.  Annie 
     3.  John Rudolf 
     4Emma Josephine  photo