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Esther Alice Gardiner (Fletcher) 1924 - 2015

Alice Fletcher, 90, of St. George, died January 4, 2015, at home with her daughter and son at her side.

She was born March 13, 1924, in Salt Lake City, UT to Clarence Gardiner and Edna Jackson Gardiner. Alice met her future husband at a dance for servicemen at the air force base in Salt Lake City. They dated for three weeks until he was shipped out to a base in Louisiana. Three weeks later her mother arranged a ride for her with an acquaintance to Louisiana. The day she arrived they were married.

Alice was raised in Salt Lake City and lived briefly in Beaumont, TX on two occasions. She was a graduate of South High School in Salt Lake City and retired from Utah Power and Light. Her passions were playing bridge, and boy was she good! She also loved gambling in Mesquite. She was kind, loving and never forgot a birthday! She loved purple iris and the sunshine of St. George.

She is preceded in death by her parents, spouse, and all of her siblings. She is survived by her four children:

1.  Charles (Carol) Fletcher, St. George, UT,
2.  Pat (Shanna) Fletcher, St. George, UT,
3.  Nancy Adams, Washington, UT, and
4.  Kerry (Dru) Fletcher, Salt Lake City, UT;

her eight grandchildren: Shelly, Camille, Patrick, Alissa, Shanna, Stacey, Annie and Courtney; nine great-granchildren: Allie, Curtis, Callais, Ethan, Ella, Nicholas, Anthony, Amelia, Brie, and her constant companion “Punkin” the cat. We love you “Alice the Great”. You are our golden girl, heart, soul, and rock of the family! You will be dearly missed!

The family would like to thank Alpha Home Care and Hospice for their compassionate care. Scattering of ashes to take place at a later date.

Hi, This past week I met with a few of Robert and Margaret's grandchildren.  The lovely woman in the picture is Esther Alice Gardiner, youngest child of Clarence Gardiner.  Clarence was a bishop, went on a mission to Scotland and was responsible for most of what we know about Robert and Margaret.

Esther Alice is a sweet, spry, eighty six year old lady who lives in Washington, UT.   We had a lovely conversation.  During our talk I asked if she was active in the church. She said no and related the following story.

Esther was happily living with her family and went to church in Salt Lake City.  One day her mutual group decided to go to the Air Force Base and dance with the servicemen.  A serviceman by the name of Robert Lee Fletcher immediately hooked up with her.  For the next three weeks he came to the house, called and spent all of his extra time pursuing her.  He then was shipped out to a base in the south.  Three weeks later, Edna Jackson, her mother, arranged for her to hitch a ride with an acquaintance to the base in the south.  Before Esther Alice left Edna told her, "Now don't go marrying him."  The day she arrived, she married Robert Lee Fletcher.

Esther Alice said, "I broke my father's heart."

When they married they made a promise to each other that one week they would go to the LDS church and the next to Robert's baptist church.  That lasted only one week and Robert never attended again.  Esther said after a while she enjoyed the Baptist church.

They have four children, one of which is active LDS and lives in Las Vegas.  That man Patrick Lee Fletcher has a son named Patrick who now lives in Parowan, UT.  The son went on a mission to Scotland.  He loved his mission and the country just like his great grandfather, Clarence Gardiner.

She worked there for many, many years and retired just a bit before she was 65. I will have to ask to find out which years. I'll inquire. It's so nice to be in touch with you again, what a small world. You were always one of our favorites.


Patrick Lee Fletcher: Phone number
10858 Milbank Ave Las Vegas, NV 89135-1763
Missing my sweet Grandma, Alice the great. Here she is at the pool with Nicholas. This must have been about 8 years ago or so (since he is 9). She was such a great grandmother and a wonderful great grandmother too! Just great all around really 2015
Son Partrick