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Lousie Weinert 1873 - 1957

Beth Weinert: (Beth is the wife of David Weinert who is John Weinert's grandson.)
"The youngest child, Louise, was born to August and Fredericka in 1873. A twin brother, Willie, died within a few months. She grew up in a household that knew hard work and hardships that seemed insurmountable. Perhaps being raised under that discipline is what prepared her for some of her own life as she raised her own family. She loved to sew and as a teenager became quite proficient in that area.

"She met and later married Clarence Horace Wiltse of Falls City, Nebraska. He was the seventh child of Jerome and Mary Wiltse, a name that was to become quite prominent over the years in the Falls City area. Clarence was a teacher, farmer, owned a General Store, sold insurance, and managed several farms that he owned. Louisa was the typical housewife and raised the family with a lot of the same principles she had known in her own childhood years. They were members and workers in the First Methodist Church of Falls City.

"Their First child, Irving, was born in 1900 and it is reported that sister, Minnie, had to postpone her moving to Seattle, Washington because she wanted to be there for the first birth of her youngest sister. Then Gertrude came along and their third child was Sherman. Mildred and Evelyn would complete the family within a few years.

"The sad story of Sherman was that he was accidentally killed at about age 12 with a shotgun. The story is that he bled to death and the whole situation was very traumatic for the family, which is quite understandable. So much so they didn't talk about it very much in the years to come. He is buried in the Zion Cemetery east of Falls City, Nebraska.

"Their children grew up attending the schools of Falls City, marrying then scattering to other parts of the country - always keeping in touch with family "back home" and visiting as often as work and time allowed. A newspaper article lists all of the children and their families attending their parents Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration in 1949 in Falls City.
Louise passed away In Falls City October 31, 1957 and Clarence July 3, 1960 at the home of a daughter in Traverse City, Michigan. Both are buried in the Steele Cemetery in Falls City, Nebraska." (Source: Beth Weinert)

The Life of Grandma Louise Wiltse by Marjorie Wiltse Reddington, July 1996:
"I remember Grandma Wiltse as one who loved her flowers both inside and outdoors. Numerous bleeding heart plants were my favorite, with nasturtiums every summer along the front walk on both sides, four o'clock in the back garden surrounding the chicken pen where the horseradish grew, and always red and or white flowers for our Mother's Day corsages that we "ladies" always made and wore on that special day. Indoors Grandma's red begonias were large and showy plants on either side of the couch with a large single jade plant the size of a small tree.

"Grandma told me about being a seamstress before her marriage. For my tenth birthday she gave me a small quite real sewing machine, hoping to whet my appetite for her love, which she did! She always encouraged my sewing efforts as a high school student. Her bony, wrinkled hands were always busy with handwork, crocheting rugs, quilting, embroidering, tatting, or remaking homemade garments. Auntie Mil said she remade most of the garments that had initially been fabricated for family members.

Grandma was devoted to the First Methodist Church of Falls City, Nebraska. As I remember her, I recall how she loved the rummage sales that her missionary society and the Ladies Aid held for money raisers. She always did her part, though she might not have been the top leader of different organizations. Auntie Mil told me of Sundays when she drove the horse and team to take the children to Zion Church, (six miles East of Falls City) but as that time just several miles from their home.

"I loved to go to Grandma's home at 1722 McLean Street for Sunday noon dinner after church. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, gelatin salad, homemade bread fresh from Saturday morning baking, and always pie...fruit usually. Maybe mulberry or cherry or peach pie. She was always busy cooking for family it seemed. Her daughters Mil and Evelyn commented that she cooked quantities for the hired help also. She and Grandpa loved plate size buckwheat cakes. Horseradish and onion slices were common with most meals. Grandma Canned fruits and vegetables. She made jams by just cooking (with no pectin). She baked breads or sweet rolls or yeast coffee cake every Saturday morning. Fresh chicken was very common because of the plenteous number of Red Cockerels out by the alley in the pen.

"Grandma always had a quiet smile for me, as well as everyone else. She never complained and made me feel special. I loved my Grandma and grew up with many of her talents that she had taught me. God Bless You Always, Grandma." (Source: Marjorie Reddington)

What happened to their children? All children graduated from college except Sherman who died young-
Irving Franklin Wiltse  Irving was born 15 Mar 1900 Preston, NB  and died - 29 Apr 1997 in Weslaco, Hidalgo. Co, Texas. Irving married Gladys Mae Buxton 18 March 1927 in Manila, Philippines. Irving was a high school teacher, Boy Scout representative in Manila, Philippines, farmer and Nebraska State Senator.
Gertrude Naomi  Wiltse was born 1 July 1903 in Falls City, NE and died - 26 Sep 1980 in Harlingen, Cameron Co., Texas. Gertrude married Chauncey Bauer 30 Dec 1943 in Hiawatha, Brown Co, Kansas and then Willis Smith 1 Aug 1977 in Seattle, King Co, Washington
Sherman Wiltse was born 20 May 1905 east of Falls City and died from an accidental rifle shot 10 May 1912. Sherman was 6 years old.
Mildred Marie Wiltse was born 23 Oct 1910 6 miles East of Falls City NB. She married Frederick William Holbein on 2 June 1932 St. in Joseph, Buchanan Co. MO. Mildred died 14 Dec 2001 in Bothell, King Co. Washington
Evelyn Cora Wiltse was born 14 Feb 1914, 6 miles east of Falls City. She graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1936 and began teaching. She taught for 30 years. She married Edwin Peter Bosker in 18 Feb 1949 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan, joining Ed and his two teenage daughters, Katherine (Kit) and Freda, and a welcoming extended family. The couple spent 41 years together. She lived to be almost 99, dying 7 January 2013.

Clarence Wiltse, husband
Jerome, Louise's father-in-law, very interesting person

Documents related to Louise Weinert:

Louise's in-laws
Wiltse museum pieces found
in the Falls City museum

1880 Arago US Census
1885 Nebraska Census
About 1890, Louise Weinert

About 1893,Anna and Louise Weinert

Anna Prfiano and Louise Weinert

Louise and her brother
August Weinert

1889 June 21, Louise and Clarence
marriage certificate

1896 Jefferson Precinct
showing Jerome Wiltse property.
Jerome is Louise's father in law.
He died in 1924

1900 Jefferson Precinct Census

Wiltse Home built by August Weinert
1902 LtR Clarence, Irving, Lousie


See description below

1910 Census Jefferson Precinct

The Loup City northwestern newspaper., 
May 30, 1912, Image 2

Sherman Wiltse grave
marker. Steele Cemetery
Falls City, NE

1913 Jefferson Precinct
Showing Jerome Wiltse property.
Jerome is Louise's father-in-law.
He died in 1924


1920 Falls City Census

1925 LtR Clarence, Gertrude, Irving , Evelyn 
(in front), Mildred, Louise Wiltse

1929 Clarence and his girls

About 1936

1940 Census Falls City

1950s Mildred, Gertrude, Clarence, Louise, Irving, Evelyn
this is all of Louise's children with the exception
of Sherman.

1957 Jefferson Township
showing Irving Wiltse's property.

1957 Louise Weinert
death certificate

Clarence death certificate

1960 Clarence, will

A genealogical and psychological
memoir of Philippe Maton Wiltsee and his descendants

Written by Jerome Wiltse. Amazing book. 
A genealogical and psychological
memoir of Philippe Maton Wiltsee and his descendants

by Jerome Wiltse 1908