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William Daniel Kroksh 1902 - 1979

William Daniel Kroksh was born 11 March 1902 to Charles Augustus Kroksh and Martha Vilate Holdaway in Elwood, Utah. His childhood home residence was also the local post office. He married Grace Thompson 26 May 1926 in Brigham City, Utah. In the 1940 census he is a mechanic and an apprentice at a plumbing shop. William died 15 April 1979 and his wife Grace Thompson died 12 years later 12 January 1991 in Logan, Utah.

What happened to their children?
Lenee Maxine Kroksh 1926-2009 married John Henry Goring 7 Jun 1946, one deceased child Bruce Lynn, 1950-2011
Wilma Billie Kroksh 1928-2015 (video below) married  Frank LaVere Anderson  17 Feb 1947
Sharon Vilate Kroksh 1931-2011 (video below) may have married Reese Squires Poppleton 1923-1992

Documents related to William Daniel Kroksh:

Martha Lestie, Daniel and Ferd

William played baseball as a youth.

LtR back Daniel, Martha Lestie, Ferd
front, Augustus Kroksh, Martha Vilate, Glen Arthur Kroksh

Arthur, Ferd and Bill or William Kroksch

LtR back Maurice, Trent Carroll, Grace, McDonald, Lindon
front: Aldon Junius, Helen Marie, Soren Junius, Jarda Victoria Anderson,
Darhl, Warner Anderson, Dollorus, all are Thompson's

1940 US Census, Elwood, UT

Grace Kroksh

William and Grace Kroksh

1979 William Obit

William's death certificate

2010 Sharon on William from K on Vimeo.

2010 William Kroksh from K on Vimeo.

2010 Grace and William Kroksh from K on Vimeo.

2010 V.... on William Kroksh from Deborah Gardiner on Vimeo.