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Samuel William Stone 1834 - 1920

Samuel was born on 8 Feb 1834 in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. He was baptized July 1863. His mother Sarah Drabble died in Ogden, Weber, Utah in 1864.

Samuel's first wife: Anna Hegetschweiler m 4 Feb 1865

1. William Henry Stone

Second wife: Hannah Rachel Stone 25 Jan 1846 - 1904 in Bullwell, Notingham, England
m 1863, temple m 27 June 1945
died 24 Jan 1904, Wilson Lane, Weber, Ut
buriel 26 Jan 1904

2 Second wife Hanna Rachel Stone


1. Samuel James Stones 1864 - 1941
2. Charles Robert Stones 1868 - 1923
3. Mary Stones 1871 - 1871
4. Hanna Rebecca Stones 1872 - 1953
5. John Stones 1874 - 1928
6. James Stones 1875 - 1876
7. Sarah Sylvia Stones 1876 1891
8. George Stones 1880 - 1969

Samuel William Stone

“Samuel Stone is one of the venerable citizens of Wilson Lane. He has passed the eighty-fifth milestone on life’s journey, his birth having occurred at Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1834. His parents were William and Sarah (Drabble) Stone. The family, becoming converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, left England to establish their home in Utah. In the party was William Stones, the grandfather of Samuel Stones, who died the night of the arrival of the party in Salt Lake City. The company of emigrants included the parents of Samuel Stone and also his sister. Shortly after reaching Utah, William Stone, the father, went from Salt Lake City to Iron County, becoming the first settler there. He was engaged in farming and continued in that locality for a year and a half, after which he removed to California. While in England he had given his attention to coal mining.”

“The educational advantages which Samuel Stone received were those afforded by the early frontier schools. When his textbooks were put aside he turned his attention to mining gold quartz. For a number of years he also followed railroad work but in later life concentrated his effort and energies upon ranching interests and his careful management of his farm brought to him a very desirable competence. In 1864 Mr. Stone returned to Utah and settled at Wilson Lane, where he has since made his home.”

“In 1863 Mr. Stone was married to Miss. Hannah Stone and they became the parents of nine children, of whom five are still living, four sons and a daughter, the latter being Rebecca, now the wife of Samuel J. Wilson. Mr. Stone is familiar with all phases of pioneer life and development in Utah and relates many interesting incidents of the early days and of events which figure upon the pages of history of the state.”

As you can see in this account and in the Wilson and Ogden Ward Records (LDS Church) where he was a member in his later life, he gives his birth year as 1834. But in the Eastwood Parish Register, his christening was given as the 10 Feb. 1840. He was also listed as 1 year old on the 1841 census of Eastwood and as 10 years old on the register of the ship “Ellen” when coming from England. We can only guess why he changed the year of his birth sometime in his younger life.

Another interesting bit of Samuel’s life is that for a short time he had two wives. On the 4 of February 1865 he married Anna Sidler. Her last name was Hegetschweiler but went by her mother’s maiden name of Sidler She was born in Ottenbach, Switzerland and never spoke much English. Our Pioneer Heritage, They Came Alone, page 314-318. Samuel William Stones - Her father died when she was seven, and she and her mother came to Utah in 1860.

Her mother remarried and Anna lived with her and her stepfather, Labretch Baer in Kington Fort. In 1862, her mother and new baby sister were killed when a cannon ball was fired into the fort. Soon after this Mr. Baer went back to Switzerland leaving Anna alone in Utah. She was cared for by the family of General Robert Burton (the one responsible for the cannon ball) until she married Samuel. They were married in the Salt Lake City Endowment House by Elder Wilford Woodruff. Their first child, William Henry Stone, was born 14 September 1865 at Wilson Lane. Anna’s life with Samuel was unhappy and finally she left him, walking with the baby in her arms to Marriot where Theresa Marriot gave her a home.

Samuel lived at Wilson Lane (which was on the west side of Ogden, Utah near where the Interstate is now) for the rest of his life. He died there on Christmas day, December 25, 1920 and is buried in the Ogden City Cemetery.

By Rosemary Stephens Scholes

Petition for a
Bill of Divorce
Anna Stone
Samuel Stone
Filed August 17, 1866
Territory of Utah
County of Weber
Probate Court for said County, Special Term
August AD 1866 Hon H F Fara judge in Divorce

Anna Stone
Samuel Stone
One this 18th day of August AD 1866 before the aforesaid Court causes the said plaintiff and petitioners for a bill of divorce against the said Samuel Stone, he has bond for the following causes to wit - his not supporting her as a husband should or ought to, according to his means and on account of his quarrelsome nature, and his abuse, having slapped her and threatened to whip her, all of which causes have turned her feelings against him and made her unhappy.  Your petitioner therefore pray that a bill of divorce be granted that her peace and happiness may be restored.  Your petitioner would further pray that his child by him be awarded her.

Sworn to Gerbersibed  Anna Stone
The day said year
Above written
W Thompson Clk,

Hello Mr. Gardiner, Yes, Samuel William Stone was married to Hannah Rachel Stones in 1863. They were the parents of 8 children. They are my great-great grandparents. They were 2nd cousins, Hannah being the daughter of James Stones and Mary Milnes, who was the son of John Stones and Mary Maria Davison. John was a brother of William James and son of William and Elizabeth Lomax Stones. I will be happy to send you more information on them if you would like. Rose Scholes (Are you related by Anna Hegetechweiler?)