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Martha Vilate Holdaway 1871 - 1927

“Stop that noise. I will not furnish ears for such stuff.” Martha always
said this.

Told to Winnifred Boothe Woods by La Von Crystal October 1977
On Sept 3-1926 she left Elwood, Utah to come to California she arrived in Los Angeles Sept 4, 1926. Clyde and I met her in L.A. She stayed with our children while we took a vacation and went back to Utah. Pa came back to Calif with us. On Dec. 17-1926 Father, Mother and myself were hurt in an automobile accident all hurt quite bad.

On May 23-1927. She and father took Winnifred with them back to Utah they stayed until June 26-1927 the they came back June 29-192 they left to go down on Mr. Henche’s Ranch. Mother took very sick Ferd & I went down and got them.  She never got out of bed again. On July 14, 1927 we took her to the hospital and July 15-1927 she was operated for cancer of the womb.
A specialist from Los Angeles came an gave her radium treatments twice. She was prayed for in the Logan Temple, in the Elwood Ward and by the Elders here.  They visited her twice a week. We never missed a day going to see her and her room was a bank of flowers all the time. On October 8-1927 she died at 1:20 Saturday morning at the Commnity Hospital, Culver City, California. We left L.A. Oct 11-1927 and took her to Utah.

Held funeral services in Elwood. It took three cars to carry the flowers to the cemetery 55 cars followed the corps to the Deweyville Cemetery where she was laid to rest.
“In Memory”
Days and moments quickly flying
Speed us onward to the dead
Oh how soon shall we be lying
Each within his narrow bed.
As a shadow life is fleeting
As a vapor so it flies
For the by-gone years retreading
Pardon, Grant, and make us wise

To right to do honor we meet
To you, we have learned to love
Your labors we all know are worthy
And recorded in heaven above.
With joy and pleasure we greet you
And we say, “Be happy to-night.”
Though your work has not always be pleasant
We know that you worked for the right.
The Y.L. will always honor your
And remember the work you have done.
Their love love you have gained with credit
And the smiles of God you have won

We’re still anxious to have you meet with us,
Your presence so makes us feel strong,
Because your experience can help us
To battle with and conquer the wrong.
We present you with this small token
And our love it can only bind,
For it humbly shows our appreciation
And is govern by hearts that are kind.
We know we cannot reward you
For the noble good you have done
But God has seen your efforts
And will give you the prize you have won
March 28, 1905 by Silva H. Christensen

Documents related to Martha Vilate Holdaway:

Kroksh home in Elwood, UT

1900 US. Census, Manila, Utah

1910 US. Census, Elwood, Utah

Kroksh Home in Elwood, UT

Martha and Augusta Kroksh's home in Elwood, UT

See flip side of photo below

See flip side below

LtR back Daniel , Martha Lestie, Ferd
front, Augustus Kroksh, Martha Vilate, Glen Arthur Kroksh.

 Martha in white.

Short history of Martha by her daughter Martha
Lestie Kroksh (Booth)