Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nancy Pritchett 1943 1884

Nancy’s parents were converted to the church by Jedediah M. Grant, father of the late President Grant. By comparing passages of scriptures in the bible to passages in their bible and proving them to be the same thing, he was able to convert them to the church.

In 1867 the family joined the immigrant train for the West. Before they left, the elders told them not to start with horses or unnecessary household goods because they would never reach the west with them. However, they disobeyed the elders and started out with a loaded wagon pulled by horses. They had only gone a short distance when war broke out between the north and south. The Army took their horses, forcing them to leave their wagon behind them and continue on with an ox team.

After settling in Fairview, her mother was asked to be Relief Society President. She was the first Relief Society President in Fairview. At that time there were no record books, and she often worried about this. One night in a dream she was shown how to rule the lines and make a record book. That book was to hold the first minutes ever recorded in the Fairview Relief Society. Nancy died July 11, 1884 in Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah.” Family history notes among personal effects of James Brown