Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucinda Guyman 1840 - 1867

“Lucinda Harris Guymon was born September 19, 1840 in Nauvoo, Illinois.  She was the second daughter of Noah Thomas Guymon and his first wife, Mary Dickerson Dudley. 
Lucinda grew to womanhood in Springville, Utah.  She was five feet six inches tall and weighed about 135 pounds.  She had a nice complexion, lovely disposition, beautiful figure, black hair and brown eyes.  She never shirked a task, always did her share of the work, and was congenial with the other girls.  She took part in church and community affairs.  
Lucinda played in home theatre with Philip Hurst.  They fell in love and were married January 1, 1857.  He was 21 and she was 17.  

Their first five children were born in Springville.  They moved to Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County where a stillborn girl named Ellen was born. 

They moved to Fairview a few miles north where Philip built a rock house with four rooms downstairs and two or three 

They were active in church and community affairs.  On June 27, 1867 Lucinda gave birth to twin sons, Walter Fredrick and William Henry.  William died when he was a month old and Walter grew to manhood and had a large posterity.  Lucinda died nine days after the twins were born with childbed fever on June 28, 1867.  Lucinda cooked up food to do her family while she was in bed with her babies.  She was twenty-seven years old and the mother of seven children having been married ten years.  She was truly a noble example of our early pioneers.  

Her neighbor, Rebecca Sanderson, said: ‘Lucinda was a good wife and mother as her husband was in the theatrical business.’  She was often left alone with her family of small children.  Not any of them being large enough to help her with the chores, so her life was not easy.  She sometimes took part in the theater when they were to be played in the hometown, leaving her children with her sisters.  She was a lovely, good woman in every way, and the towns people mourned her passing.”  Claribel Hurst Moore (granddaughter)